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New Escorts In Cardiff

Monday, September 24th, 2018

The weeks keep rolling on by as we creep closer and closer into Autumn, leaving the roasting hot summer behind us once and for all. It won’t be long now until we’re decorating pumpkins, lighting bonfires and, eventually, sticking presents under the tree! It’s easy to look forward to these big events so much that we miss what’s going on around us, but there’s no risk of that with us here to let you know every cool thing that happens here at Cardiff Escorts – and believe us that you don’t want to miss this week’s big news.

We’ve been updating and refreshing the images on a whole range of our girls’ profiles to ensure that all images remain up to date, accurate, and above all of excellent high quality to ensure that you get to make the best possible choice of escort for your needs. When booking through Cardiff Escorts, you can rest assured that you will be visited by the exact same escort in the images, and that the images will be entirely up to date. No nasty surprises, just 100% satisfaction! It’s all part of the package when you book through a high class, reputable escort agency like ourselves! And we truly are the best in the business, to boot.

The profiles blessed with a set of brand new erotic HD images include professional model Kate who is expanding her expertise into the escorting arena, naturally beautiful and universally lusted after Nicole, and our lithe, athletic professional dancer Naomi. Who says flexibility is only for the stage?

You may very well recognise these names, but you could be forgiven for not recognising the next two, who are brand new to our agency and eager to make a big entrance! Our two new stunning blonde bombshells both seem to have been hand crafted like a work of art, with exceptional figures and a ton of natural beauty. Emily has an air of angelic innocence about her that is sure to snare more than a few hearts, and Crystal’s new images just exude confident sexuality and a seductive vibe.

Take a look and we guarantee you’ll adore what you see. Find a lucky young lady who strikes your fancy? Give us a call on 02920 538 774 and let us know so that we can sort out all of the details. In the unlikely event that there’s nothing that fits your requirements, give us a call anyway as you never know what pointers we may be able to provide!

Football, Girls and Fun In One!

Monday, September 17th, 2018

Wales have had a good football season so far, barring a loss in the Nations League against a very good team after a hard fought game. Nothing to be ashamed of there! The next major match to look forward to for Wales is on 16thOctober, when we face off against Ireland once again. We have to stay on the ball here – quite literally – so that we can have a shot at that highly coveted first ever Nations League Cup. Or at least prevent England from getting it! That’s the Plan B should all else fail, and is something else we can all cheekily get behind. Their loss is our gain!

(Just kidding English clients, you know we love you!)

Our escorts love football as much as the next person, and frequently even more. On most of their days of work our girls can be found in and around the various sports events throughout Cardiff and beyond, so stadiums have become something of a second home to them. This is good news for sports fans because it means that not only are our girls happy to talk sports, but they’re more than happy to go to football matches with their clients too! Not a lot of people know this, but once they do they’re more than happy to take full advantage of it and make sure to book a gorgeous young Cardiff escort for their next game.

If you’re beside yourself with excitement at this news and can’t wait that long, then there are plenty of Cardiff City F.C matches in the meantime!

Cardiff City are playing Manchester City on the 22ndSeptember (this Saturday), and are playing Burnley F.C the weekend after on the Sunday 30thSeptember.

Whether it’s a Cardiff City F.C friendly match or a major fixture, as long as they’re playing at home our escorts are happy to go and watch it with you. Or, if they’re playing away, they’re just as happy plonked in front of a TV.

Whether you’re watching from home, a hotel, or the stands themselves – our young ladies are more than happy to sit or stand by your side and make sure you have the best experience possible. Not only can they enjoy the game with you, but they can congratulate or console afterwards as appropriate. Call us on 02920 538 774 and make a booking for your next trip out!

Wales v Ireland

Monday, September 10th, 2018

It’s been a landmark week for Welsh football as we had the honour of being part of the launch week of UEFA’s new league – the UEFA Nations League. A new competition where every game is vital to success, it is on a 2 year cycle and replaces the old friendlies system with competitive games which have real meaning. Evenly matching the teams based on their skills, ratings and past performance, each group will have winners who move on and losers who are relegated. This will be the first ever UEFA Nations League and therefore the competition will be fierce to become the first country to win it and make football history.

Will it be Wales?

It could well be! Wales soared to a stunning 4-1 victory over the Republic of Ireland on Thursday which started as a 4-0 lead and turned 4-1 with a token goal by the severely demoralised Ireland near the end. This was a spectacular display by the Welsh team and a fantastic way to start the league, with a victory that was not only well earned but absolutely total and unquestionable.

Though the Irish fans were dismayed, and Cardiff was ablaze with celebrations (being a major sports city), they weren’t sad for long. Cardiff Escorts were out in full force to congratulate the Welsh supports and console the Irish lads who had made the journey over.

Many lucky fans had this treatment straight away after – and even sometimes during – the match. That’s because our young professional Welsh escorts are more than happy to attend the match as well, as long as a ticket is provided for them.

Unfortunately, the Welsh supporters needed some consoling too after yesterday’s match, when a Danish 2-0 victory over Wales brought the Welsh lads back down to Earth, though we’re sure that this is only a temporary blip on an otherwise spectacular journey until at least the finals! The good thing about Welsh supporters is they’re not fair weather friends. They were still as proud and excited for the next match after their defeat as they were after their previous victory.

Are you a Welsh supporter looking for company during or after any of the matches? Or perhaps you’re looking to pass the time until Wales re-play Ireland on the 16thOctober? Call us on 02920 538 774 and make a booking or to let us help you decide what exactly you need! Then wait for the greatest few hours of your life!


Big thank you to our lovely escort Naomi for the football images!

Discretion Is A Must!

Sunday, September 9th, 2018

Professional escorting for a reputable agency has always been a profession with very high rates of pay, low hours, and high amounts of individual autonomy for the escorts. However, it has also always been shrouded in mystery due to the need to protect both escorts and clients from any damage to their reputation, careers or person. Escorting is becoming more and more acceptable, but until it’s as much a job as retail assistant or office manager, it’ll always attract attention. The most recent bit of attention is an ‘inside look’ type documentary called First Time Call Girl.

This documentary covered various escorts in and around Cardiff and the wider Wales area. As the agency who dominates the Welsh escort market due to quality, size and style, we were asked to allow camera crews an inside look at our agency and its dealings – including the girls and the clients that they meet. On the one hand exposure is always great for a business, and documentaries like this do somewhat help make escorting more commonly known and nudge it further towards general acceptance. However, there is one major downside. A break of Discretion.

Here at Cardiff Escorts, that is something we can never do. Discretion is the key to everything we do. It’s why our young, gorgeous professional escorts work for us – they know that we can keep their identities safe, their reputations secure, and their safety paramount above all else. It’s why our highly valued clients know that when they make a booking, no-one will ever know about it unless they tell someone. Our lips are sealed and our records sealed even tighter so that there’s no breach of trust anywhere. We consider it sacred in the industry.

As may be obvious, we had to turn this opportunity down. Our clients and staff come before any amount of fame or exposure.

What’s weird about the discretion rule is that not many people speak to new escorts about it the way they should. Almost every escort knows that protecting your client’s identity is critical, but very few know that it should work both ways. An agency should always protect the identity of its employees.

This is why it is critical for all new escorts to interview with several agencies as they begin their careers. It is of tantamount important to find an agency which will protect your own interests as well as the client’s. You never get a second chance at secrecy, so you have to get it right first time.