Hectic Fun Weekend!

Halloween is one of our most favourite times of year at Cardiff Escorts. We get to dress up in lots of sexy and unusual outfits, be silly with other, eat lots of sweeties knowing that we’ll just work them off later, have some drinks and most of all just have fun. Frequently naughty fun! There aren’t many holidays that are sexy, but Halloween is slowly becoming one where ‘slutty cat’ and ‘sexy giraffe’ actually become things. Which is amazing.

Speaking of costumes, our fun-loving girls never turn down an opportunity to get all dressed up and hit the town.


Nicole, Naomi and Eve all went out to party the night away dressed in a variety of fancy and fantastical outfits to ensure that all eyes were on them for the duration of the night.

Nicole, in a show of affection and respect for the late, great Hugh Heffner, dressed as a Playboy bunny and made sure to play the part as well. She almost gave a few poor Cardiff lads whiplash as they turned their heads to see this stunning Cardiff escort make her way from bar to bar, letting loose and enjoying herself.

Eve opted for a more traditional outfit, dressed herself as a naughty undead Nun. It takes a real stunner to make dead clergy sexy, but Eve absolutely pulled this off and got a lot of male attention the entire night – something she is very used to anyway.

Naomi, ever the fantasist and willing to experiment with boundaries, dressed as a sexy dead mermaid which is something only she could pull off. Getting lots of attention from her ardent admirers, she walked….or…swam?…or flopped?….well…she moved from bar to bar and had a fantastic night!

Not all of our girls were lucky enough to be off for Halloween though. Plenty of our Cardiff escorts were at work due to very high demand. It was the Halloween celebrations, a sporting weekend in Cardiff with lots of big sports events, and payday for most people all rolled into one. This meant that our girls were in huge demand with both regulars enjoying their paycheque and out-of-towners here for the sports spending their holiday money on the best souvenir anyone could ask for.

Our Cardiff girls enjoyed their weekend, despite it being busy, and are really looking forward to the next big holiday. You know what it is! Although a lot of scrooges amongst us won’t let us put our decorations up until the 1st December (booo!) we’re still looking ahead to the Christmas period with excitement. Want to see how our girls celebrate the festive period in their own unique ways? Stay tuned for some future blogs to find out!!

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