Wales V Scotland

Like many of you reading, we have been incredibly excited about the Six Nations tournament which has just kicked off in our beautiful city. And what a way to start a contest! In our last blog we predicted a Welsh win over Scotland, but no way did we expect one so spectacular and one with such a large difference in score. Wales 34 – 7 Scotland is more than okay for our lads to bring home in terms of results! There were over 74,000 fans at Principality Stadium last weekend watching it all go down live, which meant that there were a lot of downtrodden souls looking to console their defeat, as well as even more elated fans who were looking for a way to celebrate. Thankfully, our professional young escorts were on hand to offer their condolences or congratulations to many of the fans over the weekend so that few went home disappointed!

Attending bookings isn’t the only way our young ladies are showing their support for our beautiful national sport, though. Many of our girls are huge rugby fans themselves and so are only too eager to play dress up and join in on some rugby themed fun. That’s why every week from now until the end of the tournament on the 17th March we will be letting one of our stunning young beauties take over the camera and do their part in one of several rugby themed photo shoots. Last week seen us start with the sexy Nicole – It’s not just photographs, though – we’ll be releasing videos on Snapchat, aphroditejobs too! So make sure you’re following us on Snapchat and are able to see what we send you. Trust us, you don’t want to miss out!

Next Saturday we will be watching our lads go up against rugby titans England who are sure to give us a good run for our money, but we are all confident that once again Wales will come out on top. The game takes place on Saturday at 4:45pm in London so it is going to be on foreign soil this time, but fear not! Our ladies will still be here to keep up morale on the home front by making themselves available for appointments, and by making sure to keep putting out some stunning pictures and entrancing videos for you all to indulge in.

If you fancy celebrating this stunning Welsh victory or relaxing yourself ahead of our next big clash, make sure to give Cardiff Escorts a call on 02929538774 or fill in the contact form (more than 24 hours in advance)

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