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Sadie Settles In!

Sunday, April 26th, 2015

Cardiff Escort Sadie  (13)Hi Guys,

I’m Sadie, the newest addition to Cardiff Escorts Agency.

I’ve wanted to be an escort for a while, so was thrilled to be taken on by Cardiff’s most prestigious agency.

My first week with the agency has been brilliant. I’ve met some really interesting characters; I guess it’s what makes this job so interesting!

One of my first bookings this week was a role play booking. I was a little nervous as I’m brand new to escorting so wasn’t sure what to expect.

The client wanted me to be his patient. He had a foot fetish, so wanted me to pretend that I’d hurt my feet , he had to inspect them, wash them, rub lotion in them and tell me off for wearing such slutty high heeled shoes…He then fucked me in nothing but my slutty shoes….I loved it! I’m getting soaking wet just thinking about it again!

I’m raven haired, I’m well-educated, I’m sexy, with a body that most 19 year old would die for! Available for outcalls in Cardiff and the South Wales Area*

Hope to see you soon

Sadie x

*travel charge outside Cardiff may apply

To book escort Sadie in Cardiff please call 02920538774

You’re Hired!

Sunday, April 19th, 2015

Cardiff Escort Liza (2)Hey Cardiff Escort Fans,

Last week I started telling you about the antics of Liza and Summer, As you know they went for a run together and ended up rolling around in the sand dunes…I was going to continue that story however I have to tell you about a booking the went to last week as a result of this saucy story…

The client requested them as a duo to fulfil his ultimate fantasy… Liza and Summer had to visit the client dressed in the style of the typical slutty secretary. The client’s fantasy role play was to pretend that he was interviewing them both for a job. They would do anything to get that job. So…During the interview, they were competing with each other to impress the prospective boss.

He asked them what particular skills they had that would make them better than the other candidate, and of course each girl answered in a provocatively flirtatious manner!

He then asked them how far they would go to get the job, which of course included an intimate girl-on-girl experience just like they had at the beach…They then had to persuade the boss that they really were the right girl for the job…you can use your imagination as to how they did that!

After the girls had left, the client called our office to say they were hired!

To book your ultimate duo fantasy…call our booking team today on 02920538774

Fantasy Duo!

Tuesday, April 14th, 2015

Swansea Escort Summer (14)Hi Escort Fans,

We hope you all had a lovely Easter, bet you were thinking about our horny ladies when you were tucking into your eggs?

The weather has been beautiful, the sun has been shining, which has led to us having a bumper busy week…you all get super horny when the sun shines…and our girls are no exception.

Liza came into the office to tell us all about an experience she had with Summer last week.

Swansea Escorts Liza and Summer are lucky enough to have the beautiful Gower coastline on their doorstep. Both of the girls love to keep in shape, so decided to head down there and do some endurance running through the sand dunes. Whilst they were there, they had worked up quite a sweat, it’s really tough running in sand… they started to get quite exhausted. Liza tripped in the sand and Summer fell on top of her. They rolled in the sand laughing for a minute, until Summer decided to lift Liza’s crop top and lick the beads of sweat off her breasts.

Liza was a little shocked but loved it. Summer trailed her tongue down her belly and pulled down her tiny (more…)

Happy Easter

Monday, April 6th, 2015

Easter Hi Escort Fans,

We love the Easter Bank Holiday, who doesn’t like a four day weekend?

Our girls are gearing up for a super busy time, there is something about a visit from the Easter Bunny that makes the men of South Wales super horny, so we are expecting to be busy!

You know, they say you can tell a lot about a woman by their favourite Easter egg, so we thought we’d quiz the girls and find out their favourites.

Busty blonde Charlotte loves a Galaxy Caramel egg. She says that like her, they are smooth and silky on the outside, when you get inside; you are hit with this irresistible shot of sweetness that you just cannot resist!

Sexy Suicide Girl Vivienne adores a Kinder Surprise. Vivienne is a lover of mild S&M, so loves to bring a bit of equipment into the bedroom; her Egg eating is no different! She gets excited at cracking open the smooth white and cocoa shell to reveal the yellow pod in the middle. The kinder surprise comes with a health warning about choking a plastic parts…Vivienne is no exception, just bury your head into her huge tits and you’ll see!

Sweet Blonde Kayla really enjoys a Crème Egg. She says they are irresistible. She knows they are bad for you, but cannot help herself. She always gets the sweet satisfying sticky crème dripping around her mouth and onto her cleavage…How do you eat yours?

So, you know a little more about three of our devilish beauties, check out the blog on our sister site Aphrodite -Escorts  to read about another three sexy stunners!

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