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New Escorts In Cardiff

Monday, September 24th, 2018

The weeks keep rolling on by as we creep closer and closer into Autumn, leaving the roasting hot summer behind us once and for all. It won’t be long now until we’re decorating pumpkins, lighting bonfires and, eventually, sticking presents under the tree! It’s easy to look forward to these big events so much that we miss what’s going on around us, but there’s no risk of that with us here to let you know every cool thing that happens here at Cardiff Escorts – and believe us that you don’t want to miss this week’s big news.

We’ve been updating and refreshing the images on a whole range of our girls’ profiles to ensure that all images remain up to date, accurate, and above all of excellent high quality to ensure that you get to make the best possible choice of escort for your needs. When booking through Cardiff Escorts, you can rest assured that you will be visited by the exact same escort in the images, and that the images will be entirely up to date. No nasty surprises, just 100% satisfaction! It’s all part of the package when you book through a high class, reputable escort agency like ourselves! And we truly are the best in the business, to boot.

The profiles blessed with a set of brand new erotic HD images include professional model Kate who is expanding her expertise into the escorting arena, naturally beautiful and universally lusted after Nicole, and our lithe, athletic professional dancer Naomi. Who says flexibility is only for the stage?

You may very well recognise these names, but you could be forgiven for not recognising the next two, who are brand new to our agency and eager to make a big entrance! Our two new stunning blonde bombshells both seem to have been hand crafted like a work of art, with exceptional figures and a ton of natural beauty. Emily has an air of angelic innocence about her that is sure to snare more than a few hearts, and Crystal’s new images just exude confident sexuality and a seductive vibe.

Take a look and we guarantee you’ll adore what you see. Find a lucky young lady who strikes your fancy? Give us a call on 02920 538 774 and let us know so that we can sort out all of the details. In the unlikely event that there’s nothing that fits your requirements, give us a call anyway as you never know what pointers we may be able to provide!

New Girl Louisa

Sunday, August 26th, 2018

Another week, another bunch of changes for the world’s greatest escort agency! It’s been a great few days filled with a lot of bookings and a whole host of new clients that we’ve welcomed into the fold. This is especially true in Cardiff, which is such a vibrant city and a fantastic place to work – so many new people all of the time who can experience the pleasure of one of our hand selected, young, professional escorts.

Among our changes is another big one. A new girl. Young Louisa is already making a fantastic addition to the team thanks to her angelic face, innocent smile, and positive attitude that combine to make her one immensely charismatic young lady.

This natural radiance is helped by her beautifully cascading brown locks, gorgeous blue eyes, generous 34C chest and perfect 5’5 athletic figure complete with soft, silky skin and a killer smile. All of this combines in a full package of almost dazzling beauty which is sure to knock any man off his feet.

Don’t be fooled by Louisa’s innocent looks, butter wouldn’t melt attitude or her angelic smile. She is one of our most adventurous and insatiable escorts and has already proved more than capable at dishing out domination, spanking, watersports, fetish, partying and a whole host of other services to our valuable clients. From the feedback we have received we know that Louisa is a true expert in her field, despite her young age.

Louisa is also an outcall specialist who loves to travel, meaning that you don’t even need to leave your home or hotel in order to experience everything that she has to offer. Able to travel to your location in complete discretion thanks to our high emphasis on professionalism and extensive training for our escorts, Louisa can make all of your wildest dreams come true without anyone ever finding out who or what she is. That is, of course, unless you tell them. And who could blame you? We’re so eager to brag about meeting her that we’ve written this entire blog post!

Are you interested in being among the first to meet this stunning new angelic escort? Perhaps you have something or someone else in mind? Call us on 02920 538 774 and make a booking or to let us help you decide what exactly you need! Then wait for the greatest few hours of your life.

World Cup Ends, But The World Doesn’t!

Wednesday, July 18th, 2018

The World Cup has been a true emotional rollercoaster from start to finish, and we all wanted a stunning and jaw-dropping finale in order to get us by the next 4 years until the next one. What we got was all of that and more. Both France and Croatia gave absolutely everything they had as they faced off for football’s ultimate accolade. We saw some perfect play from France and some stunning goals from Croatia – as well as some questionable refereeing decisions! There was nothing questionable about the result though as we saw France walk away with a 4 – 2 victory over their Croatian counterparts. The celebrations for their second World Cup win in the tournament’s history are sure to go on long into the night, not unlike some of our girls!

The only thing about emotional rollercoasters though is that they can be very exhausting for the nerves. We know at least in our own case that our hearts need a bit of time to recover from all the nail biting action. The true blooded football fans among us must be in an even worse state. This has motivated us to make sure that no-one experiences any post World Cup blues and at the same time gets their nerves the relaxing break they need. Just give us a call and any of our girls would be happy to show you just how well they can relax a man.

