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What Is The Law On Escorts?

Tuesday, February 28th, 2017

It is a commonly held misconception that an escort agency must be against the law.  It is easy to see why there might be a misunderstanding, so it is important to be clear about why it is completely legal to run an escort agency – and not only that – but for some of our escort’s clients – an important service.

First, let’s define an escort.  An escort is someone who sells time in her company.  This means companionship, whether it be time in your house or out for a meal.  Anything else that happens during this appointment is a result of two consulting adults deciding how they would like to spend their time.  Think about the word escort.  It means someone who accompanies you and this is the service being paid for.  Many of our escorts have regular clients who have become well-liked and well-thought of.  They maintain professional relationships with clients, but the connection between regular clients is as close to friend as you can get within the boundaries of the interaction.

Then, let’s look at the role of the agency.  The agency acts as the marketer and administrator for the women who choose to act as escorts.  To pay for this service, the agency takes a commission from each booking.  There are no other fees taken from our escorts other than this commission fee.

The agency is legal is every way.  The money exchanges hands between the client and the escort.  The escort then passes on commission to the agency for use of the website and the booking facilities offered.  We consider ourselves colleagues of our escort and we work as a team supporting each other through the different trials of being an escort.  However, the only reason the women pay money into the agency is for administration.

Our escorts are completely in control.  Although we encourage our staff to be professional and respect our clients, they have the right to decline any client they do not want to meet with.  They are in charge of the services that they provide.  All our escorts are also over 18 years of age, which is why they are acting as a consenting adult in how they choose to spend their time.

We are an agency that contributes to the economy of the country.  We are fully compliant with HMRC rules.  What is more, we help our colleagues, who work as self-employed escorts, to complete their accounts as they should.

For some of our escorts’ clients, the companionship they offer helps them to feel better about life and get through the week.  For some clients, it is a luxury and a bit of fun to spend time with the women we work with.  For others, it might be a matter of trying to win over a client and impressing them into signing up to a product or a service. Yet, for some, the service our escorts provide is crucial and the companionship should not be underestimated.

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Hard One To Take!

Thursday, February 16th, 2017

That was one tough defeat to take, right? Wales are smashing it for 75 minutes, the one misplaced kick and the English sneak a victory.  The Welsh guys were immense and showed such creativity in their play – there was no doubt that they deserved to hammer the English the way that they are playing.  But that Aussie coach of theirs has some pixie magic going on and they seem to be able to scramble a win from the claws of defeat.  There is a message there for our lads though – play the full 80 minutes, guys – don’t get slack, don’t lose focus.

Our Cardiff escort girls still had the best of times – helped we guess by the fact that they hit the city centre with a crowd of English clients after the match. Hey, come on, no partisanship with our girls.  We work in Cardiff, Swansea, Bridgend and… Bristol.  So, our customers sometimes stray over the border to enjoy the company of our lovely ladies.  We were fully booked and all thanks to our English cousins.  They must have smelt victory and were using this to prompt a big night out!

It was fun for the ladies to watch the match with the other side.  They took the opportunity to cheer both sides! This is rugby right, not football.  The fans have passion but they also know how to respect the opposition.  So, when Wales kept taking the lead our patriotic Welsh girls cheered.  But when the English kept coming back, well they cheered for this too – why not! These may be escorts in Cardiff, Welsh and proud but they loved the joy of their clients and joined right in!

To be honest the Welsh fans were having a rocking time too and everything was done in great spirit.  There was a bit ribbing, a few funny shouts and jokes made – let’s face it – no English fan is gonna let a Welsh fan off the hook.  Trust us, we know! Nicole in our office is English and is absolutely loving the result – not that she has let us know too much!

Our ladies took their clients for the best of nights, to celebrate the victory of their team.  We managed to secure them some pretty tasty VIP tickets for guest lists of some of the best clubs in Cardiff.  It is always great to walk to the front of the queue guys! We also organised some luscious restaurant bookings.  When you are taking a victory lap around Cardiff, you might as well do it in luxury.

Our ladies claimed the guys they were with were perfect gentlemen.  They laughed and joked and loved the victory but for the rest of the night made every effort to leave the match in the past.  They just loved the party atmosphere and the company of our wonderful girls.

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Photoshoots All About The Glamour!

Thursday, February 9th, 2017

Do you fancy meeting our glamourous models from our photoshoot? The outcall escorts being photographed included Eve, Adeline, Cherie and Kimberley – they were stunning.  Interested? Give Cardiff Escorts a call: 02920 538774

Need some more details about what Eve, Adeline, Cherie and Kimberley got up to on their day as glamourous models before you commit? Well, that’s what I am here for! First of all- it was like we had all been whisked off to LA to walk the red carpet and be snapped by 100 paparazzi hungry for our image.  The flash bulbs going off everywhere, people shouting your name, your arm around the latest star of the big screen.

Except it was February.  It was early in the morning… and very cold.  We were in South Wales… there was only one photographer and we were in a hotel room.  But, apart from that, it was exactly like the LA glam that you would imagine!

The day was actually a proper giggle.  It is set in the most amazing grounds, with a stunning golf course and a spa. Yes, there was a spa.  We felt it was our duty to make use of this facility – it would be rude not to – right? And, the photographer always takes forever to get set up.

The girls got themselves looking even more stunning, whilst discussing the merits of a career as a golfing caddy – driving the buggy around the course all day and passing rich blokes random clubs.  We figured it was probably a bit more specialist that this maybe – you might for instance need to understand golf scoring and what all those birds mean. Plus, the poor caddy we were watching was driving into heavy rain.  We figured we were glad to be inside with the ladies getting themselves even more beautiful than they naturally are.

The photographer was very patient. Get Eve, Adeline, Cherie and Kimberley together and it is a laugh a minute.  They get on so well and are so supportive of each other.  Although, when one of the girls – who shall remain unnamed – started to pull stupid faces behind the photographer – it became maybe a little less than supportive.  It was funnier still when the photography was shouting – “sultry – go for sultry – dominate the camera, love – be fierce!” and there was tongue pulling and eyes crossing – which obviously stopped when the photographer turned around!

Some of the banter was amazing and certainly cannot be repeated in a PG blog! But, it shows just what characters our girls are and how lucky the clients of Cardiff Escort Agency will be.

The good news is that soon there will be new photographs.  You will be able to enjoy the best of the pics.  We have them here at the agency are just sifting through for the best ones and getting the escorts agreement to put them up.  So, as you can see, this post is purely a tease… keep coming back and soon you will see some stunning photographs of some truly beautiful bodies!