Hectic Fun Weekend!

November 13th, 2017

Halloween is one of our most favourite times of year at Cardiff Escorts. We get to dress up in lots of sexy and unusual outfits, be silly with other, eat lots of sweeties knowing that we’ll just work them off later, have some drinks and most of all just have fun. Frequently naughty fun! There aren’t many holidays that are sexy, but Halloween is slowly becoming one where ‘slutty cat’ and ‘sexy giraffe’ actually become things. Which is amazing.

Speaking of costumes, our fun-loving girls never turn down an opportunity to get all dressed up and hit the town.


Nicole, Naomi and Eve all went out to party the night away dressed in a variety of fancy and fantastical outfits to ensure that all eyes were on them for the duration of the night.

Nicole, in a show of affection and respect for the late, great Hugh Heffner, dressed as a Playboy bunny and made sure to play the part as well. She almost gave a few poor Cardiff lads whiplash as they turned their heads to see this stunning Cardiff escort make her way from bar to bar, letting loose and enjoying herself.

Eve opted for a more traditional outfit, dressed herself as a naughty undead Nun. It takes a real stunner to make dead clergy sexy, but Eve absolutely pulled this off and got a lot of male attention the entire night – something she is very used to anyway.

Naomi, ever the fantasist and willing to experiment with boundaries, dressed as a sexy dead mermaid which is something only she could pull off. Getting lots of attention from her ardent admirers, she walked….or…swam?…or flopped?….well…she moved from bar to bar and had a fantastic night!

Not all of our girls were lucky enough to be off for Halloween though. Plenty of our Cardiff escorts were at work due to very high demand. It was the Halloween celebrations, a sporting weekend in Cardiff with lots of big sports events, and payday for most people all rolled into one. This meant that our girls were in huge demand with both regulars enjoying their paycheque and out-of-towners here for the sports spending their holiday money on the best souvenir anyone could ask for.

Our Cardiff girls enjoyed their weekend, despite it being busy, and are really looking forward to the next big holiday. You know what it is! Although a lot of scrooges amongst us won’t let us put our decorations up until the 1st December (booo!) we’re still looking ahead to the Christmas period with excitement. Want to see how our girls celebrate the festive period in their own unique ways? Stay tuned for some future blogs to find out!!

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Where Do We Cover?

November 2nd, 2017

All throughout Wales, the names of our escorts are well known and for good reason. At Cardiff Escorts, we know that having the right woman by your side can make all the difference between a mediocre weekend and a fantastic one, a trip you’d rather forget and one you couldn’t forget if you tried, a night spent wishing you were somewhere else and a night you wish could never end.


This is why our ladies travel throughout Wales to make these miracles happen, and to make sure that no-one need face the night – or even the day – alone. Quite frankly, our girls make dreams come true for lucky gentlemen all over the country. Their services don’t necessarily stop at the border, either. Some of our fine young ladies such as Naomi, Georgia and Nicole are so dedicated to the cause that they will happily attend bookings as far out as Bristol if given enough notice. If enough motivation is offered, Adeline will even go as far as Devon in some cases!


For most, though, the best locations to find our girls are Cardiff, Bridgend and Newport. These are the most common places our girls cover, including Cherie (who covers Cardiff only), Scarlett (who covers all three, with a 24 hour notice period for domination bookings), Lilly (one of our famed teen escorts) and Leah (who covers these three areas, as well as Swansea). In these areas you pretty much have the pick of the bunch and have almost every Cardiff escort at your beck and call. The only problem will be choosing which escort to make your booking with. Why not double your chances are make a duo booking? Either way, what a wonderful problem to have! We’re sure that after much deliberation and eventually making your choice that you will have no regrets at all.


Some of our escorts such as Jazlyn cover some of the more out-of-city areas. Jazlyn loves working throughout Ebbwvale and the surrounding valleys all the way up to Bridgend. The smaller towns and beautiful countryside are definitely very much her vibe. As mentioned earlier, at the other end of the spectrum Cherie covers only Cardiff so that she can concentrate on getting to know that area’s clients very well, getting to them very quickly if she’s ever needed.


Swansea is another popular location for our girls, with escorts like Blaire actually being based there, covering many of the coastal areas.


Apart from being gorgeous and picturesque (and how could it not be, nestled between the Brecon Beacons and the sea?), South Wales is home to a number of fantastic escorts who can usually be at your location within an hour of your booking being confirmed by our hardworking office staff. It doesn’t matter if you live deep in the valleys or are a visitor to the Cardiff city centre, you can get some high quality female company to keep your night entertaining. Just give us a call and get your visit sorted. As you can see there are not many places within Wales or some of the bordering English counties that our girls cannot get to with a little bit of notice and the promise of a good time!

