Hard One To Take!

February 16th, 2017

That was one tough defeat to take, right? Wales are smashing it for 75 minutes, the one misplaced kick and the English sneak a victory.  The Welsh guys were immense and showed such creativity in their play – there was no doubt that they deserved to hammer the English the way that they are playing.  But that Aussie coach of theirs has some pixie magic going on and they seem to be able to scramble a win from the claws of defeat.  There is a message there for our lads though – play the full 80 minutes, guys – don’t get slack, don’t lose focus.

Our Cardiff escort girls still had the best of times – helped we guess by the fact that they hit the city centre with a crowd of English clients after the match. Hey, come on, no partisanship with our girls.  We work in Cardiff, Swansea, Bridgend and… Bristol.  So, our customers sometimes stray over the border to enjoy the company of our lovely ladies.  We were fully booked and all thanks to our English cousins.  They must have smelt victory and were using this to prompt a big night out!

It was fun for the ladies to watch the match with the other side.  They took the opportunity to cheer both sides! This is rugby right, not football.  The fans have passion but they also know how to respect the opposition.  So, when Wales kept taking the lead our patriotic Welsh girls cheered.  But when the English kept coming back, well they cheered for this too – why not! These may be escorts in Cardiff, Welsh and proud but they loved the joy of their clients and joined right in!

To be honest the Welsh fans were having a rocking time too and everything was done in great spirit.  There was a bit ribbing, a few funny shouts and jokes made – let’s face it – no English fan is gonna let a Welsh fan off the hook.  Trust us, we know! Nicole in our office is English and is absolutely loving the result – not that she has let us know too much!

Our ladies took their clients for the best of nights, to celebrate the victory of their team.  We managed to secure them some pretty tasty VIP tickets for guest lists of some of the best clubs in Cardiff.  It is always great to walk to the front of the queue guys! We also organised some luscious restaurant bookings.  When you are taking a victory lap around Cardiff, you might as well do it in luxury.

Our ladies claimed the guys they were with were perfect gentlemen.  They laughed and joked and loved the victory but for the rest of the night made every effort to leave the match in the past.  They just loved the party atmosphere and the company of our wonderful girls.

Book your favourite escort in Cardiff and surrounding Valleys here on 02920538774 

Photoshoots All About The Glamour!

February 9th, 2017

Do you fancy meeting our glamourous models from our photoshoot? The outcall escorts being photographed included Eve, Adeline, Cherie and Kimberley – they were stunning.  Interested? Give Cardiff Escorts a call: 02920 538774

Need some more details about what Eve, Adeline, Cherie and Kimberley got up to on their day as glamourous models before you commit? Well, that’s what I am here for! First of all- it was like we had all been whisked off to LA to walk the red carpet and be snapped by 100 paparazzi hungry for our image.  The flash bulbs going off everywhere, people shouting your name, your arm around the latest star of the big screen.

Except it was February.  It was early in the morning… and very cold.  We were in South Wales… there was only one photographer and we were in a hotel room.  But, apart from that, it was exactly like the LA glam that you would imagine!

The day was actually a proper giggle.  We were at the Vale Resort.  If you have never been there, you should really give it a try.  It is set in the most amazing grounds, with a stunning golf course and a spa. Yes, there was a spa.  We felt it was our duty to make use of this facility – it would be rude not to – right? And, the photographer always takes forever to get set up.

The girls got themselves looking even more stunning, whilst discussing the merits of a career as a golfing caddy – driving the buggy around the course all day and passing rich blokes random clubs.  We figured it was probably a bit more specialist that this maybe – you might for instance need to understand golf scoring and what all those birds mean. Plus, the poor caddy we were watching was driving into heavy rain.  We figured we were glad to be inside with the ladies getting themselves even more beautiful than they naturally are.

The photographer was very patient. Get Eve, Adeline, Cherie and Kimberley together and it is a laugh a minute.  They get on so well and are so supportive of each other.  Although, when one of the girls – who shall remain unnamed – started to pull stupid faces behind the photographer – it became maybe a little less than supportive.  It was funnier still when the photography was shouting – “sultry – go for sultry – dominate the camera, love – be fierce!” and there was tongue pulling and eyes crossing – which obviously stopped when the photographer turned around!

Some of the banter was amazing and certainly cannot be repeated in a PG blog! But, it shows just what characters our girls are and how lucky the clients of Cardiff Escort Agency will be.

The good news is that soon there will be new photographs.  You will be able to enjoy the best of the pics.  We have them here at the agency are just sifting through for the best ones and getting the escorts agreement to put them up.  So, as you can see, this post is purely a tease… keep coming back and soon you will see some stunning photographs of some truly beautiful bodies!