We have 2 new phenomenal new escorts in our ranks from this evening, and they are already up on the site and ready to go. We would like to extend a huge welcome to Daisy and Frankie – two brand new to the industry but very talented escorts who are ready to make a name for themselves exclusively with our agency.

Want to meet up with some of our fine young ladies or check out our fantastic new escorts? Call us on 02920 538 774 and make a booking! They’re waiting eagerly for your call!

Make sure to keep in touch with us on Social Media Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat too, to ensure that you don’t miss out on anything. You’ll never know when you could snag a fantastic deal on some time with one of our gorgeous professional Cardiff escorts. That includes behind the scenes footage and pictures which no-one else would usually get to see.

New Look Cherie, Lets Welcome Kate!

Thursday, June 21st, 2018

Here at Cardiff escorts we’ve had a huge week yet again. You would think that we would run out of amazing updates and other things to pass on to you, but you would be wrong! This week we’ve had a huge amount of new content added in the form of more updated images, some job opportunities and even a new escort!

Using our regular very highly talented photographer, we utilised a highly professional photoshoot to get a whole load of new images for Cherie. Like most women, Cherie loves being the centre of attention and anything involving a camera gets her full focus. Speaking of full attention, that’s exactly what her images have gotten from her admirers and followers, who were overjoyed at Christmas coming early as her photos went up on the website. She truly is very popular, and it is very easy to see why. Why not check out her profile now to see her in all of her glory?

We teased you with a new escort at the opening of this blog, and now it’s time for us to deliver. Brand new escort Kate is a professional fitness model (phwoar!) who is jumping in to escorting with both feet. We expect all of our young ladies to be in incredible shape, but Kate takes that to a whole new level. If lithe, fit athletic types are your type then you can’t go wrong here. We warn you though – she is stamina incarnate. Make sure you at least try to keep up!   

If you’ve always wondered about how to get into escorting yourself because you’ve heard of the exceptional money they can make, you want to get a foothold in this industry or because you just have a crazy high sex drive and nowhere to let it out then do let us know. We are currently recruiting and are especially interested in people from or who can cover Swansea or West Wales. If you’re from somewhere else, though, don’t hesitate to let us know. We’re always interested in meeting young ladies who can pass our high level of assessment criteria!

Make sure to keep in touch with us on Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat too, to ensure that you don’t miss out on anything. You’ll never know when you could snag a fantastic deal on some time with one of our gorgeous professional Cardiff escorts. That includes behind the scenes footage and pictures which no-one else would usually get to see.

New Images & New Faces!

Sunday, June 3rd, 2018

It’s a new week, and hopefully you have all taken the time to enjoy Imogen’s new photographs on her profile page. We knew they would be popular, as Imogen is such a beautiful young lady and certainly knows how to work a camera. In fact, the trick isn’t getting her in front of the camera but how to get her away from it afterwards! She loves the attention and her saucy new photos have certainly bought her lots of that.

Another model who is forever in love with showing off the ample assets and beautiful figure that nature gave her is Veronica. She adores being able to show off and have lots of clients and potential clients drooling all over, before rushing to pick up the phone so they can be first to book. Needless to say, her photos usually have this exact effect.

Veronica enjoyed the shoot even more this week, though, because she got to play around with another escort – a new friend. Yes, we mean new. We have had another amazing young escort make it through our selection process to join our elite ranks!

Anglo-Romanian Tara, studying for her English degree locally, has joined us to begin her escorting career. The photographer did an incredible job of capturing her perfect, toned figure, her feminine curves and her amazing bottom. Thing is, no photograph can capture that kind of beauty at its full scale, so we would very much advise making a booking with Tara to see for yourself. We promise you that it will be one of the best decisions of your life!

Both Veronica and Tara will have their amazing photographs going up by Monday evening, so be sure to keep a close eye on the website to see what it is you can be looking forward to this summer.

Are you interested in seeing if you can handle the pleasure that our latest young professional escort Tara can provide? To find out, call us on 02920 538 774 and make a booking! She’s waiting eagerly for your call and wants to make a fantastic entrance to the world of escorting – so you know she’s going to give you 110%!

Have a look through our stunning selection of Escorts in our Gallery Now!


Another New Addition!

Sunday, June 3rd, 2018

Cardiff Escort Agency is not only the premier escort agency in Wales but also frequently regarded as the number one escort agency in the entire UK. We manage to develop and maintain this relationship by making sure that each and every escort we hire goes through a rigorous selection and training process. Think of it like S.A.S selection but for beautiful young ladies! This means that only the very best, most highly skilled and most professional escorts make it into our ranks. It also means that when this does happen, it’s a huge cause for celebration.

Today’s cause for celebration is Christie. This drop dead gorgeous beauty was born in the UK but is of Jamaican descent, blessing her with an incredible mix of British and Jamaican culture. She has the same wit and sense of humour as any Brit, but her fire, her confidence and her independent nature shine through.

