Waxing Havoc In Cardiff

Our ladies are used to drawing a good crowd, but less used to seeing one form of its own accord. That’s what happened when St Mary Street was closed for nothing less than a false terrorism hoax! Someone made a threat against a hotel, and as a result the police closed down the street last Monday, which caused quite a crowd to gather at the barriers. You’d think it would frighten people away, but the people of Cardiff aren’t known for being frightened.

We’re just glad that none of our ladies were at an appointment at Madam Wax at the time. Imagine some of the…err…’hairstyles’ we might have seen had they been evacuated halfway through an appointment. Bullet dodged, we think!

We almost never close our doors and our phones are rarely not answered, but there are a few days a year that we need our rest and relaxation, and time with our families just as much as everyone else. All this perfection doesn’t just fall out of the sky you know! For Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and Boxing Day we will be taking no bookings and processing no payments, though we will re-open on the 27thDecember 2018 so make sure to book ahead for your after-Christmas treat.

Speaking of Christmas treats, our girls and some of our management were invited to a grand opening of the brand new place to be in Cardiff the new Fly By Night on High Street They had tons of fun and loved every moment of it. It’s just the beginning of the celebrations at this time of year, and they’re all looking forward to several days of partying and feasting that lies ahead. There’s more than a few bottles of wine stashed away ready for the big occasion.

Call us on 02920 538 774 to ensure that you get your booking confirmed in minutes! The only regret you’ll ever have is that you didn’t book sooner! Who knows – you might find you have a brand new favourite! It’ll be a very merry Christmas indeed if you welcome a Cardiff Escort into your life if even for a little while, so make sure to stock up on free time that we can fill with joy you won’t soon forget!

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