Facts or Fiction

January 30th, 2017

It is easy to be judgemental.  You don’t really need any knowledge, you just need to make assumptions and guesses about what you think the world is like.  So, when a documentary comes along that promises to uncover a world that is heavily judged, you hope it will help to educate.

You can hope!

Netflix documentary Escorts followed two girls in London.  The “shock” for the viewer was that these were girls from a private educated background, living in a Mayfair flat.  The “shock” was that these girls sold themselves on the internet.  What was a real shock for the audience was the voyeuristic territory the film-makers strayed into!  The women were filmed barely dressed, most of the time.  These two girls were interviewed topless at some points.  They were essentially being view purely as sex.  When filming in their flat there was a background soundtrack of the grunts and groans of sex.

The documentary is less a film about the lives of these two women and the choices they are making but treating them as two-dimensional characters in a porno film.  They are filmed in vulnerable positions, including in the shower and in the bath.  To be honest, it felt gross, completely uncomfortable exploitation of these women. There are scenes of drug taking and there are interviews were the women mock people who work for a living and spend hours earning less than they make in a few minutes.  They are presented as dislikeable, purposely judging them for their choices in an aggressive and overly judgemental way.

Cookie Jane and Emily have since left the escort industry.  It is not surprising that they could not continue to work after the documentary.  The degrading view of these two women would have exposed them to behaviours from clients that would have made their work dangerous – both physically and mentally.  They would have lost control over the boundaries of their work because this film chose to objectify them. They probably didn’t realise what cuts the film makers would use and make them out to be.

Compare this with fiction: The Secret Diary of a Call Girl.  Billy Piper played the 27 year old graduate who works as a call girl because of her ambition to further herself in her life.  Belle, the escort in the series, is presented as intelligent and driven and is making her choice as a call girl to push her life forward positively.  She is defined as a person first and a sex worker second.  Her means of making money is just that – and her character is respected for the savvy choices she makes.

Cardiff Escorts is proud of our colleagues who are hard-working and proud of the choices they are making.  Many of our women work as outcall girls in order to fund their university degrees.  It may be that they are hired through the internet but they are not sold.  Our escorts in Cardiff promise a service, which is clearly defined by our women, which offers them the chance to move their life forward in the way that makes them happy.  The message we would like to put out to filmmakers in the future is this: tell the truth about the women, do not make up an idea of the profession.

For a real life experience with a truly sophisticated, classy and educated escort, then please call 02920 538774 make your own assumptions by experience not fiction or false facts.

Adeline Likes To Play!

January 16th, 2017

Screen Shot 2017-01-16 at 20.06.31Adeline is one of our Cardiff Escorts, she is a dedicated outcall girl and has a big heart and a dirty mind. She likes to go out in any of the big cities, whether it is Cardiff, Bristol or Swansea. She recently surprised us when she brought in some new toys she has bought for her clients.  She has had quite a few requests and wanted to please.  So, there is the handcuffs, the strap ons, the mask – and much more.

Now, Adeline is wonderfully discrete.  She is certain to never share with us what happens in her sessions with her clients and we would certainly never publish it here.  So, all we can do is try to imagine what is happening in that mind of Adeline.

We think it will first start in the bathroom.  We think that the client might find a paddle and meet Adeline in the bathroom, who will bend over the sink and her client will pad her gently on each cheek of her buttock.  He will not want to hurt, being gentle and just watching the bobble of her bottom.Screen Shot 2017-01-16 at 20.05.27

She will tell him to go to the bedroom and he will obey.  His night will have suddenly picked up and he already shivers.  She asks him to kneel on the bed, facing the wall.  He obeys.  Then she undresses noisily but demands that he not look at her. He follows her instruction but the anticipation, the imagination is raising his excitement levels.

She might then ask him to undress, slowly piece by piece.  He is not allowed to take off his clothes until she gives him permission.  He is naked soon enough but still she waits – she might notice him shudder at the silence and the thought she might approach at any point.  She moves and runs tips across his lower back and shapes around his buttocks. He might let out a little gasp.

Aphrodite EscortsShe orders him onto his back.  He obeys as before and he is clearly excited.  He sees her for the first time and he smiles.  She tells him to stop.  She attaches a cuff to one wrist and then passes the cuffs around the bedhead.  He attaches the other cuff to the other hand.  He is hers.  She pulls out a blindfold from her bag of goodies and attaches it around his eyes.  He is caught in her web and she is enjoying his short, shallow breathing.

