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Girls Night Out Booking

Thursday, May 29th, 2014

Cardiff Escorts AgencyI’m Eve, and I’m an escort with Cardiff Escorts Agency.

We recently had a really fun block booking for a group of men from London who were in Cardiff for a boy’s weekend. When the booking came through, I wasn’t sure what to expect, eight men in Cardiff and wanted eight girls to party with…Who am I to say no?

I went on the date with Lucie, Belle, Jasmine, Emma, Sophie, Charlotte and Kate. We all met for drinks in Mocka first, as the agency had reserved the VIP balcony for us. It was great, Grey Goose on tap with cute little canapés.

The London boys turned up at around 10pm…they were extremely hot!

After Mocka, we went to Lab 22, where again, the agency had arranged VIP access for us all. I love Lab, it attracts a really lovely crowd of people. By now, the boys had started to pair up with girls, a really great guy called Rupert started flirting outrageously with me…I started to feel quite turned on by his suggestive manner… (more…)

Busty Blonde Charlotte

Tuesday, May 20th, 2014

Cardiff Escort CharlotteHi Guys,

I’m Charlotte, I’ve been working with Cardiff Escorts Agency for a few months. The agency likes to keep all of our images fresh, so when Nicole asked me in for a new photo shoot, I jumped at the chance to show off my new lingerie.

I really loved stripping off and feeling the soft silky fabric against my skin…I think the fact that I’m enjoying myself really shows in my pictures. My thoughts were drifting to an encounter I had whilst working the previous evening…You want to know now don’t you?

Well, I was booked for a most unusual brief. The client wanted me to perform with a male escort he had booked. He just wanted to watch.

When the male escort greeted me, a huge smile spread across my face. He was toned, black and handsome, with a megawatt smile!

When I entered the room, the client was sat on the sofa, just waiting for me and let’s call him Sam to start his show. Sam, waited for me to change into my (new) lingerie which I could tell really turned him on by the huge bulge in his jeans. I walked over and started to stroke his smooth torso, his erection was digging into my side! (more…)

Yes Mistress!

Thursday, May 8th, 2014

Cardiff Escorts Agency Hi Guys,

My name is Zara, I have been an escort in Cardiff for around 6 months. I have recently experienced my first role as a Dominatrix, and I have to admit…I loved it!

I was really nervous before I went, as I’m a very girly girl and didn’t think I’d find it within myself to be mean enough, however, I really surprised myself!

Reception informed me that he had latex clothes he wanted me to wear, that excited me as I’d never dressed like that before.

When I arrived, I was surprised to find Sophie one of our other Cardiff Escorts tied to a chair and blindfolded. She didn’t have a clue I’d arrived. The client quickly showed me to the outfit he’d laid out for me, I got changed and snapped into the role of the Dom. The client loved me ordering him to do various things, I loved the power it gave me. I really loved the fact that Sophie had no idea who was in the room with them. She looked amazing in the latex suit, and played the role of a submissive well. (more…)