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Girls get Wet, Wild and…Cold

Monday, July 31st, 2017

Scarlett and Georgia are well-known with their clients for being wild, adventurous firecrackers with a penchant for trying new things and pushing the boat out. It will come as no surprise to those who know of them, then, to find that they have spent this last week taking some rather raunchy photos in a most unusual and outward bounds place – a picturesque waterfall far from civilisation! Located in the Brecon Waterfalls area, it took a long drive and an early start on a frosty morning to get there and take advantage of the light.

Not ones to be put off by a trek from the car and some cold weather, Scarlett and Georgia braved the freezing spray of the waterfall and the overcast weather to pose for the cameras together. Some of the most adventurous escorts in Cardiff, this dynamic duo only took refuge in their cute, cosy fluffy onesies between shoots and made sure to bear all at every opportunity. With athletic, toned figures, natural good looks and a supreme air of confidence and animal attraction, why wouldn’t these girls want to show their assets? It wasn’t just the photographers who got a visual treat from these high-class Cardiff escorts either.

A number of eagle-eyed gents spotted the photoshoot from the cliffs above, and were eagerly taking photographs of their own. Scarlett and Georgia were sure to draw a crowd, but they did not expect their appeal to be enough to have people braving cliff edges just for a glimpse!

All in all, Scarlett and Georgia hugely enjoyed the day’s photography and got into the pool near the waterfall without so much as a complaint, despite the frosty weather. Part of this is because they love working together so much. They have worked together extensively previously doing duo in-calls, and have a considerable reputation for being the naughtiest duo escorts in South Wales. These Cardiff escorts love being together both in and out of the bedroom, helping bring their clients to whole new levels of pleasure.

Though this week you have been treated to some sizzling-hot images of fiery redhead Georgia and dazzling brunette Scarlett, next week we have another photoshoot treat for you all. These will feature blonde bombshell Adeline who is a sure-fire hit with her mature outlook and stunning looks, as well as recent addition Imogen who has already built a solid reputation with her dazzling smile and charming charisma.

They will be taking part in a photoshoot in a barn with a strong country vibe. These new duo photos will also be available on our website so that these amazing escorts in South Wales can be seen in a whole new light and be enjoyed by all.

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Overnight Fun for Georgia

Tuesday, July 25th, 2017

Cardiff escort Georgia, one of the most popular escorts in South Wales, enjoyed an overnight booking to remember this week. With the booking lasting over 8 hours long, it left plenty of time for Georgia and her immensely lucky client to get to know each other very, very well.

With silky soft skin that is smooth to the touch, a head of fiery red hair and a slim yet strong, flexible body, Georgia’s appearance is enough to have any man struggling to stay standing due to a bad case of the wobbly knees! That’s not all, however, as this star of the Cardiff escort scene also fancies herself a bit of a dancer as well. She took the time to teach her client a few simple staples of the craft, before having him sit down and performing quite an intimate dance for him. He certainly appreciated the skills and attention of a true master!

That wasn’t the only treat of the evening, as Georgia and her lucky client got in a takeaway and curled up to watch a movie together. It is unknown whether or not the client caught any of the movie himself, or whether he was far too entranced by Georgia to pay attention.

Her GFE skills are widely recognised from the escort agencies in Cardiff, and she has the ability to have men lose themselves in her deep hazel eyes before they even know it’s happened!

Georgia and her client greatly enjoyed the night that followed, and all the activities that entailed, though they did not get much sleeping done! Georgia must have really gone above and beyond to please, as she woke up to a wonderful breakfast prepared for her by what was quite possibly Cardiff’s happiest man.

One possible culprit for his good mood could be Georgia’s famed abilities with Indian Massage and other areas of Massage which are offered at every appointment. There is no better way to cut loose and relax!

Georgia is a huge fan of overnight bookings as she enjoys the intimacy and attention that can be paid to the client, making sure that he or she leaves nothing less than 100% satisfied. She loves it even more when kind clients let her bring her dog, who is no bother at all.

With a face that can melt hearts and a size 8 model’s body, it is rare that a man will not let her have her own way in all things!

Georgia offers both short-term and overnight in-calls in Newport, and is able to team up with fellow escort Scarlett for double the fun!  These two stars of your favourite Cardiff escort agency are sure to give you an experience you won’t soon be forgetting.