At 5’4, Christie is a perfect addition to anyone’s arm at a party, or an even better addition to anyone’s room behind closed doors. Her long, beautiful black hair dances down her gorgeous size 8 frame but fortunately does not hide her angelic face or her phenomenal curves. Her 34B chest is more than a handful and vies with all of her other perfect features for your full attention. We guarantee you’ll feel like a child on Christmas Day!

Covering both Cardiff and Bristol, both residents of and visitors to these cities have a great new reason to make a booking today!

As amazing as she is, Christie isn’t the only change to the site this week. Imogen has taken part in a big photoshoot and her smoking hot images have finally been uploaded to the site. Take a peek, but make sure you’re alone! Veronica is next up to have a bit of profile spring cleaning done, ensuring that your eyes have something to feast on next time you’re on her profile. Make sure to keep an eye out to see when they’re ready to be viewed!

Are you interested in seeing if you can handle the pleasure that our latest young professional escort Christie can provide? To find out, call us on 02920 538 774 and make a booking!

Make sure to keep in touch with us on Social Media – Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat too, to ensure that you don’t miss out on anything. You’ll never know when you could snag a fantastic deal on some time with one of our gorgeous professional Cardiff escorts.

New Exciting & Unexpected!

Thursday, May 17th, 2018

In the world of escorting, there is a huge variation in quality amongst both escorts and agencies. Some agencies recruit any girl they find, send them out for half hour or hour appointments at low rates, and just work on volume to get by. Others take a far more professional approach, treating escorting like the true profession that it really is. There is a big difference between a girl who does escorting and a professional escort – the same way there’s a big difference between a man who plays football and a professional footballer!

At Cardiff Escorts, we place ourselves at the very end of the professionalism spectrum. To us, each and every single one of our escorts should be able to not only entertain a man or woman to the absolute fullest when alone together, but should also be able to navigate any social situation they may well find themselves in as part of their job. They should be able to stand out as beautiful and elegant, whilst blending in and concealing their true profession from any contacts their client may encounter. Wit, charm, charisma, elegance, beauty, a sense of humour and the ability to carry a conversation well are all vital attributes any escort must have.

This is why we have a rule here at our agency that all of our escorts must be British. It means not only can we guarantee that they are fluent in the language, but are able to fully understand and immerse themselves in the culture. We have always said we would not make an exception to this.

Which is why even we’re shocked to find that we have finally hired a young professional escort into our service from overseas, though not ‘completely’! Lilliane is an Anglo-Russian beauty who was born in the UK and then raised in Russia. She has the benefit of a Russian accent but fluent English that is on par with or exceeds that of a native Briton.

Frankly, Lilliane was too beautiful not to hire. An angelic face with a gorgeous, slender body and a fiery attitude that belies her slim physique, she is a true pearl that we are happy to call one of our own.

Are you interested in seeing if you can handle the pleasure that one of our young professional escorts can provide? To find out, call us on 02920 538 774 and make a booking!

Make sure to keep in touch with us on Social Media – Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat too, to ensure that you don’t miss out on anything. You’ll never know when you could snag a fantastic deal on some time with one of our gorgeous professional Cardiff escorts.

Veronica Takes Cardiff by Storm

Saturday, April 14th, 2018

The rugby’s done, the boxing’s done, normal service has resumed so now it’s all going to be a bit same old, same old, right? Wrong! We thought you might be feeling a bit deflated so we considered getting you all a gift. Then we thought that may not really be enough, so we got you two gifts instead!

First of all one of our most popular and lusted after escorts, Eve, has updated all of her pictures in a stunning photoshoot that is sure to blow your socks off. Its not enough for her to be busty, toned, and in possession of a fantastic bum – she just has to flaunt it all for you too.

Head over to her profile and check out the new goodies. She has something for everyone, and has mixed up the ‘late night tight nightie’ look, the ‘black widow’ look, and the traditional ‘sultry face, sexy underwear’ look. She truly is a jack of all trades and the master of every single one of them. If it exists then Eve can probably wear it and look fantastic. It’s like her secret superpower.

An absolutely stunning selection of photos from the beautiful Eve isn’t your only surprise, though. There is another big bit of news we’ve been dying to hit you with and we know that you’re going to be very, very excited. We have a new escort!!

Veronica is a brand new addition to Cardiff escorts and is one of those rising stars that you can’t take your eyes off. Whereas it usually takes escorts a while to settle in and build up a reputation in this very competitive industry, Veronica has smashed her way through into position as one of the most popular escorts with our agency. She’s been an instant hit and has taken our client base by storm. Our advice to her is to keep doing what she is doing, and our advice to you is to make your appointment with her as soon as possible because space is very limited!

To make a booking with Veronica, please call us on 02920 538 774.