She moves to head of the bed and pulls out the flogger.  She begins by gently rubbing the strands up his legs and over his abs, to his chest.  He breathes a little deeper.  She then whips from forehand to backhand, gentle to firm to hard.  She stops before redness turns to a mark and then massages up the thigh, to the inner thigh, up some more and then stops.

We believe this is what Adeline has in mind when she is enjoying her toys with her client.  Yet, Adeline has a much better imagination than us – so – it is likely to be much much better than this!

Book a night with Naughty Adeline, call 02920538774 to book today.

How To Be A Good Client!

January 9th, 2017

cardiff-escortsHow to become a regular with one of our Escorts! 

At Cardiff Escorts, we give our escorts the chance to accept a returning client or not, it is only right.  So, if you liked one of our colleagues and you would like to go out with her again, here are some essential tips for enjoying your favourite escorts in Cardiff time and again!

Shower, teeth, sort your hair…

The normal checklist before you meet a woman is to sort your personal hygiene at the very least.  To be honest, most of us put a little more effort in than stopping bad breath and body odour, but each to their own.  So, let’s put a base-line in place… if you are looking for an escort in Cardiff, Barry, Newport, Bristol, Swansea… in fact anywhere… do not smell bad.  Come on now – you get into these women’s personal space.  If they want to gag every time you come close, they are not going to say yes to a return appointment!

Pay your bill and leave on time…

Our escorts use their time as their commodity.  Not paying, not paying the right amount or staying long after your session is over – these are the same as stealing from a shop.  Of course, no escort is going to come back to a client who under-values her service.

Be polite and respectful

Some men think that when they have hired an escort, they have bought the soul of a woman to treat as they like.  Nope.  This is not the case.  Your escort is giving you a service and deserves to be treated with respect and courtesy.  Aggression is a complete no no and will likely mean that no escort from our agency will agree to see you.  However, being a good person to your escort is a sure way of being accepted as a regular.

Be clear about the boundaries

It is hard when you really like a girl and there are barriers to shared feelings.  However, this is one of those cases where you will never get any feelings back from your escort. She will treat you well and make you special but she knows nothing good comes with allow real emotions to creep in.  Avoid becoming too clingy or possessive, don’t turn up when you are not expected and understand that you are getting a service and no more.

Take part and you will enjoy it so much more

Laying like a lump of coal on snow is no way to make sure you have a good night or that your escort wants to come back to you time and again.  It is not that they expect to have fun but they also don’t need to work far too hard or slog their way through sluggish sex.

To book one of our escorts in Cardiff or surrounding Valley’s call 02920 538774 

Here’s To A Great New Year!

January 3rd, 2017

Cardiff Escorts What a great New Year’s Eve! We may have taken a couple day of days off here at Cardiff Escorts, but all our people went out and partied on New Year’s Eve like tomorrow would be a new start.  And, to be fair that is what each new year brings – a new page – a fresh beginning.  And what a better way to start than by declaring that you are going to have more fun – do more things that make you happy.

You know this is a cheesy link to advertise our escorts in Cardiff – right? Never one known for the subtle approach! But, really, what better way to kick of a resolution to be happier than to spend some time with one of our outcall escorts?

You want to know what fun they can have? Well, let’s look to the escort’s New Year’s Eve night out.  This will be all it takes to show you that a happier 2017 lies with Cardiff Escorts.  They started quiet – well, quiet for Cardiff girls! Out in the middle of town, laughing as friends over some drinks – the laughter and the look of our ladies drew a crowd and soon it was a party!

The crowd moved onto a night club, where the theme was the glitz of gold.  Gold spray and balloons everywhere, the dance floor shimmered.  There were some amazing moves on show – particularly from the crowd of lads who had joined the party and were now trying to impress our ladies.  The gold glitter got everywhere and the group where shimmering.

Onto the silky-smooth darkness of the last club before midnight and the excitement was building. Our Cardiff beauties started a drinking game for each time midnight was mentioned, or New Year, or for each time they were approached by a random guy – seeing if they could beat the guys who had joined them by still standing by the countdown!

Then the countdown began, with all still standing. And the rest – we are assured – was for the girls to know and us blogsters to never find out…

So, if your New Year’s revolution is to be happier, to have more fun, to do all it takes for you to make the most of every minute – then give us a call on 02920 538774 or visit our Gallery, Who wouldn’t want to be happier, do more for yourself and have more fun?

If you fancy keeping up with the news, register today to receive our newsletter and to keep up to date with our blog.  You can learn all about our new girls and some of the events they get to attend.  You might hear about a time of someone else’s life that you would like to experience too.