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Hot New Pics!

October 22nd, 2017

We have made a number of visits to luxury hotels in the past few months for both business and for pleasure. Last weekend we made a visit that was meant to be for business, but quickly turned to a very pleasurable visit for a number of our girls! We booked a photoshoot over last weekend in order to refresh and renew the images we had for a number of the girls. They were really excited to get there and a number of them turned up early – they were that eager to get going.

Eve, Callie, Nicole and Scarlett all made an appearance at the hotel and were quick to make themselves at home. They have endless enthusiasm when they get to show off their natural assets, and the presence of cameras ensured their naughty behaviour.

Eve was thrilled to get a chance to show off her stunning, youthful body for the camera with a variety of poses that really did manage to do her natural beauty justice. She loves showing off for the camera, and with a body and face like hers it’s easy to see why.

Callie made a spectacular return after a long holiday away to ensure that she got her time in the limelight. Her photos were very typically her – stunning, risqué, jaw-dropping and of very high quality. Once again, she really did herself justice with this photoshoot and she is very, very excited to see these new photos go up on her profile.

Nicole and Scarlett could not resist teaming up for a very personal and very intimate photoshoot together, frolicking as a pair in the bathtub whilst enjoying a lovely soapy bath. The warm water wasn’t the only thing that was steamy, as the pair couldn’t resist getting up close and personal with each other while they were in there!

You’d be forgiven for thinking that this was the only photoshoot selection for the weekend, considering how much time and energy we all put into it. But oh, no! There’s more! We invited a special guest along for a very special and very secret surprise, which will be unveiled before long. We don’t want to spoil it, after all. This unique material, we can tell you, will totally blow your socks off though! And we can pretty much guarantee that you will be picking your jaw off the floor.

All in all our Cardiff escorts had a great time at the shoot, filling their weekend with lots of posing and showing off. As some of the most well-known, high-quality escorts in Wales, they never let go of an opportunity to prove exactly why they are the absolute best in the business.

Come back next week for Bridgend escort Adeline’s new shoot…

If you want to see why for yourself, then give us a ring, make an appointment and let them show you first hand!

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Its What You Do With It!

October 17th, 2017

One of the things we love most about Welsh men is that even when it’s all going against them, they’re possessed of such relentless optimism and confidence that it’s just impossible not to love them. It appears that their confidence may be borne of more than just optimism though, because a recent study by International Andrology has found that out of all of the UK’s countries, Wales has the biggest average penis length at 6.56 inches – which is a pretty generous size! This is compared to 6.11 inches in the East Midlands, which placed bottom of the rankings. With such formidable penises swinging between their knees it is easy to see why Welsh men may be some of the most outgoing, fun and confident in the world.

It appears, though, that their confidence may be misplaced! The same survey also measured the satisfaction levels of women in the area, with some surprising results. The East Midlands, despite having some fairly modest penis sizes and winning the dubious honour of having the smallest in the UK, had a massive 71.43% satisfaction rating in the bedroom. That means almost three quarters of women in the East Midlands are genuinely happy with the performance of the men in their area.

Wales? Well, some terrible news boys. You’re going to need to dredge up a pretty massive portion of that famous Welsh optimism in a second. Welsh men have a 57.14% satisfaction rating – the second lowest in the United Kingdom. Ouch!

It turns out that despite waving around penises that are literally in danger of putting someone’s eye out, they aren’t much use when deployed against the women of Wales. Perhaps Welsh women just have higher standards, or maybe Welsh men are getting lazy and relying too much on size? Who knows?

The ladies of Cardiff Escorts Agency were quick to chime in, saying that there’s nothing they love more than a good, sizable Welsh cock to fill their days (and other things) with! Our escorts have always found themselves satisfied, and would choose nowhere else in the United Kingdom to work – even if the opportunity arose. For them, the Welsh gentleman is the one for them. With good heads on their shoulders and even better heads swinging down near their ankles (apparently), it’s always going to be Wales all the way for them!

Don’t fret too much though, boys. Our girls are always ready to enjoy what you have, and they are more than capable of making sure it all goes their way – so you only have to lie back, relax, and let a true professional go about their work. No matter how many of Wales’ women are mean to you in anonymous polls, you will always find some of your biggest fans (of your biggest wangs!) at Cardiff Escorts Agency 😉

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Nicole’s In-call Test!