Make sure to keep in touch with us on Social Media – Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat too, to ensure that you don’t miss out on anything. You’ll never know when you could snag a fantastic deal on some time with one of our gorgeous professional Cardiff escorts.

New Escort In South West!

Sunday, August 20th, 2017

Cardiff Escort Agency is proud to present our latest addition, the sinfully beautiful Nicole. The youthful 29-year-old is flawless in every way, from the tips of her tits to the soles of her feet. Her shapely legs go for miles and her luscious locks are the perfect frame for her hazel eyes. Beware, if you stare deeply for too long, you’ll get lost forever.


Nicole leads a near double life, ever the professional by day. However, by night the inner naughty minx comes out to play. She loves to travel and seek new experiences with exciting people. She is also partial to a glass of rich, full bodied red wine. Nicole loves treating herself to luxuriously sexy underwear from her favourite brand, Victoria’s Secret.  Her favourite items are sexy bras, lacy bodies, silky stockings and classic hold ups.


Nicole’s favourite past time is to entertain gentlemen with a very sexy, very slow strip tease. Piece by piece, she loves watching the man’s face as she is slowly revealed, you’ll think it’s all your birthdays and Christmas’s come at once. What really excites the senses for Nicole is the smell of men’s aftershave. Men’s aftershave to Nicole is a hint of thong to a guy. Nicole is a strong willed and confident woman, yet she loves for a man to take control of her body and shower her with kisses and caresses. Nicole can’t wait to meet some new and interesting people to entertain and is available for bookings throughout the week.


Joining Nicole in recent recruits are Imogen, Layla, and Isla. Imogen is an all natural, British beauty. She has more curves than a roundabout and knows how to use them. Imogen is well educated, articulate, and sophisticated. However, don’t ever mistake that for boring. Her fun-loving and bubbly personality means she can make the world her friend with benefits. Layla is a bodacious babe with brunette hair and silky soft skin. She knows exactly how to hit the right spot every time. Her natural 36DD chest and 5’7 frame are a favourite amongst her fans and she always leaves them coming back for more. Isla is a 24-year-old blonde beauty who has impeccable taste in all things. She loves dressing up in sexy lingerie for exclusive gentlemen. However, she loves taking them off even more. Her slim, yet curvy figure is perfect giving and receiving pleasure. Have a look at all of our new girls who are all available for bookings. There is certainly someone special to meet every taste.


Cardiff Escort Agency would also like to introduce the new Duo tab. Here you will find a selection of our ladies who are not only amazing by themselves, but perfect with others. Three most definitely isn’t a crowd in our eyes.

Call 02920538774 now and one of our team will be happy to assist you in your booking.

Keeping In Shape

Monday, October 17th, 2016

cardiff-escort-lucia-3-14Cardiff escort Lucia is a new addition to the agency. She is 25, bi-sexual and keen to look her very best for you, her client.  It is not easy to maintain a physique that will fulfil your desire – so some insight into the professionalism of our colleagues in our agency will give you an idea about how much they care.

First there is some pretty intensive cardio activity – Lucia likes going to classes like spinning, circuits – and yoga to improve flexibility.  She also runs – for Lucia running is the certain way of shedding off the fat.  Escort work takes our women out to some of the finest restaurants and the finest clubs – with guaranteed VIP treatment – that sort of luxury can really do damage to a waistline.

What is her weekly routine? What is secret success to curves but with toned limbs and flat stomach? Here is how Lucia prepares for her work with you.  First, she sticks to five-day exercise and two-day rest program – there is no point in over training and making her limbs ache at the key point you need her to be comfortable.  All the great athletes in the world know that it is the recovery that shapes and strengthens – not ripping time and time again!  The high cardio activity promotes perspiring, which in turns helps to detoxify the skin, which then makes sure of the elasticity of the skin – no wrinkles, no unsightly bags under the eyes.

Monday through to Thursday she begins her day with a run and ends the day with a class or a toning session in the gym.  Friday she rests – ready to play with you – Saturday morning is yoga, for her breathing, her spiritual self and more importantly her flexibility.  You see, these bends and curves do not just come with great genes – Lucia knows you have to work hard for your look.

Lucia takes Sunday off completely.  She takes time for herself – an understanding that time given to the mind is as important as time given to the body.  She relaxes, reads and meditates – her agenda is on replenishing her energy.

Did you ever imagine how much commitment our colleagues show to their work? They want you to have the best of times, to feel proud to walk beside such a beautiful woman.  They also know that taking care of their health will help them maintain their youth and the freshness of their features.  They may make beauty seem effortless – but this is farther from the truth.

If you would like to meet Lucia, give us a call on 02920 538774.  Or, maybe you want to visit our website and read the vital statistics for all our girls – all of whom show equal commitment to keeping in shape you, day in, day out.  Here is the address: