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Brooke Is Back!

Thursday, September 29th, 2016

cardiff-escort-brooke-9Brooke is Back!

We’re pleased to announce that Cardiff Escorts favourite; Brooke is back following a year out!

She took a year off University to go travelling to Eastern Asia, however, she’s now back, ready to finish her studies and spend some time entertaining you lovely gentlemen again.

Naughty Brunette Teen Brooke says – “I was with the agency in 2015, this helped me fund my travels. Working as an escort allows me to spoil myself whilst at university with the things I love like champagne, sexy lingerie and expensive fragrance.  I love nothing more than a silver fox, so escorting allows me to meet real men that really turn me on!”

Our regular clients love Brooke, the feedback she previously had was second to none, with one client saying – “Wow…. Brooke was a delightful young lady, she is sweet and funny and I can’t wait to book her again. Thanks again Cardiff Escorts Agency xx”

We have Brooke in the studio for new photo’s this week, so keep a look out for these images, they’re bound to be smoking!

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Indian Summer

Monday, September 19th, 2016

indian-summer-ceaHi Cardiff Escort fans,

Well, hasn’t September been a treat so far? The kids have gone back to school, and the sun has come back!

Summer has made a reappearance with the soaring temperatures making everyone horny, clients and staff alike. We have seen a massive increase in bookings over the last two weeks as normality is resumed and the biggest passion killer (kids) are taken off our hands!

We looked into why we are so much busier when the sun shines…a study conducted states that sunlight is responsible for 90% of the body’s supply of Vitamin D, which can be absorbed in smaller amounts through vitamins, meat, and oily fish.  Researchers discovered that as Vitamin D increases, so does testosterone.

Testosterone is the primary sex hormone for men, appearing at frequencies of forty to sixty times that of females. It controls a number of functions in men’s health, including muscle growth, bone density, linear growth, the development of secondary sex characteristics, mental and physical energy, libido, and erectile function.

So fellas, load up on a bit of natural sunlight to get a bit more wood in the old boy!

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Why use Cardiff Escorts Agency

Monday, September 12th, 2016

cardiff-escorts-agencyWhy use Cardiff Escorts Agency? Just ask one of our clients!

Hi guys, we’ve asked ‘Sam’ one of our regular clients that visits Cardiff on business regularly, why he uses Escorts, and why Cardiff Escorts Agency is his agency of choice.

“I think I’ve probably slept with around a dozen Cardiff escort girls while I’ve been in Cardiff, I travel constantly for my work spending a lot of time in the Far East and it is definitely a more accepted part of male work culture there than it is in Europe. I’ve even heard of Christmas parties where the CEO pays for his best workers to have a girl for the night.

“I know it’s the best agency, so I normally phone ahead and get a girl to have dinner and cocktails with me and then we’ll go back to my hotel room for sexy time. I don’t think there’s really any moral element to it. I know Cardiff Escorts Agency treats the women well – they get to keep a big chunk of what they earn for themselves and, from talking to them, it seems the majority do it because it’s easy hours and better money than they could earn elsewhere.

“I like the women to be intelligent and sophisticated as I’ll be taking them to expensive places. I prefer it if we can hold a good conversation but if she really is smoking hot in the looks department I tend to just do most of the talking myself and let her relax.

“I’m single at the moment because of my constant travelling but I’m certain that I’m intelligent enough to be able to separate sex with an escort girl from sex with a long term partner. I think that would be like confusing a hotel room with a home. With escort girls, it’s pure short-term satisfaction and I like the total lack of emotional involvement and the fact that there is no deception. I want her time. She wants money. And if we can both enjoy ourselves in the process then so much the better.

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Bank Holiday Fun

Saturday, September 3rd, 2016

Cardiff Escorts AgencyHi Cardiff Escort Fans,

We’ve been incredibly lucky with the weather for the August Bank Holiday weekend, I hope you’ve enjoyed it as much as our girls…

One of our lovely escorts who wishes to remain anonymous went on a date with a twist this weekend.

The regular client requested a four hour booking during the bank holiday afternoon to go on a walk in the country with his dog. He specifically requested a sweet escort that would enjoy that kind of activity as he has a specific fantasy that he wanted to fulfil.

They met at a carpark of a popular beauty spot, and went for a gentle stroll. About an hour into the walk, he gently pushed the gorgeous girl against a tree and kissed her. His fantasy was to have passionate, urgent sex whilst out walking in the country…Our girl tells us he caught her by surprise, she found it incredibly erotic and enjoyed the experience immensely. After passionately kissing her, he pushed her over a fallen log and fucked her from behind, the risk of being caught by other walkers adding to the enjoyment.

After they had finished, they continued their walk, and ended their afternoon date with lunch in a gorgeous country pub.

Now, that’s a way to spend a bank holiday Monday!

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