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The difference between Escorts & Prostitute!

Thursday, March 21st, 2019


Many people get confused between an Escort and a Prostitute. This is for a number of reasons. Hollywood hasn’t helped, often lumping the two together in movies and TV series, and has often portrayed both professions very poorly – but Escorts most unfairly. Also, some Escorts provide only physical services whilst still remaining Escorts and not Prostitutes, though we’ll cover that technicality in a moment.

For now though, know that we in the industry and the law consider the two similar professions very differently from one another.




Prostitutes provide sexual services, and only sexual services, in exchange for money or other forms of payment. They are not legally allowed to advertise their services, and are always on the razor’s edge as far as the law is concerned. Frequently, prostitutes will use selling sex as a temporary means to an end or an unintended consequence of where their life has led. This is not always true, but is in a great many cases. (more…)

Tara Is Back And Supporting Wales!

Sunday, March 3rd, 2019

Yet another week has gone by and as usual it’s been just great. We’ve been working hard, unlike a lot of the younger ones who have been enjoying the Half Term break from their studies. Many kids will be back at school this week, but there are still a whole lot who are enjoying their break. Lucky buggers!


As a result of the kids being off, many people have been having to take time off work and use up a few holiday days. Our escorts are no exception! Although they don’t get holiday days (they work or don’t work whenever they want!), many of our MILF escorts took the week off to spend time with their families. For those amongst you who have experience the exquisite perfection of our escorts and can’t wait for more, we can make arrangements with other escorts in the interim or, if you can’t wait, can make a booking for after these escorts return. Just give us a call and we can arrange it all!


For those of you in the world of ‘regular work’ who filled in for those taking days off, there’s no longer any need to be a bit salty about the whole thing. Lay aside your passive aggression, vague mutterings and general sense of injustice because all of that extra pay means that you can spend even more time with our ladies this month than you usually do. Hurry up with your booking though, because plenty of other work-a-holic gents have had the same idea! It’ll be a busy next few weeks for our young professional Cardiff escorts, that’s for sure. Perhaps even busier for our escorts who cover areas further out such as Swansea, Bath, Bristol and more – more gents, less time!