New Escorts In Cardiff

The weeks keep rolling on by as we creep closer and closer into Autumn, leaving the roasting hot summer behind us once and for all. It won’t be long now until we’re decorating pumpkins, lighting bonfires and, eventually, sticking presents under the tree! It’s easy to look forward to these big events so much that we miss what’s going on around us, but there’s no risk of that with us here to let you know every cool thing that happens here at Cardiff Escorts – and believe us that you don’t want to miss this week’s big news.

We’ve been updating and refreshing the images on a whole range of our girls’ profiles to ensure that all images remain up to date, accurate, and above all of excellent high quality to ensure that you get to make the best possible choice of escort for your needs. When booking through Cardiff Escorts, you can rest assured that you will be visited by the exact same escort in the images, and that the images will be entirely up to date. No nasty surprises, just 100% satisfaction! It’s all part of the package when you book through a high class, reputable escort agency like ourselves! And we truly are the best in the business, to boot.

The profiles blessed with a set of brand new erotic HD images include professional model Kate who is expanding her expertise into the escorting arena, naturally beautiful and universally lusted after Nicole, and our lithe, athletic professional dancer Naomi. Who says flexibility is only for the stage?

You may very well recognise these names, but you could be forgiven for not recognising the next two, who are brand new to our agency and eager to make a big entrance! Our two new stunning blonde bombshells both seem to have been hand crafted like a work of art, with exceptional figures and a ton of natural beauty. Emily has an air of angelic innocence about her that is sure to snare more than a few hearts, and Crystal’s new images just exude confident sexuality and a seductive vibe.

Take a look and we guarantee you’ll adore what you see. Find a lucky young lady who strikes your fancy? Give us a call on 02920 538 774 and let us know so that we can sort out all of the details. In the unlikely event that there’s nothing that fits your requirements, give us a call anyway as you never know what pointers we may be able to provide!

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