Why Students Become Escorts!

One of the most common questions our escorts get – whether from family or friends they choose to tell, clients, media or from any other place – is ‘Why do you do it?’. As if escorting is some last chance option that no person in their right mind would choose. Luckily, people are a lot more open-minded these days and have stopped acting like it’s 1812, but the question does still come up quite a lot.

So, too, does the answer. Easy money. Like, really easy money. One of the best things about escorting is the ability to make literally hundreds of pounds an hour doing something that the rest of society does for free most days. It’s not negatively affected by recessions, Brexit, government changes, market fluctuations or anything that usually affects the security of other types of jobs. This makes it a very attractive options for students while they are at university because it offers a guaranteed source of income.

So how much does an escort make? And how much can they make? The answers to these questions show just how many students are not only using escorting to fund the expenses during their studies like rent and food, but how some are graduating with literally no student loan left to pay at all! The average escort can earn around £160  per hour, with bulk payments  for overnight appointments. If an escort needed the money and wanted to work a lot of hours, she could easily make in a month what most people do in a year. It’s not uncommon for our escorts to jet off to exotic foreign destinations on a regular basis!

A chance to make more money than a normal person can reasonably spend and also at the same time satisfy the high sex drive of a young student? It’s no wonder escorting is like a magic bullet for students!

You’d be forgiven for thinking that all of that money comes at a cost. Surely there must be danger? Surely escorts have to endure a lot of things they don’t want to do?

No and no. Our clients are not the type of client curb-crawling while drunk at 3am. Our clients are businessmen, executives, politicians and even celebrities. Each client is vetted to make sure that they’re not only appropriate but also that they don’t know any of our escorts. That’s why their details are handed over to the escort prior to the meet. That way if the escort thinks the name sounds familiar, they can cancel the booking. Discretion is key.

We also have a number of safe, comfortable hotels to advise our girls to book, that can be used for escorting, along with the ability for our escorts to use their own places or hotel rooms clients have booked for their In-calls or Out- calls. Everything is safe, cosy, and professional. As for being made to do things they don’t want to do – all of our escorts work for themselves. That means they choose what they do or won’t do during a booking. Simple as!

Another thing many students love about escorting is the number of free perks that students usually won’t get with other jobs. Exotic foreign travel all expenses paid, fancy restaurants, VIP access to events, invitations to the parties of the wealthy and influential and much more are all surprises that our clients have been known to shower on our girls. Who wouldn’t love that?

Are you interested in starting your escorting career with us? Just curious and have questions? Either way, give us a call on 02920 538 774 and we’ll be happy to have a chat! You’ll never know how your life could be if you don’t pick up the phone. Ask yourself – what do you have to lose? better still you can apply online HERE

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