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Hot New Pics!

Sunday, October 22nd, 2017

We have made a number of visits to luxury hotels in the past few months for both business and for pleasure. Last weekend we made a visit that was meant to be for business, but quickly turned to a very pleasurable visit for a number of our girls! We booked a photoshoot over last weekend in order to refresh and renew the images we had for a number of the girls. They were really excited to get there and a number of them turned up early – they were that eager to get going.

Eve, Callie, Nicole and Scarlett all made an appearance at the hotel and were quick to make themselves at home. They have endless enthusiasm when they get to show off their natural assets, and the presence of cameras ensured their naughty behaviour.

Eve was thrilled to get a chance to show off her stunning, youthful body for the camera with a variety of poses that really did manage to do her natural beauty justice. She loves showing off for the camera, and with a body and face like hers it’s easy to see why.

Callie made a spectacular return after a long holiday away to ensure that she got her time in the limelight. Her photos were very typically her – stunning, risqué, jaw-dropping and of very high quality. Once again, she really did herself justice with this photoshoot and she is very, very excited to see these new photos go up on her profile.

Nicole and Scarlett could not resist teaming up for a very personal and very intimate photoshoot together, frolicking as a pair in the bathtub whilst enjoying a lovely soapy bath. The warm water wasn’t the only thing that was steamy, as the pair couldn’t resist getting up close and personal with each other while they were in there!

You’d be forgiven for thinking that this was the only photoshoot selection for the weekend, considering how much time and energy we all put into it. But oh, no! There’s more! We invited a special guest along for a very special and very secret surprise, which will be unveiled before long. We don’t want to spoil it, after all. This unique material, we can tell you, will totally blow your socks off though! And we can pretty much guarantee that you will be picking your jaw off the floor.

All in all our Cardiff escorts had a great time at the shoot, filling their weekend with lots of posing and showing off. As some of the most well-known, high-quality escorts in Wales, they never let go of an opportunity to prove exactly why they are the absolute best in the business.

Come back next week for Bridgend escort Adeline’s new shoot…

If you want to see why for yourself, then give us a ring, make an appointment and let them show you first hand!

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Its What You Do With It!

Tuesday, October 17th, 2017

One of the things we love most about Welsh men is that even when it’s all going against them, they’re possessed of such relentless optimism and confidence that it’s just impossible not to love them. It appears that their confidence may be borne of more than just optimism though, because a recent study by International Andrology has found that out of all of the UK’s countries, Wales has the biggest average penis length at 6.56 inches – which is a pretty generous size! This is compared to 6.11 inches in the East Midlands, which placed bottom of the rankings. With such formidable penises swinging between their knees it is easy to see why Welsh men may be some of the most outgoing, fun and confident in the world.

It appears, though, that their confidence may be misplaced! The same survey also measured the satisfaction levels of women in the area, with some surprising results. The East Midlands, despite having some fairly modest penis sizes and winning the dubious honour of having the smallest in the UK, had a massive 71.43% satisfaction rating in the bedroom. That means almost three quarters of women in the East Midlands are genuinely happy with the performance of the men in their area.

Wales? Well, some terrible news boys. You’re going to need to dredge up a pretty massive portion of that famous Welsh optimism in a second. Welsh men have a 57.14% satisfaction rating – the second lowest in the United Kingdom. Ouch!

It turns out that despite waving around penises that are literally in danger of putting someone’s eye out, they aren’t much use when deployed against the women of Wales. Perhaps Welsh women just have higher standards, or maybe Welsh men are getting lazy and relying too much on size? Who knows?

The ladies of Cardiff Escorts Agency were quick to chime in, saying that there’s nothing they love more than a good, sizable Welsh cock to fill their days (and other things) with! Our escorts have always found themselves satisfied, and would choose nowhere else in the United Kingdom to work – even if the opportunity arose. For them, the Welsh gentleman is the one for them. With good heads on their shoulders and even better heads swinging down near their ankles (apparently), it’s always going to be Wales all the way for them!

Don’t fret too much though, boys. Our girls are always ready to enjoy what you have, and they are more than capable of making sure it all goes their way – so you only have to lie back, relax, and let a true professional go about their work. No matter how many of Wales’ women are mean to you in anonymous polls, you will always find some of your biggest fans (of your biggest wangs!) at Cardiff Escorts Agency 😉

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Nicole’s In-call Test!

Tuesday, October 10th, 2017

One of the most common requests some of our most popular escorts get is for them to do in-calls at a location in the city, since many people prefer hotel meets due to the comfortable, secure, neutral and yet anonymous environment. All of our escorts provide this at all of their own in-call locations, but you can’t help what you just prefer. Eager to make her clients comfortable and always wanting to please, one of our most popular and loved escorts – 29 year old Nicole – opted to book a hotel room for the day in order to carry out her in-calls for her hotel-loving clients. It also helped her eliminate travel time, allowing longer and more intimate appointments.

It was a hugely popular idea. Clients arrived from all over Wales to see Nicole and she very much enjoyed the luxury hotel setting, too. One of the reasons Nicole is one of the most popular Cardiff escorts around is that she knows how to make any event and any appointment special, so having a single location to prepare and make inviting really made the difference to the quality of the appointments.

Before the day’s clients arrived, manager Nicole travelled to the hotel to meet escort Nicole in order to do a photoshoot. Escort Nicole has been blessed with a perfect pair of supple, gorgeous breasts and a peachy bum to die for. Her slender, toned size 10 figure accentuates all of these assets, and her cascading black hair frames an angelic face that looks like butter wouldn’t melt in her mouth. Looks, however, can very well be deceiving! She very much enjoyed showing off all of these features for the camera in order to get her profile pictures updated. You can now see recent, jaw-dropping images of Nicole on her Cardiff Escort Agency profile.

Eager not to be out-done or left behind, the rest of our escorts took part in a huge 2-day photoshoot last weekend in order to fully update all of the pictures of all of the girls who have profiles with us. This not only allows them to prance about in sexy lingerie and show off their best features (they love doing this!) but it also means that it gives you all something new to look at, too! Helpfully, it ensures that you know whoever you book will look exactly like that when they answer the door. Nothing is worse than the shock of finding out you’ve made a decision based on an old photo! Luckily – at Cardiff Escort Agency this just doesn’t happen!

Cardiff escort Nicole will be offering in-calls again a hotels throughout South Wales and Cardiff to ensure that this successful idea can be repeated. All appointments must be booked in advance so that a luxury hotel room can be secured for the event, so make sure to book quickly to avoid any disappointment! Gorgeous Nicole awaits your call – go check out her new pictures and see if you have the will to resist.

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