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Cold Play with Adeline

Friday, July 21st, 2017

Where can you find nearly 75,000 hot and sweating people jumping and grinding on each other is crazy abandon? No, it’s not a private party hosted by Jeremy Corbyn. It’s one of two nights of Coldplay at Cardiff’s Principality Stadium. The exclusive shows sold in minutes. However, Cardiff Escort agency’s’ very own blonde bombshell Adeline was invited to accompany a gentleman as his date. Adventurous Adeline was promised a night of excitement, fun, and thrill and she was not disappointed. The pair had a night of their lives and will not forget it in a hurry. Adeline is a true professional and makes any event truly magical.


Coldplay and Adeline have a lot in common, they both know what their fans like, and how to please them. People see them with certain expectations of what they’re going to get. They read reviews, look at the pictures and fantasise about their experience. In the days leading up to it, they think of different scenarios of how it’s going to go down. It’s that bubbling nervous excitement deep in the stomach. Then the day comes and it’s everything you expected it to be and more. Adeline is known for her particular attributes and skills. Coldplay is known for their classic tunes and ability to make you feel like a hippy in space. Like Adeline, They played all the hits, including; Paradise, Viva La Vida, and Yellow.


The concert winds down and people think they’ve had their fill for the night. Little do they know there’s one more card to be played. Jonny Buckland, the band’s guitarist, is a local welsh lad. No surprise there then when they ended the night with a rendition of the welsh national anthem. Flags waving, brows sweating, eyes tearing, then the song started.


After the show, with so much energy in the air, Adeline and her booking headed to Mocka Bar in Cardiff’s Mill Lane. Here they enjoyed the exclusive, VIP backdrop. With the drinks flowing and the laughs a plenty, the pair went on down the lane to the famous Soda Bar for a little dance number. Soda Bar is not like any other generic chain night club. Soda Bar offers a personal, intimate, and stylish setting with like minded people. Everyone feels right at home. There is no room for judgement or inhibitions here. Not wanting the party to end and the night to come to a close, Adeline and her booking headed back for the night. Inspired by the evening’s events, they held an exclusive after party where they were the only guests.


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Adeline Weekend of S&M

Wednesday, July 12th, 2017

Ess & Emm is an SM, BDSM and Fetish dungeon Bed and Breakfast in the countryside just outside Birmingham. It is one of the most well-known establishments of its type in the UK, with a huge variety of modern, high quality equipment to use for your pleasure. Or pain!

Adeline, one our Cardiff Escorts Agency ladies, has a particular fondness for SM, BDSM and Fetishes. In fact, she loves this aspect of her job so much that she decided to dedicate an entire weekend to visiting Ess & Emm to explore and enhance her skills and interests. She also hoped to pick up some new tricks to tease and please her future clients.

Along with her male friend, she arrived at Ess & Emm to find the various rooms filled with all sorts of equipment and machines. Having this many tools and bits of kit to play with was a huge treat for Adelide. She got to play with everything – even the bedroom was decked out with some fantastically sexy equipment. Most of it she had seen before but there were one or two extra special treats to really push her buttons and bring her to dizzying new heights of pleasure. Because Adelide is such a wild flame and very in touch with her adventurous side, a lot of the things she enjoyed most were the more unusual fixtures.

Her favourite was the giant leather spinning wheel. Strapped into it, she could be moved 360 degrees so that she can be teased and pleased at any angle. She also loved the gynaecological chair which allowed her legs to be spread and some wonderful toys to reach deeper inside her than ever before. All of the other machines were close contenders too, but there are far too many to mention in one little blog! Ess & Emm had such a vast range that the whole weekend flew by and she felt that she could easily have spent another few days there and not gotten bored at all!

Our Cardiff Escorts Agency ladies are very adventurous and Adeline loves being both a Dom and Sub which means that she had a fantastic range of experiences at Ess & Emm. She is a perfect fit for anyone from an SM newbie who is taking their first steps into this new sexual area to an experienced Dom or Sub who is looking for someone skilled enough to take them to new levels. Adeline’s exciting time at Ess & Emm means that she has greatly expanded the repertoire she has to offer and this means that any client seeking an SM, BDSM or Fetish experience can spend time with a true professional.


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