October 10th, 2017

One of the most common requests some of our most popular escorts get is for them to do in-calls at a location in the city, since many people prefer hotel meets due to the comfortable, secure, neutral and yet anonymous environment. All of our escorts provide this at all of their own in-call locations, but you can’t help what you just prefer. Eager to make her clients comfortable and always wanting to please, one of our most popular and loved escorts – 29 year old Nicole – opted to book a hotel room for the day in order to carry out her in-calls for her hotel-loving clients. It also helped her eliminate travel time, allowing longer and more intimate appointments.

It was a hugely popular idea. Clients arrived from all over Wales to see Nicole and she very much enjoyed the luxury hotel setting, too. One of the reasons Nicole is one of the most popular Cardiff escorts around is that she knows how to make any event and any appointment special, so having a single location to prepare and make inviting really made the difference to the quality of the appointments.

Before the day’s clients arrived, manager Nicole travelled to the hotel to meet escort Nicole in order to do a photoshoot. Escort Nicole has been blessed with a perfect pair of supple, gorgeous breasts and a peachy bum to die for. Her slender, toned size 10 figure accentuates all of these assets, and her cascading black hair frames an angelic face that looks like butter wouldn’t melt in her mouth. Looks, however, can very well be deceiving! She very much enjoyed showing off all of these features for the camera in order to get her profile pictures updated. You can now see recent, jaw-dropping images of Nicole on her Cardiff Escort Agency profile.

Eager not to be out-done or left behind, the rest of our escorts took part in a huge 2-day photoshoot last weekend in order to fully update all of the pictures of all of the girls who have profiles with us. This not only allows them to prance about in sexy lingerie and show off their best features (they love doing this!) but it also means that it gives you all something new to look at, too! Helpfully, it ensures that you know whoever you book will look exactly like that when they answer the door. Nothing is worse than the shock of finding out you’ve made a decision based on an old photo! Luckily – at Cardiff Escort Agency this just doesn’t happen!

Cardiff escort Nicole will be offering in-calls again a hotels throughout South Wales and Cardiff to ensure that this successful idea can be repeated. All appointments must be booked in advance so that a luxury hotel room can be secured for the event, so make sure to book quickly to avoid any disappointment! Gorgeous Nicole awaits your call – go check out her new pictures and see if you have the will to resist.

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Scam Alerts!

September 27th, 2017

The thing with mankind’s oldest profession is that its disreputable companies are still using some of the oldest tricks in the book. Maybe you’ve seen recently a slew of fake agencies and profiles filling up your usual Adult site, pushing the genuine girls down the pages. Obviously stolen images filled with very obviously fake reviews and their profiles full of every service under the sun with 24/7 opening times. It’s a bit of a pathetic attempt, and it’s sad that these scammers and tricksters still think this is the way to go in this modern age. They really do learn nothing!


Fortunately our Cardiff escorts, when questioned on this practice, just laughed it off. Here at Cardiff Escorts Agency our girls are some of the most professional, highly-ranked out there with reputations that draw clients from all over the United Kingdom – and even occasionally beyond! That kind of effort, dedication and attitude to their craft cannot be threatened by a bunch of fake profiles half-heartedly pushed onto Adult sites looking for people who are too inexperienced (or…excited) to question obvious red flags.

Though it is sad to see some Agencies using trickery and cheating to try and get ahead, it is nice to see that the majority of agencies are still using the time-honoured tradition of hard work, dedication, good service and honesty to stay ahead of the game. Whenever you see any feedback, profile services or escorts on our website or any Adult site – rest assured that they are all real and that our professional girls are on hand to prove their reputation for the right price!

Our girls are happy, professional and ambitious. They just see this extra fake competition as a challenge to out-do even the fake feedback, which is so far proving rather easy thanks to their years of experience in their roles. There is enough work to go around for everyone, and this is not set to change (there’s a reason why we’re the world’s oldest profession!) so it really is anyone’s game. It won’t be long until the less reputable agencies go the way of the dinosaurs.

Happy news is that your genuine reviews are as helpful as ever. Remember to let your chosen lady know if her services were well-received, and leave a nice review on her page to let others know about the hidden gem you discovered. As professional and experienced as they are, they’re still human and you should see the giddy little dances of satisfaction they do when they read a nice comment and know that their services made someone’s day!

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Hear It From The Girls!

September 19th, 2017

Starting out as an escort can be a scary experience – especially with so many Cardiff escorts agencies around. Not all of them are any good, and picking the wrong one can be a bit worrying! Both girls considering escorting as a career and curious clients have asked us in the past what it’s like working here, and what it was like starting out. That’s why we’ve asked three of our most popular in-call Cardiff escorts to provide their take on working for Cardiff Escorts Agency and escorting as a whole!


