England v Wales

Wales has seen an absolutely stunning Six Nations Cup so far, and on a closer look have actually seen an incredible rugby season altogether as part of their individual clubs. We haven’t wanted for sporting entertainment or success this year, which is what takes the sting out of our most recent clash with England.

In case you have been living under a rock or stuffing moss inside your ears to delay the news, the huge clash against our old rivals ended up England 12 – 6 Wales. Though a great many of us were disappointed – not least of all the diehard fans among the girls here – it pays to remember that we weren’t trounced. We gave the English team a really hard time throughout and they had to scramble for every inch of turf. In fact they spent pretty much the whole second half desperately on the defense as our Welsh lads fought tooth and nail to claw back some points. Alas, it was not enough! At least it was not on our home turf, which is more than the England team can usually say with our track record of beating them in London.

Even with all of that taken into consideration, it’s not hard to believe that our Welsh fans at home took it quite hard. Fortunately there was a silver lining – our professional young Cardiff escorts were there throughout the city to soothe some broken hearts and caress some dejected fans who needed a bit of tender loving care to stave off the depressing afternoon they had had. And from the reviews we have gotten? It worked!

Another thing which has helped cheer up men from all over Wales and beyond is the recent new upload to our site. Last week Imogen gave us the pleasure of photographing her as part of our ongoing rugby themed shoots – and the jaw-dropping images raised morale (and other things, we bet!) across the country.

Next week it’s Callie’s turn to wow us. One of our newer escorts, she is eager to prove why she has been so successful in her short time here with Cardiff escorts. Her natural good looks, great sense of humour and stunning body are all fantastic assets for her to use to her advantage. Combined with the sport of Rugby? We’re salivating already!

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