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Spooky Sexy Shenanigans!

Wednesday, October 26th, 2016

cea-halloweenEach year, on one night, the barrier between hell and earth is breached. Demons and devils, witches and zombies emerge into the night to play.  The day before All Saints’ Day – known as All Hallow’s Eve, or Halloween to you and me – is the last time the mischievous and the naughty can cause mayhem before the saints descend to protect those on Earth through winter. In short, this is a holiday designed by pagans for some downright descent into hedonism.  And, who are we to argue.  With an overload of green and orange and black face paint and material – this is no time to consider being nice.

A time of naughtiness, a time to scare and to haunt: or just have great fun.  Our girls love nothing like a good Halloween party – mostly because they get to go to town on the most elaborate and most evocative costume.  With mischief comes sexy; with temptress comes seduction and sometimes, with a small amount of pain, comes a whole load of pleasure.  Our ladies love the Halloween holiday for the chance to ham up a theme and to play with the fine like between fear and excitement; anticipation and terror.

This year our Cardiff escorts will be partying to a special 50 Shades of Grey theme.  Imagine the leather, the whips, the masks, the stilettos, the netting – and some of the most dominant or submissive play friends you could hope to meet. You may be asked to keep your eyes cast towards the ground and bossed how to act time and again.  You could be followed everywhere by your own girl on a leash or be playfully slapped with a leather strap as you strut by our most predatory of black cats patrolling the party.  Your comfort is our concern and safety words will be provided, so the fun only does so far as you can enjoy.

Apple dunking and pin the tail become wholly different party games in our naughty late night party – hide and seek become stealthy stalking and spin the cauldron could have you playing naughty or trying any truth or extravagant lie to escape punishment.  Our girls have great imaginations and know how to tease and trick, flirt and evade – a night designed to spook and scare but to also excite.   You won’t forget this night… and you never know, with this much fun, this much naughtiness – you can’t be certain who will arrive – whether it Dracula, that zombie or make even the monster you found under your bed.

In this one night of all out abandon, when the good have turned their eyes away and won’t be back ‘til morning – why not let yourself go and enjoy yourself with our girls.  Call now: 02920 538774 or visit to organise your Halloween invite.

Keeping In Shape

Monday, October 17th, 2016

cardiff-escort-lucia-3-14Cardiff escort Lucia is a new addition to the agency. She is 25, bi-sexual and keen to look her very best for you, her client.  It is not easy to maintain a physique that will fulfil your desire – so some insight into the professionalism of our colleagues in our agency will give you an idea about how much they care.

First there is some pretty intensive cardio activity – Lucia likes going to classes like spinning, circuits – and yoga to improve flexibility.  She also runs – for Lucia running is the certain way of shedding off the fat.  Escort work takes our women out to some of the finest restaurants and the finest clubs – with guaranteed VIP treatment – that sort of luxury can really do damage to a waistline.

What is her weekly routine? What is secret success to curves but with toned limbs and flat stomach? Here is how Lucia prepares for her work with you.  First, she sticks to five-day exercise and two-day rest program – there is no point in over training and making her limbs ache at the key point you need her to be comfortable.  All the great athletes in the world know that it is the recovery that shapes and strengthens – not ripping time and time again!  The high cardio activity promotes perspiring, which in turns helps to detoxify the skin, which then makes sure of the elasticity of the skin – no wrinkles, no unsightly bags under the eyes.

Monday through to Thursday she begins her day with a run and ends the day with a class or a toning session in the gym.  Friday she rests – ready to play with you – Saturday morning is yoga, for her breathing, her spiritual self and more importantly her flexibility.  You see, these bends and curves do not just come with great genes – Lucia knows you have to work hard for your look.

Lucia takes Sunday off completely.  She takes time for herself – an understanding that time given to the mind is as important as time given to the body.  She relaxes, reads and meditates – her agenda is on replenishing her energy.

Did you ever imagine how much commitment our colleagues show to their work? They want you to have the best of times, to feel proud to walk beside such a beautiful woman.  They also know that taking care of their health will help them maintain their youth and the freshness of their features.  They may make beauty seem effortless – but this is farther from the truth.

