Booking The Best Duo Experience!

When you first book a duo booking with a pair of Cardiff’s finest escorts, it can be a bit daunting. Can you handle that much pleasure in one go? Will you have enough time to enjoy both of them? Will they be able to focus on each other as well as on you in equal measure? Do you go with a Brunette Babe or a fantastic Blonde Escort? What about a New Girl, or a petite or curvaceous one? Well, thankfully we can answer a couple of those questions!

Experiencing two amazing Welsh escorts in one go is a sure-fire way to remember a particular day for the rest of your life. It truly is the height of pleasure and we’re confident that you’re up to the task! The best thing about a duo is that a good team can be much more than just two escorts. They can bounce off each other (often literally!) to become more than just the sum of their parts – to become a truly professional team whose sole objective is you enjoying yourself.

It’s easy to tell when a duo is ‘set up’. Often less professional agencies will just send two heterosexual girls and tell them to ‘act the part’. This never works and is visible from a mile off. Worse still, some poor client has wasted their time and money on something that isn’t what they paid for. This is why at Cardiff Escorts we always make sure to clearly advertise who our bi-sexual escorts are so that you can get a true duo experience! We are also always happy to recommend on the phone about who works particularly well together as a duo, should you have no particular preference. Our duo girls are used to working together and often have exceptional natural chemistry which really helps heighten the whole experience for everyone involved. Take, for example, Kate and Paige. Fantastic fitness model Kate is every man’s fantasy, and the unbelievably beautiful Paige is a blonde bombshell with the figure to die for. Individually, these two escorts can blow the socks off any client but when working together can turn any booking into a true work of art. Part of the challenge on our side is making them keep their hands off each other until the booking starts!

Fortunately, Kate and Paige take advance duo bookings and you get to choose the venue. They can host you at their high quality, secure, tastefully furnished location in Cardiff Bay or they can come to you and save you the hassle of travelling so that all you have to worry about is where to start!

Call us on 02920 538 774 to ensure that you get your booking confirmed in minutes! The only regret you’ll ever have is that you didn’t book sooner! If it’s your first duo booking, don’t be nervous about where to even begin because our escorts are used to putting clients at ease and letting the sheer pleasure take over. Don’t worry – they don’t bite.

Unless you ask nicely!

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