‘I am really very new to escorting, so it’s nice to get the chance to share my story with anyone considering starting out in this wonderful job! I was really nervous and not very confident in myself when I started out, but luckily Cardiff Escorts Agency was the first one I have been with. They have been so warm, loving and welcoming. They have given me loads of advice on how to make the clients very, very happy, how to be professional and how to be a better all-round companion.

They have been on hand any time day or night, working hours or no, to give me advice, confidence boosts or just to offer a helping hand as a friend. They have a fabulous welcoming team with the knowledge and support to help me become even better at doing what I like best!

Since joining, I have really blossomed in terms of confidence and how laid back I am in this career now. The friendly nature of the management has really helped me come out of my shell!


‘Firstly, I just want to tell anyone reading this that the management haven’t put a gun to my head, or bribed me with sweeties to write this! These are my honest and truthful opinions, I promise!

I have worked for a few different escort agencies throughout Wales and the Midlands (swiftly becoming among the most popular Bristol escorts!), and have never had the fortune to be part of a more professional and hard-working team. I absolutely love it and will not be going anywhere for the foreseeable future.

We all work very closely as a team, connected by text and phone-calls to make sure everyone is okay. Escorting can sometimes be a bit of a lonely profession with some weird hours, but having Nicole, Emma, or any of the other escorts just a phone-call or text away is a real help.

It really helps that Cardiff Escorts Agency seems to attract the best kind of gentleman, which is a great bonus.

This is my place to really shine as an escort and I really love it!’


‘What I love most about working for Cardiff Escorts Agency is that it has experienced women running things and you can talk to them about anything that you need. They also do a great job of helping out for photoshoots, helping advise you on making the most of your best bits.

The job is exciting and the regular clients are friendly. The other girls are lovely too, so it’s an all-round fantastic work environment!’

Well that’s wonderful feedback about the company, and about both Nicole and Emma too. They will be delighted! We hope that shed some light on what it’s like to be a part of us!

For more feedback on our Agencies, take a look at www.aphrodite-escorts.co.uk  and www.escortssouthwales.com for other ladies feedback.

Casino Cardiff Royale

September 17th, 2017

Who needs to go all the way to Las Vegas, when you can have just as much fun this side of the pond? Cardiff Escort Agency’s very own Scarlett and Nicole were booked for a fabulous, fun-filled night with a few lucky gentlemen from London.  The group headed to one of Cardiff’s top casinos where lady luck was shining brightly. The drinks were shaken, not stirred and the laughs were aplenty.


The night was a first for Scarlett and Nicole as they had never been booked as a duo before. You’d be forgiven for thinking they would be nervous together. However, the pair were like old school friends. Old school friends that let their curiosity lead them astray. The ladies had a night they’ll never forget. They must have worn their lucky knickers that night because the chips kept rolling in. The gentlemen must have thought they were lucky charms too, letting the duo keep all of their winnings on top of their booking fee.


Scarlett and Nicole were treated like absolute goddesses throughout the whole night. They certainly looked the part. They really were trophies on the arms of the privileged men who the escorted. The women were the envy of everyone in the room. The women wanted to be them, the men wanted to be with them. It’s usually said that the house always wins, not that night. That night the winners were the fortuitous men who took Scarlett and Nicole back to their hotel room.


The fun and games weren’t limited to the card tables. The group became very inventive with their own adult games back at the hotel. Strip Scrabble, anyone? It may have been an overnight booking, however, hardly any sleep was had. Why waste time sleeping, when you have two beautiful women in your company? Scarlett and Nicole are women with plenty of personality and there is never a dull moment with them around.


There is no doubt that Scarlett and Nicole will team up again for another booking, seeing as they got on so well. Keep an eye on our Duo Bookings tab, Nicole and Scarlett are going to be having a sexy and sultry photo-shoot together, where you’ll be able to see the spark in their eyes when they work with each other. They cannot wait to have plenty more opportunities to fun accompanying and entertaining you, wherever you may and whoever you may be with. Why not pick up the phone and make a booking today? You can have your very own Casino Royale experience.


Call 02920538774 and one of our friendly team will guide you every step of the way. You’ve finally won the Jackpot.



Staff Spa Day!

August 29th, 2017

Escorting has seen a huge transformation in recent years. What was once a hidden, secretive profession is now widely accepted throughout all levels of society and is seen as a fantastic way for people of any age or gender to earn some extra money by doing what they love either in their spare time or as their own full time job. Many people see the glamour, adventure and freedom associated with escorting – but there’s a whole hidden world behind it all.

