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Saturday Night Party!

Monday, April 30th, 2018

There is a very good reason that we are widely known to be the best escort agency in terms of price and quality in all of Wales and beyond. It’s not just that our girls are carefully selection, rigorously trained, impeccably mannered and naturally very skilled at what they do. It’s not just that our prices are fantastic and our clientele includes those from everywhere in the world and of every walk of life. It’s because even just one of our young professional escorts can turn any man’s knees weak and give him an experience that he will never, ever forget.

Occasionally one man will get very brave and order a duo booking with two of our fine girls just to see if he can handle that much pleasure in one go. Trio bookings are very, very rare but we’ve had them before. Truly they are brave to trust themselves not to go mad with pleasure!

Last weekend, though, we had one gentleman visiting from far away who was having a private evening after party after the football was over. For this he wanted four of our girls, and naturally there was lots of competition for just who could show this ambitious fellow why Welsh girls are the best in the world.

Ultimately, our client ended up enjoying his evening with the jaw-dropping Nicole, sensual Megan, naughty Victoria and the angelic Sienna. The four of them worked in tandem to give our client the single greatest night of his entire life. It turns out that money can buy happiness, after all! We can only imagine the night he had as every one of these girls has a plethora of positive feedback which states that they are among the finest escorts in the industry and each one of them can keep a man entertained forever. Four of them working together must have been something few men have ever experienced.

It was not just our client who was thoroughly spoiled. Our girls were extremely well taken care of and have not been that pampered in a long, long time.

Are you interested in seeing if you can handle the pleasure that one of our young professional escorts can provide? To find out, call us on 02920 538 774 and make a booking!

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Veronica Takes Cardiff by Storm

Saturday, April 14th, 2018

The rugby’s done, the boxing’s done, normal service has resumed so now it’s all going to be a bit same old, same old, right? Wrong! We thought you might be feeling a bit deflated so we considered getting you all a gift. Then we thought that may not really be enough, so we got you two gifts instead!

First of all one of our most popular and lusted after escorts, Eve, has updated all of her pictures in a stunning photoshoot that is sure to blow your socks off. Its not enough for her to be busty, toned, and in possession of a fantastic bum – she just has to flaunt it all for you too.

Head over to her profile and check out the new goodies. She has something for everyone, and has mixed up the ‘late night tight nightie’ look, the ‘black widow’ look, and the traditional ‘sultry face, sexy underwear’ look. She truly is a jack of all trades and the master of every single one of them. If it exists then Eve can probably wear it and look fantastic. It’s like her secret superpower.

An absolutely stunning selection of photos from the beautiful Eve isn’t your only surprise, though. There is another big bit of news we’ve been dying to hit you with and we know that you’re going to be very, very excited. We have a new escort!!

Veronica is a brand new addition to Cardiff escorts and is one of those rising stars that you can’t take your eyes off. Whereas it usually takes escorts a while to settle in and build up a reputation in this very competitive industry, Veronica has smashed her way through into position as one of the most popular escorts with our agency. She’s been an instant hit and has taken our client base by storm. Our advice to her is to keep doing what she is doing, and our advice to you is to make your appointment with her as soon as possible because space is very limited!

To make a booking with Veronica, please call us on 02920 538 774.

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The Real Winners In Cardiff!

Saturday, April 7th, 2018

Fight Night is over and has left us all breathless. Anthony Joshua managed to edge out a points based win over Joseph Parker in a fight that was tense and explosive. The night as a whole was a load of fun and we know for sure that we certainly enjoyed it here at Cardiff escorts. We partially enjoyed it because of all the fit, toned abs on display and partially enjoyed it for the typically Welsh antics that went on behind the scenes.

It’s widely known that our young professional escorts here at Cardiff escorts are some of the naughtiest and most mischievous in the whole world. That pales in comparison, though, to the cheeky gent who managed to blag his way past security not only in to Principality Stadium itself, but into the media box and then even into the actual ring! It gives our charming girls something to aspire to at least!

As well as being out and about in the streets to let their hair down and party – either alone or with clients – many of our young Welsh escorts were in Cardiff’s busiest and most popular bars. This was fantastic news for our loyal clients as our escorts have an extra special super power on nights out. Our young Welsh escorts can skip the lines outside many of the city’s top bars and clubs which meant that last weekend many clients found themselves walking right past people who had been stood there for hours and strolling right into a highly sought after venue with a stunning 10 / 10 girl on their arm. Not bad for a night out!

As if entry was not bad enough, our escorts even had tables booked and ready for their arrival to ensure maximum client satisfaction. Part of being a true professional – and part of being an escort for one of the world’s foremost agencies – means ensuring total client happiness at all times. This means outside of the bedroom, too! That’s not to detract from their skills behind closed doors. Rest assured that although walking in to the clubs as borderline VIP was a huge treat, it was certainly not the highlight of their night. Our escorts sorted that a bit later on!

To make a booking with any of our talented young professional escorts then please call us on 02920 538 774.