So, with all that said – time to wish you a Happy New Year – here’s hoping that 2017 is going to be the best year yet… at least we can’t lose as many celebrities as we did last year… and there can be nothing more shocking than one or two elections… so, we are guaranteed the most amazing year in comparison at least! Have a good ‘un!

Canoodle This Christmas!

December 19th, 2016

cardiff-escorts-agencySo, its socks or a shaving kit – right? What else can you buy your single male friends?  Maybe there is a vinyl they might like or a computer game they yearn for.  But, they have a dozen friends that could buy them the same thing.  It is just about enough to make Christmas shopping unbearable.  Can we suggest something that might raise more than his eyebrow? Why not book him a special night with one of our escorts in Cardiff.  Can you imagine his face when he opens the envelope on the big day? Now, that is an impact gift!

He could enjoy taking our escort to a restaurant and receiving some VIP treatment, or enjoying a night at a hotel playing games devised in the imagination of our ladies.  This could be the best gift you ever bought your friend – and so much better than a Rudolf tie or a huge packet of Malteasers!

If you fancy booking our outcall escort for your buddy call now: 02920 538774  Think of the night you could be giving him – some saucy New Year cuddling in a club, showing off to his mates.  He could feel the company of one of our beautiful Cardiff escorts and it could set 2017 on the right track.  He could remember to get out there and have some fun, so he is no longer your single male friend this time next year. And, it is obviously so much easier to buy presents for attached male friends… well, we can’t solve every problem for you, can we?

With it being the Christmas season we stay open as many days as we can – but we do close on Christmas Day itself.  All our escorts love to spend the day with friends and family too – so for this day we pull down the shutters and have ourselves a party.  We will be open again on Boxing Day, for a post-Christmas jaunt or as a means of escaping the hellish sales.

We wish all our customers a merry Christmas.  We know that this time of year isn’t that easy for all – and we hope that you can find as much happiness as you can.  Eat a little more, drink a little bit more and watch the best trashy TV you can and remember – it is just another day where you get the chance to chill and be yourself for a while – no boss, no clients or customers, no hassle – just a chance to chill out and receive some gifts that show that people care.  When Christmas is about having no demands on you other than that of the people you care about – then it will always be a great time.

Merry Christmas from Cardiff Escorts, we look forward to seeing you in the New Year!

Secret Santa Delights

December 13th, 2016

cardiff-escort-eve-1Christmas is a time of giving and keeping warm; a time for fun and for shaking off the winter blues.  What better way to enjoy your time this festive season than by meeting our brand new girls: Cherie and Adeline.

Cherie is 23 and from Cardiff. She is your most wonderful of fiery red heads and will certainly keep you warm this holiday.  She is a perfect 5 foot 5 and a glorious size 12.  Cherie enjoys the company of women and men and is available for all your outcall escort needs.

Adeline is a hot as her name suggests.  She will pour the heat of the Australian winter sun into your world.  She is a woman of experience, at the age of 34 she has a few tricks she can teach you.  She is a 5-foot 8-inch blonde, with a full 34D set of breasts.  Adeline is a handful in more ways than one.

If you fancy some outcall action with our new girls now: call now: 02920 538774 or visit our Gallery for more selection.

You might want to store that number for our next piece of news! This is only available for our blog reading loyal customers.  Secret Santa – Cardiff Agency style.  Ring our lovely team today and quote secret Santa and you will have the chance of an exclusive deal with the beauty that is pulled out of Father Christmas’ sack for you!

Christmas is a time for gift giving – and no one has toughed out 2016 more than you – so why not deliver a gift to yourself.  Ring today, quote Secret Santa and spend an evening, at a reduced price – on us – treating yourself to the company of one of our gorgeous girls. Imagine what you could do on your secret Santa date.

Could you go to your company Christmas party and smash it with the most beautiful, most sophisticated woman in the room? Could you introduce her to your boss and smirk as you see the envy dripping from his eyes?  Is it possible that this year’s staff Christmas Do becomes the best party night of your life, rather than the night of shame when you find yourself hugging the photocopier after one too many tequila shots?

Or, maybe, just maybe, this could be the night that you go to the casino – like you have always imagined.  Dressed in your tux, with your beautiful girl, you become the centre of attention at a craps table – and for an evening you are the superhero you imagine yourself to be sometimes – when the day is long and the work dull.  Could one of our girls be your super spy side-kick?

Ring us now call now: 02920 538774  and speak to one of our team to find out what secret Santa delivers us to you.  Remember – our blog readers are the only one in on our Christmas secret – so take advantage and make yourself the best Christmas ever!

What’s Secret Santa? 

£20 off when you choose 3 girls from Todays gallery, quoting Secret Santa, We will select one and surprise you for a Christmas Treat!