Behind a large, successful escort agency like Cardiff Escorts who are able to link up the finest escorts in all of Britain with discerning gentlemen whose requirements match the lady who meets them perfectly, is always going to be a whole pile of admin and paperwork. The brainy angels who deal with all of this are the office staff who work tirelessly behind the scenes to ensure that every appointment is met and every gentleman leaves 100% satisfied. Though it is a highly rewarding job in a tight-knit team environment, it is still pretty complex and can be a bit stressful at times. This is why Cardiff Escorts decided to treat the office staff to a luxury spa day at the widely renowned four star spa-hotel Holland House Cardiff.

Not just one or two of the staff. Not just a select group. But every single one of them! Why leave some poor soul behind to man the phone when we could just bring the phones with us to the spa? The whole Cardiff Escorts office team got to relax by a huge 18m pool in between treatments in any one of 12 treatment rooms which offered high-vitamin facials, luxury beauty facials, full body massages, hot stone massages (not as painful as it sounds), nail work, relaxation wraps and more. There was also a sauna, a hydrotherapy pool and an aromatherapy room. All of this combined meant that the office staff had all of their stress melt away throughout the day. Cardiff Escorts receptionist extraordinaire Emma particularly loved the massages, whilst Nicole was a huge fan of the vitamin and beauty facials.

Not many people can say that they spent their work day at a luxury spa, but Cardiff Escorts believes that employee welfare is of the highest priority. From office staff to escorts, managers to janitors, everyone deserves a fantastic and healthy work/life balance, as well as chances to unwind. Work doesn’t have to feel like work, after all!

After the day was over, everyone felt fully rejuvenated and hit the ground running the next day. Back at the phones and filing cabinets, our office staff are now as ready and eager as ever to serve your needs and put you in touch with an escort perfect for your requirements. A witty dinner guest, a stunning party diva or a naughty vixen with a wild streak – they’re all ready to be matched up with the gentlemen of Wales who want a professional escort for an hour or a day.

New Escort In South West!

August 20th, 2017

Cardiff Escort Agency is proud to present our latest addition, the sinfully beautiful Nicole. The youthful 29-year-old is flawless in every way, from the tips of her tits to the soles of her feet. Her shapely legs go for miles and her luscious locks are the perfect frame for her hazel eyes. Beware, if you stare deeply for too long, you’ll get lost forever.


Nicole leads a near double life, ever the professional by day. However, by night the inner naughty minx comes out to play. She loves to travel and seek new experiences with exciting people. She is also partial to a glass of rich, full bodied red wine. Nicole loves treating herself to luxuriously sexy underwear from her favourite brand, Victoria’s Secret.  Her favourite items are sexy bras, lacy bodies, silky stockings and classic hold ups.


Nicole’s favourite past time is to entertain gentlemen with a very sexy, very slow strip tease. Piece by piece, she loves watching the man’s face as she is slowly revealed, you’ll think it’s all your birthdays and Christmas’s come at once. What really excites the senses for Nicole is the smell of men’s aftershave. Men’s aftershave to Nicole is a hint of thong to a guy. Nicole is a strong willed and confident woman, yet she loves for a man to take control of her body and shower her with kisses and caresses. Nicole can’t wait to meet some new and interesting people to entertain and is available for bookings throughout the week.


Joining Nicole in recent recruits are Imogen, Layla, and Isla. Imogen is an all natural, British beauty. She has more curves than a roundabout and knows how to use them. Imogen is well educated, articulate, and sophisticated. However, don’t ever mistake that for boring. Her fun-loving and bubbly personality means she can make the world her friend with benefits. Layla is a bodacious babe with brunette hair and silky soft skin. She knows exactly how to hit the right spot every time. Her natural 36DD chest and 5’7 frame are a favourite amongst her fans and she always leaves them coming back for more. Isla is a 24-year-old blonde beauty who has impeccable taste in all things. She loves dressing up in sexy lingerie for exclusive gentlemen. However, she loves taking them off even more. Her slim, yet curvy figure is perfect giving and receiving pleasure. Have a look at all of our new girls who are all available for bookings. There is certainly someone special to meet every taste.


Cardiff Escort Agency would also like to introduce the new Duo tab. Here you will find a selection of our ladies who are not only amazing by themselves, but perfect with others. Three most definitely isn’t a crowd in our eyes.

Call 02920538774 now and one of our team will be happy to assist you in your booking.