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Whats Your Position

Thursday, May 28th, 2015

Cardiff Escort Monique CEA (1)Hi Escort Fans!

I hope you’ve enjoyed the extended bank holiday weekend? It’s great just getting that extra day off work.

No extra day off for us here though, as bank holiday weekends are always madness for us!

As a little treat, we’ve quizzed a few of our gorgeous companions on their sexual position preference. Here are a few to mull over….

Monique just loves the intimacy that the good old missionary position has…the eye contact, the breath on her cheek…she finds it wildly erotic and just loves the deep penetration of putting her legs over his shoulders. Slow, sexy but fun!

Grace loves to be dominated and forcefully taken over a desk or up against a wall. With role-play a speciality of hers, she particularly loves to play the submissive secretary to a forceful boss….Are you man enough to be Grace’s boss?

Vivienne loves reverse cowgirl…her clients love it too, to quote one good client “I love to look at her ass, squeeze it, and just generally have access to the whole back region. I think women’s backs are just gorgeous and sexy. She’s really good at the position, and she loves it too. She can get a deep, long, sensual stroke going that drives me nuts. When she leans way forward, so that she’s basically laying on her front on the bed between my legs then gives me the occasional backward glance …She rocks!

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Make Sure Your Safe!

Tuesday, May 19th, 2015

Cardiff Escorts Hi Escort Fans,

Have you been looking at our site for a while but never taken the plunge? We’re going to give you our top tips for booking the perfect escort so you can book with confidence and have the time of your life! We’ve based these on the most frequently asked questions…

It is totally legal to book an escort; you are paying for their time. What happens during that time is between you and mutually agreed…Always pay your escort the same courtesy that she has to you, by ensuring your grooming and personal hygiene is spot on and that you behave in a respectful manner.

People always wonder if it’s safe to hire an escort. That depends on who the escort is and works for. Always use a reputable agency with great feedback. Be wary of independents and websites that have poor use of the English language. Ladies choose to work for us because we’re an all British agency that ensures both our escorts and clients are suitable.

All of our images are guaranteed… They are not photo shopped and are updated regularly…Not many agencies can boast that!

This means you can book a Cardiff Escort with confidence.

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Facts About Sex!

Tuesday, May 12th, 2015

Cardiff Escorts Hi Cardiff Escort Fans!

We know you really enjoyed our political themed blogs last week, now the frenzy is over; we’re going to keep it a bit more light hearted this week!

As you know, sex is our favourite topic… so I’ve been hunting high and low for some interesting facts about sex that you may not know…That’s right, you don’t know everything!

  • During a man’s lifetime, he will ejaculate approximately 17 litres of semen, which will contain about half a trillion sperm!
  • Your heart rate will reach around 140 beats per minute at the point of orgasm
  • The Greeks have the highest sex drive with couples claiming to have sex on average 138 times per year…The Japanese have sex the least at a paltry 45 times per year…they need some Cardiff Escorts in their life I think!
  • The longest erect penis on record was 13 inches from base to tip. The smallest was 1cm…oh dear!
  • When sexually aroused, 60% of men get erect nipples!
  • Women over 40 are far more likely to masturbate than younger women…big up for the older woman
  • 44% of women find it impossible to have sex with a man that is not intellectually equal to them. Men surprisingly don’t find it a problem!

I hope you enjoyed reading these facts today; it was very interesting researching this!

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Election Frenzy..

Monday, May 4th, 2015

CEAHi Cardiff Escort Fans!

Election fever has taken hold of the country, and our well educated Cardiff Escorts are no exception…I’m not going to go into their political preferences as that is personal, I have however, if they had to shag a politician… who would it be and why?

Sweet Kayla has a bit of a thing for William Hague…His views on political issues are unimportant to her, she finds the fact that he’s so passionate about his job, and the fact that he’s so prim, proper and nice a huge turn on…In fact, she’d like to sit him on a chair, bind his hands behind his back and slowly undress for him…she reckons he would start to blush and squirm in his chair! Whilst she is doing this, she’d ask him political questions, he would however be so turned on that he would struggle to get his words out…In fact, she’d render him speechless!

Kayla as usual giving us great attention to detail….She gives this amount of attention on every date she goes on…so, if you’d like to be bound to a chair and made squirm…Kayla is your girl!


Who gets your vote?

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