If you would like to meet Lucia, give us a call on 02920 538774.  Or, maybe you want to visit our website and read the vital statistics for all our girls – all of whom show equal commitment to keeping in shape you, day in, day out.  Here is the address:


Perfect Evening

Monday, October 10th, 2016

cardiff-escorts-aBrooke and Kirsten always come back from the overnight with our London client raving about their perfect night.  Sure, the client from London has the pick of agencies – but he knows coming to Cardiff gives him the chance to go out with some real women with real hope of his own perfect night out.

Do you want to note down the phone number before I continue? 02920 538774 – or the website? – it could be that you want your own night out after you heard about what Brooke and Kirsten got up to.

The client always has a set pattern he likes to follow – we all have our likes and dislikes.  It is good to be clear on what you want, that Is why booking with us makes him very confident in getting what he asks for. He starts with quiet drinks, followed by games at the casino, then to a quiet VIP area in a local bar for more drinks – champagne with the winnings – then back to the room.

It is a classic formula of chat, fun, food and drink and then a time to relax together.  Brooke and Kirsten make a special effort at the start of the evening.  The client has always made it clear that he returns because the women seem to genuinely care.  They listen to him and ask him questions about his life – within the realms of what he has defined as acceptable questions.  Kirsten and Brooke are the best in the world and knowing what they can ask and what is beyond their right to hear.  The perfect night begins with perfect listeners.

The casino makes it the best of nights for Kirsten and Brooke.  The client loves sharing the fun and the excitement – his pleasure comes as much from their wins as his own.  So, he gives them chips and allows them to keep the winnings. A generous tip – maybe – but a sign that his night is made all the better for the chance to enjoy the happiness of others.

After the casino comes quiet and intimate nibbles – champagne if the night went well at the casino – champagne if they need consoling after some losses.  This is the perfect evening after all and the perfect evening always needs champagne.  The meal is a time for listening – the client relaxed now – is able to unload the stresses and strains of a difficult weak and relax into his evening.  Brooke and Kirsten know when to question, when to nod, when just to look on and listen.

From there – well from there the evening belongs to the client.  Enough to say his feedback about Brooke and Kirsten is full of praise.  He knew if he came to Cardiff he would get the evening he wanted and the evening he needed.

Imagination Runs Wild

Wednesday, October 5th, 2016

cardiff-escort-jessie-17It is perfectly normal for your mind to wonder.  Many men sit and consider a life of uncomplicated relationships – a woman who just wants to have fun and just wants to talk about your world and your difficult day.

But, what we all secretly imagine is a night out with a beautiful woman.  Imagining that moment when you walk into a restaurant and all conversation stops and people’s heads turn.  In your mind you can see the eyes of the men casting glances between the lady on your arm and the women that share the table with them.  And, you smile.

Later, in the club, you breathe easy because you know you don’t have to enter the fray of the meat market mash up.  You walk confidently because you know there is no risk of ending in a beer fuelled grip with twin sister of the ugly duck you managed to pull last week.  Your friends are cheering and jeering at your companion and you push your chest out and grin the grin of a man who has the woman everybody else would die to know.

The music in the club is great and you dance, laugh and at the end of the night cuddle close.  There is no pressure to move the relationship forward, no concerns over how to move it to the next level and no risk of rejection – it is just a comfortable walk down the street to the taxis.  And, this is how your imagination wonders on through the night.

Your imagination could easily stop there.  It could easily just hope for a night of simple companionship, with no pressure and no anxiety about how this evening out is going to progress.  It could simply want a night where you do not have consider what the woman is angry about and answer questions about what you have been thinking about for the last five minutes.

Your imagination could also take your dreams a little further.  So many men dream of intimacy with a beautiful woman but are too scared by the possibility of rejection.  Sitting close, talking about simple, trivial every day moments – and having this stunning woman look at you as if you are the most interesting man in the world.  You joke together and the evening on your sofa passes without hitch – without bickering – without the need to think of anything more complicated than changing the music and filling the wine glasses.

Give Cardiff Escorts a call: 02920 – it could well be something that the imagination deserves. It is worth a thought in those complicated moments – just to give your imagination what it wants.  We know Welsh women are awesome – but sometimes you just want a Cardiff Escort for some simple, uncomplicated work on your favourite fantasy.