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Canoodle This Christmas!

Monday, December 19th, 2016

cardiff-escorts-agencySo, its socks or a shaving kit – right? What else can you buy your single male friends?  Maybe there is a vinyl they might like or a computer game they yearn for.  But, they have a dozen friends that could buy them the same thing.  It is just about enough to make Christmas shopping unbearable.  Can we suggest something that might raise more than his eyebrow? Why not book him a special night with one of our escorts in Cardiff.  Can you imagine his face when he opens the envelope on the big day? Now, that is an impact gift!

He could enjoy taking our escort to a restaurant and receiving some VIP treatment, or enjoying a night at a hotel playing games devised in the imagination of our ladies.  This could be the best gift you ever bought your friend – and so much better than a Rudolf tie or a huge packet of Malteasers!

If you fancy booking our outcall escort for your buddy call now: 02920 538774  Think of the night you could be giving him – some saucy New Year cuddling in a club, showing off to his mates.  He could feel the company of one of our beautiful Cardiff escorts and it could set 2017 on the right track.  He could remember to get out there and have some fun, so he is no longer your single male friend this time next year. And, it is obviously so much easier to buy presents for attached male friends… well, we can’t solve every problem for you, can we?

With it being the Christmas season we stay open as many days as we can – but we do close on Christmas Day itself.  All our escorts love to spend the day with friends and family too – so for this day we pull down the shutters and have ourselves a party.  We will be open again on Boxing Day, for a post-Christmas jaunt or as a means of escaping the hellish sales.

We wish all our customers a merry Christmas.  We know that this time of year isn’t that easy for all – and we hope that you can find as much happiness as you can.  Eat a little more, drink a little bit more and watch the best trashy TV you can and remember – it is just another day where you get the chance to chill and be yourself for a while – no boss, no clients or customers, no hassle – just a chance to chill out and receive some gifts that show that people care.  When Christmas is about having no demands on you other than that of the people you care about – then it will always be a great time.

Merry Christmas from Cardiff Escorts, we look forward to seeing you in the New Year!

Secret Santa Delights

Tuesday, December 13th, 2016

cardiff-escort-eve-1Christmas is a time of giving and keeping warm; a time for fun and for shaking off the winter blues.  What better way to enjoy your time this festive season than by meeting our brand new girls: Cherie and Adeline.

Cherie is 23 and from Cardiff. She is your most wonderful of fiery red heads and will certainly keep you warm this holiday.  She is a perfect 5 foot 5 and a glorious size 12.  Cherie enjoys the company of women and men and is available for all your outcall escort needs.

Adeline is a hot as her name suggests.  She will pour the heat of the Australian winter sun into your world.  She is a woman of experience, at the age of 34 she has a few tricks she can teach you.  She is a 5-foot 8-inch blonde, with a full 34D set of breasts.  Adeline is a handful in more ways than one.

If you fancy some outcall action with our new girls now: call now: 02920 538774 or visit our Gallery for more selection.

You might want to store that number for our next piece of news! This is only available for our blog reading loyal customers.  Secret Santa – Cardiff Agency style.  Ring our lovely team today and quote secret Santa and you will have the chance of an exclusive deal with the beauty that is pulled out of Father Christmas’ sack for you!

Christmas is a time for gift giving – and no one has toughed out 2016 more than you – so why not deliver a gift to yourself.  Ring today, quote Secret Santa and spend an evening, at a reduced price – on us – treating yourself to the company of one of our gorgeous girls. Imagine what you could do on your secret Santa date.

Could you go to your company Christmas party and smash it with the most beautiful, most sophisticated woman in the room? Could you introduce her to your boss and smirk as you see the envy dripping from his eyes?  Is it possible that this year’s staff Christmas Do becomes the best party night of your life, rather than the night of shame when you find yourself hugging the photocopier after one too many tequila shots?

Or, maybe, just maybe, this could be the night that you go to the casino – like you have always imagined.  Dressed in your tux, with your beautiful girl, you become the centre of attention at a craps table – and for an evening you are the superhero you imagine yourself to be sometimes – when the day is long and the work dull.  Could one of our girls be your super spy side-kick?

Ring us now call now: 02920 538774  and speak to one of our team to find out what secret Santa delivers us to you.  Remember – our blog readers are the only one in on our Christmas secret – so take advantage and make yourself the best Christmas ever!

What’s Secret Santa? 

£20 off when you choose 3 girls from Todays gallery, quoting Secret Santa, We will select one and surprise you for a Christmas Treat!

Living The Dream

Monday, December 5th, 2016

celtic-manor-lodgeLiving the dream at the lodge

So, this week the girls get to spend some time at Celtic Manor – the luxury resort just outside Cardiff.  Have you ever been to this place – seriously –  you should visit.  As you approach on the M4 it dominates the horizon like an ancient castle on a hill.  It screams overwhelming luxury.  There sweeps of glass and expanse of lawn that flows down into the golf course.

Inside it is such a place of luxury.  The rooms stretch out and the beds could fit an army.  Wood panel lined walls and lush carpets – these suites are the size of most people’s houses.  Fitted out with bars and with views out over the gorgeous Welsh countryside. Best still was the private balcony and the room length doors that opened out to the cool November sky.  The crisp Autumn sunshine was particularly beautiful.

Then, there is the spa.  A swathe of luscious blue water, with power thrusts of spray to relax aching muscles, or stimulate.  What was the best bit of the spa was the bubbly that came with the bubbles! Champagne, great company and a hint of luxury – these clients really know how to have a great night.  Time in the spa and the pool was a mixture of horse play, relaxation and great conversation.  Our ladies

Our escorts were booked to spend time with the clients at the lodge.  Rooms were hired for the weekend and the party was truly on.  You want to know what a day would be like in luxury with our lovely escorts. Well, we can tell you so much but be clear, there are parts that must be confidential and private.  Yet – let’s set the scene.

You meet your friends and travel towards Celtic Manor for your luxury weekend.  This is your reward – you work your backside into the ground for times like this – this is the life.  You approach the hotel and its luxury looms over the motorway.  The noise in the car hits a whole new level, as some of the restraint of home lifts like fog – and you know that you can say anything from now on.

Your escorts are waiting for you.  They are beautiful, dressed casual for the hotel – as you suggested – but still looking better than most women would when entering a club.  Any nervousness you feel at meeting our ladies disappears when they take the lead and start the conversation.  This is their business. They know they can be intimidating and they know it is their role to break the ice with you.

The group moves to the bar, a few drinks to loosen up the group.  The escorts wait for cues to see who pairs with who and soon it is as if these people have known each other for years.  From here to the suite to touch base, get change and then to the spa for champagne and steam and streams of water.

From here back to the suite, some games, more champagne… and… this is where you are going to have ring 02920 538774 or visit our Gallery if you want to find out more.  You are interested though, right?