Living The Dream

December 5th, 2016

celtic-manor-lodgeLiving the dream at the lodge

So, this week the girls get to spend some time at Celtic Manor – the luxury resort just outside Cardiff.  Have you ever been to this place – seriously –  you should visit.  As you approach on the M4 it dominates the horizon like an ancient castle on a hill.  It screams overwhelming luxury.  There sweeps of glass and expanse of lawn that flows down into the golf course.

Inside it is such a place of luxury.  The rooms stretch out and the beds could fit an army.  Wood panel lined walls and lush carpets – these suites are the size of most people’s houses.  Fitted out with bars and with views out over the gorgeous Welsh countryside. Best still was the private balcony and the room length doors that opened out to the cool November sky.  The crisp Autumn sunshine was particularly beautiful.

Then, there is the spa.  A swathe of luscious blue water, with power thrusts of spray to relax aching muscles, or stimulate.  What was the best bit of the spa was the bubbly that came with the bubbles! Champagne, great company and a hint of luxury – these clients really know how to have a great night.  Time in the spa and the pool was a mixture of horse play, relaxation and great conversation.  Our ladies

Our escorts were booked to spend time with the clients at the lodge.  Rooms were hired for the weekend and the party was truly on.  You want to know what a day would be like in luxury with our lovely escorts. Well, we can tell you so much but be clear, there are parts that must be confidential and private.  Yet – let’s set the scene.

You meet your friends and travel towards Celtic Manor for your luxury weekend.  This is your reward – you work your backside into the ground for times like this – this is the life.  You approach the hotel and its luxury looms over the motorway.  The noise in the car hits a whole new level, as some of the restraint of home lifts like fog – and you know that you can say anything from now on.

Your escorts are waiting for you.  They are beautiful, dressed casual for the hotel – as you suggested – but still looking better than most women would when entering a club.  Any nervousness you feel at meeting our ladies disappears when they take the lead and start the conversation.  This is their business. They know they can be intimidating and they know it is their role to break the ice with you.

The group moves to the bar, a few drinks to loosen up the group.  The escorts wait for cues to see who pairs with who and soon it is as if these people have known each other for years.  From here to the suite to touch base, get change and then to the spa for champagne and steam and streams of water.

From here back to the suite, some games, more champagne… and… this is where you are going to have ring 02920 538774 or visit our Gallery if you want to find out more.  You are interested though, right?

Beaujolais Day in Cardiff

November 28th, 2016

cardiff-escorts-agencyWho doesn’t love a good wine or two, or five! All across Cardiff there were business networking events and meetings enjoying the chance to eat and meet.  Our clients made a day of it – with the chance to attend with one of our beautiful escorts on their arm.

If you have never had the chance to experience Beaujolais Day, let’s tell you a bit about it.  This is the world’s best wine party – started in France and celebrated all across Wales.  On the third Friday of each November, at one minute past midnight, the French wine producers start a race to get the wine to market as quickly as possible. Over a million bottles move across the continent. Each year the wine tastes different, so each year the punters around Cardiff and Swansea will come out to see what they will enjoy for the next week.

The wine lovers wonder what the weather will have done this year.  What hint of fruit will dominate the grapes this year – strawberry or something a bit more tart, such as the blackberry.  The fruity punch of the wine is guaranteed – which is what brings people out each year to be the first to taste this year’s crop.

This is a wine that is snubbed by most wine buffs because it is brewed quickly and served chilled. But, each year it starts a great party in Cardiff – and who are we to challenge that?

The events started early and our clients and escorts enjoyed tasting the wines on offer from the different suppliers.  At first, it was all work, clients chatting and our escorts being as professional as ever. The clients were keen to take advantage of the free business meal and the chance to network with potential leads.  The girls were dressed pretty classy – it was a formal affair and the clients and escorts scrubbed up pretty well.

Then, the party headed back to the suite that had been hired to have an early Christmas party. And, this is really when the wine started to flow and the girls took charge of the fun.  The clients relaxed, the laughter flowed.  Clients and girls dressed up in party costumes – thoroughly embracing the festive season. There were some particularly amazing games using whipped cream, which squirted pretty freely.  Our girls have a great imagination and this is a party experience that you just know you want to get a piece of.  Call 02920538774 or visit our Escorts Gallery if you fancy your Christmas party in our suite with our girls and their cream.

As the evening wore on, the general belief is that the wine was some of the best ever.  And, let me tell you, these people certainly made sure.  There were empty wine bottles everywhere.  When the wine was gone the shots started – and trust me when I say that these escorts of ours can certainly hold their drink.  If you think you can challenge them to a drinking game – why not come and give it a shot.