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Staff Spa Day!

Tuesday, August 29th, 2017

Escorting has seen a huge transformation in recent years. What was once a hidden, secretive profession is now widely accepted throughout all levels of society and is seen as a fantastic way for people of any age or gender to earn some extra money by doing what they love either in their spare time or as their own full time job. Many people see the glamour, adventure and freedom associated with escorting – but there’s a whole hidden world behind it all.

Behind a large, successful escort agency like Cardiff Escorts who are able to link up the finest escorts in all of Britain with discerning gentlemen whose requirements match the lady who meets them perfectly, is always going to be a whole pile of admin and paperwork. The brainy angels who deal with all of this are the office staff who work tirelessly behind the scenes to ensure that every appointment is met and every gentleman leaves 100% satisfied. Though it is a highly rewarding job in a tight-knit team environment, it is still pretty complex and can be a bit stressful at times. This is why Cardiff Escorts decided to treat the office staff to a luxury spa day at the widely renowned four star spa-hotel Holland House Cardiff.

Not just one or two of the staff. Not just a select group. But every single one of them! Why leave some poor soul behind to man the phone when we could just bring the phones with us to the spa? The whole Cardiff Escorts office team got to relax by a huge 18m pool in between treatments in any one of 12 treatment rooms which offered high-vitamin facials, luxury beauty facials, full body massages, hot stone massages (not as painful as it sounds), nail work, relaxation wraps and more. There was also a sauna, a hydrotherapy pool and an aromatherapy room. All of this combined meant that the office staff had all of their stress melt away throughout the day. Cardiff Escorts receptionist extraordinaire Emma particularly loved the massages, whilst Nicole was a huge fan of the vitamin and beauty facials.

Not many people can say that they spent their work day at a luxury spa, but Cardiff Escorts believes that employee welfare is of the highest priority. From office staff to escorts, managers to janitors, everyone deserves a fantastic and healthy work/life balance, as well as chances to unwind. Work doesn’t have to feel like work, after all!

After the day was over, everyone felt fully rejuvenated and hit the ground running the next day. Back at the phones and filing cabinets, our office staff are now as ready and eager as ever to serve your needs and put you in touch with an escort perfect for your requirements. A witty dinner guest, a stunning party diva or a naughty vixen with a wild streak – they’re all ready to be matched up with the gentlemen of Wales who want a professional escort for an hour or a day.

New Escort In South West!

Sunday, August 20th, 2017

Cardiff Escort Agency is proud to present our latest addition, the sinfully beautiful Nicole. The youthful 29-year-old is flawless in every way, from the tips of her tits to the soles of her feet. Her shapely legs go for miles and her luscious locks are the perfect frame for her hazel eyes. Beware, if you stare deeply for too long, you’ll get lost forever.


Nicole leads a near double life, ever the professional by day. However, by night the inner naughty minx comes out to play. She loves to travel and seek new experiences with exciting people. She is also partial to a glass of rich, full bodied red wine. Nicole loves treating herself to luxuriously sexy underwear from her favourite brand, Victoria’s Secret.  Her favourite items are sexy bras, lacy bodies, silky stockings and classic hold ups.


Nicole’s favourite past time is to entertain gentlemen with a very sexy, very slow strip tease. Piece by piece, she loves watching the man’s face as she is slowly revealed, you’ll think it’s all your birthdays and Christmas’s come at once. What really excites the senses for Nicole is the smell of men’s aftershave. Men’s aftershave to Nicole is a hint of thong to a guy. Nicole is a strong willed and confident woman, yet she loves for a man to take control of her body and shower her with kisses and caresses. Nicole can’t wait to meet some new and interesting people to entertain and is available for bookings throughout the week.


Joining Nicole in recent recruits are Imogen, Layla, and Isla. Imogen is an all natural, British beauty. She has more curves than a roundabout and knows how to use them. Imogen is well educated, articulate, and sophisticated. However, don’t ever mistake that for boring. Her fun-loving and bubbly personality means she can make the world her friend with benefits. Layla is a bodacious babe with brunette hair and silky soft skin. She knows exactly how to hit the right spot every time. Her natural 36DD chest and 5’7 frame are a favourite amongst her fans and she always leaves them coming back for more. Isla is a 24-year-old blonde beauty who has impeccable taste in all things. She loves dressing up in sexy lingerie for exclusive gentlemen. However, she loves taking them off even more. Her slim, yet curvy figure is perfect giving and receiving pleasure. Have a look at all of our new girls who are all available for bookings. There is certainly someone special to meet every taste.


Cardiff Escort Agency would also like to introduce the new Duo tab. Here you will find a selection of our ladies who are not only amazing by themselves, but perfect with others. Three most definitely isn’t a crowd in our eyes.

Call 02920538774 now and one of our team will be happy to assist you in your booking.

9-5 What A Way to Make A Living!

Monday, August 7th, 2017

Like many jobs, some girls do escorting as a way to provide a bit of extra cash to help pay the bills or to help save towards something they’ve been dreaming of. Escorting with Cardiff Escorts Agency gives the girls a chance to do something they really enjoy whilst helping provide for themselves. Most of the girls have a huge sex drive coupled with a naughty streak and natural charisma which means they’re perfect for the job.

Quite a few of our escorts, like Imogen or Leah, work a traditional 9-5 job and escort on the side are their secret little fun money-earner. This means appointments with them are rarer and at a later hour, but their thirst for escorting makes it worth the wait. Some escorts like Callie, Cherie and Elle do this after hours as a way to ensure a bit more fun and intrigue in their lives, so that their free time is never dull and they are never without someone whose day they can make unforgettable. Escorting after hours means that the escorts get a chance to blow off some steam and have the reassurance that should something happen to their average 9-5, then they have something solid to fall back on.

As well as a bit of extra fun playtime and a bit of spending money for those who work traditional 9 – 5 roles, moonlighting as an escort is also extremely lucrative for some of our girls who are pursuing a degree. Students like Lilly or Georgia use escorting to help enhance their studies – especially if they happen to be studying ‘anatomy’! Eve and Saskia are student favourites, too. Ladies who are students during the day and escorts after hours are always popular due to their youthful, fun-seeking personalities mixed with the wit, charm and intelligence which higher education brings.

Because escorting can be very good money for a job which is enjoyable and, thanks to the work of a modern agency, safe, many women pursue it as a full-time job in itself. Escorts like Adeline, Scarlett or Layla use escorting as their sole source of income as it pays well and offers unrivalled flexibility. It is especially useful for escorts who feel that escorting is more pleasure than work, because if someone does what they truly enjoy as their job, do they even really work at all? Getting money for doing something you love is something everyone desires but few ever attain, yet several of our escorts have managed to make that a reality.

Whether they work full-time, after their ‘normal’ job or as a way to finance their studies, escorts enjoy a job which is totally flexible around their lifestyle, allows them to pick and choose what kind of work they want to do and allows very generous compensation for what is essentially very little time. Escorts will make more in an hour than many people do in a full day!

Cardiff Escorts Agency employs stunning escorts across a wide variety of hair colours, eyes colours and body types to satisfy any desire. Contact Cardiff Escorts Agency on 02920538774 to book or to enquire.