The difference between Escorts & Prostitute!


Many people get confused between an Escort and a Prostitute. This is for a number of reasons. Hollywood hasn’t helped, often lumping the two together in movies and TV series, and has often portrayed both professions very poorly – but Escorts most unfairly. Also, some Escorts provide only physical services whilst still remaining Escorts and not Prostitutes, though we’ll cover that technicality in a moment.

For now though, know that we in the industry and the law consider the two similar professions very differently from one another.




Prostitutes provide sexual services, and only sexual services, in exchange for money or other forms of payment. They are not legally allowed to advertise their services, and are always on the razor’s edge as far as the law is concerned. Frequently, prostitutes will use selling sex as a temporary means to an end or an unintended consequence of where their life has led. This is not always true, but is in a great many cases.

Prostitutes are also likely to be under control of someone else benefitting from their sexual services, such as a pimp, which is highly illegal. It is not uncommon for prostitutes to be addicted to drugs or other methods of control, and exploitation is quite common because there is no legal framework or oversight in place.

Prostitution is, statistically, a very dangerous profession with most of the ‘bad things’ happening to prostitutes who use ‘curb crawlers’ as their clientele – clients who cruise around in their cars looking for sex. We don’t need to tell you why this is a bad idea!



Escorts do not sell sex. Escorts sell their time – sometimes by an hourly increment, sometimes in blocks, but always only the time. What a client and an Escort get up to in that time is nobody’s business but theirs as long as it does not harm anyone or contravene the law.

That’s not a cheeky euphemism to get around mentioning the sexual element either. It is not uncommon for an Escort to have sex with a client. We won’t deny that. However, it is also not uncommon for clients and Escorts to go out only on a dinner date, or visit an art museum, or perhaps go on a weekend away to France.

The point is that Escorts provide a wide range of services, only some of which are physical intimacy. In fact, most services are for emotional intimacy. You would not believe the number of clients who will gladly pay the hourly rate for the chance to talk over their problems or ‘sore subjects’ with someone they know will understand them, not judge them, and who has no connection to the rest of their life. The secrets many Escorts carry round in their heads would rival that of most spies! But they will never tell a soul – it’s a point of pride in the industry. Complete discretion at all times is critical.

Because Escorting is entirely legal, Escorts are allowed to advertise their services and make public their pricing structure. This is a massive advantage which really shows in the amounts made per month compared with the average Prostitute. The difference is also due to the different type of client. The client of a Prostitute often wants to complete the transaction as soon as possible and be on their way, and the payment reflects that. It is not a luxury experience. We would never duhamise any sex worker, but in business terms it is the sexual equivalent of ordering fast food.

With an Escort, clients are paying not for sex but for an entire experience – even if that experience itself does include sex. They’re discerning customers and treat their booking like you would a fine meal or any other high quality, custom experience. This is why Escorts make thousands in a 24 hour period.


By far and away the biggest difference between Escorts and Prostitutes, however, is one of safety. As an Escort, you have a full background on who your client is which has then been verified. You will often have an agency who has your back, meaning someone knows where you are, who you went with and when you’re expected back. Many have drivers or minders who can keep an eye on you while you enter and leave a location just to make sure nothing untoward happens. As a Prostitute, you have none of this and have to take the client’s word at face value which can often have tragic consequences. As callous as this sounds, this is why unsavoury individuals will often choose to mess with Prostitutes over Escorts – because Escorts have too much in the way of a paper trail and a support team to be able to be coerced into anything untoward.


Extra Services

Examples of extra services that Escorts provide are plentiful. One of the most popular, despite ‘unofficial agony aunt’, is the use of massages and other relaxation techniques. Clients of escorts tend to lead quite stressful lives which feature full-on, high-profile or high-intensity careers.

Other services include going to events both locally and internationally. We’re pleased but never really surprised when we hear that one of our escorts will be going to Paris, New York or Dubai for a free all-expenses-paid holiday!

These are not common, but not unheard of either.

If you’re interested in becoming an Escort or want to find out more, then give us a call. We’re more than happy to answer any questions, and may be able to meet up with you if you’re still interested, are serious, and we think you may be suitable. You’ll never know if you never try!



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