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Touring Cardiff Escorts

Monday, January 28th, 2019

For the past few weeks we’ve been dropping some hints about some of the new girls who are joining our prestigious agency. It’s widely known that we only recruit the very best talent in the business and so needless to say we understand why everyone gets so excited at the prospect of our ranks expanding. Unfortunately for you all, we’ve been quite sparse with the details so far until we got the admin sorted out (we didn’t want to build up your hopes only to dash them, after all!) but we can finally lay it on you. Our new girl is called April, and is touring for 2 weeks as an escort in Cardiff for incalls around the area at select locations. She’s had quite the commute – flying in from beautiful Australia! We knew our clients were quite the gentlemen, but using their charisma to charm a woman from halfway across the world by reputation alone? That’s a whole new level!

That’s not the only change in our roster for the weeks ahead, either. Popular and much loved escort Tara is going on holiday for 4 weeks for some very well earned rest and relaxation in the sun. We’ve made her promise to completely avoid stress for the entire vacation and so we’re confident that she’s going to come back super chilled out and ready to mingle with you all again. (more…)

Start As We Mean To Go On!

Monday, January 21st, 2019

January is rolling on by and we’re well into 2019 now. We made a big deal of all of our stern resolutions in our last few blogs and we were very firm that this year was finally the year that we would see them all through. And we have! Kind of. A bit. Most of us have kept some of our resolutions, give us that. As if you’ve all turned into vegan fitness fanatics with a great credit score like you say every year!

Partially-kept resolutions weren’t the only thing to happen in the New Year. We have also taken on several new girls who will be making a grand appearance quite soon. Keep an eye out for that! We thought we’d let you know in case you don’t notice, because it may get lost in a sea of changes across our site. Every single one of our girls is getting a brand new bunch of photoshoots in line with our mission of always keeping our photographs as new as possible. We’re dedicated to making sure that the young professional escort you see in the image is the same one that will turn up at your door.

Gorgeous brunette Kate has a brand new look, which for a professional fitness model is always good news for anyone wanting to view some searing hot pictures! She is currently covering all of Cardiff with both In-calls and outcalls on offer.

Sweet blonde Emily has been dropping jaws with her amazing assets across South Wales during her outcalls, and is now also offering In-calls in Cardiff on specific dates. Check the weekly news for the dates for the next week! (more…)

Booking The Best Duo Experience!

Monday, January 14th, 2019

When you first book a duo booking with a pair of Cardiff’s finest escorts, it can be a bit daunting. Can you handle that much pleasure in one go? Will you have enough time to enjoy both of them? Will they be able to focus on each other as well as on you in equal measure? Do you go with a Brunette Babe or a fantastic Blonde Escort? What about a New Girl, or a petite or curvaceous one? Well, thankfully we can answer a couple of those questions!

Experiencing two amazing Welsh escorts in one go is a sure-fire way to remember a particular day for the rest of your life. It truly is the height of pleasure and we’re confident that you’re up to the task! The best thing about a duo is that a good team can be much more than just two escorts. They can bounce off each other (often literally!) to become more than just the sum of their parts – to become a truly professional team whose sole objective is you enjoying yourself.

It’s easy to tell when a duo is ‘set up’. Often less professional agencies will just send two heterosexual girls and tell them to ‘act the part’. This never works and is visible from a mile off. Worse still, some poor client has wasted their time and money on something that isn’t what they paid for. This is why at (more…)