Safety In Escorting


Working in any self-employed role as a woman is dangerous. As much as people like to focus on things like the sex industry and escorting, everyone from a female painter and decorator to a lady working as a consultant needs to take safety advice when going out and about on their business alone. Escorts are no exception. It’s a shame, but it’s the reality of the situation in the world we live in.


Keeping yourself safe as an escort focuses around three key areas:

  • Making sure that clients making bookings are who they say they are, and do not have a negative history
  • Making sure that you are protected from harassment by clients or from the law
  • Protecting your earnings from theft or deception


These are ranked in order of importance. Protecting your safety is far more important than protecting your money and you should never forget that!

Verifying Clients

Believe it or not, it is very easy to screen someone from their voice. This is why most escorts will only take bookings over the telephone. Of course if you are part of an agency then the agency will handle this entire verification process for you but if you are independent then you need to know what red flags you’re looking for!


When taking a phone booking, pay attention to a few key things. Are they slurring? Are they stumbling over simple questions? Do they seem reluctant to give out information or are they trying to avoid questions? Do the answers they are giving make sense?


It’s natural for a client to be a bit nervous – especially if it’s their first time making a booking – but slurring, not giving out information or giving conflicting answers are always massive red flags and should be treated seriously.


Get as much information from clients as is viably possible. Clients should have a phone number where you can contact them, preferably a landline or hotel phone for outcalls or a mobile for incalls.


If you are undertaking an outcall, make sure to arrive early and then visually scout the area out a bit. Is the location what you expected? Are there too many vehicles for the client to be alone? Is there loud music that indicates a party? For checking out whether or not the area is what you expect you can even use Google Maps before you get there. Go into street view and have a look around. If they’ve told you it’s their house but the address leads to an industrial estate then you have enough red flags to open a red flag store!


Protection from Harassment

Believe it or not, harassment doesn’t just come from your clients. The law is another factor. What you’re doing is completely legal, but only if you undertake your business a certain way. For the sake of clarity with clients and law enforcement, always make sure that your Terms and Conditions are extremely clear about what services you do or do not provide.


You are an escort who sells companionship on a time basis. That is all. That is all the client is buying. Make sure to clarify this where possible. Do not discuss sexual services over the phone or via email. Any sexual information should be on your website or via your agency. If the client insists on asking questions in this area, merely clarify that the information is on your website or profile and then move the conversation on.


Keep your true identity hidden at all costs. Stalkers exist, and you don’t want a client ‘falling in love’ with you. This means do not disclose your home address, your home phone number (use a prepaid disposable phone under a different name for bookings!) and do not disclose your true name or other identifiable details.


Protecting your Money

As we mentioned earlier, if there is ever a choice between money and safety then please remember that money can be replaced! That said, there are a lot of easy ways to protect your money during the booking.


Accept only cash. Card payments can be reversed later and banks can also be a bit funny about the escorting lifestyle. Take payment via an envelope as soon as you begin the booking and do not leave it until the end even if (or rather, especially if) they ask. Count the money when you receive it and then put it somewhere different than the rest of your cash. Although we advise you never to take any money into a job with you.


Make it clear to a client that there is no refund if you are forced to cancel the booking due to behaviour. More often than not this is enough to ensure best behaviour throughout!


Final Safety Tips

Some bonus tips for keeping yourself safe are:

  • Always arrange your own transport to and from a location
  • Never let a client pick you up or drop you off anywhere
  • Disallow alcohol or drugs at your bookings. Make this very clear beforehand.
  • If independent, always tell someone where you are going, who you are meeting and when you expect to return
  • Always subtly let a client know that someone is waiting for you (eg. a driver or office) even if they’re not
  • Check bank notes with a forgery detection pen. Your client will not be offended. They have seen cashiers do this.
  • Do not drink anything offered to you by a new client if possible unless you know nothing has been put in there.


If you are thinking about becoming an Escort, or moving over from being an Independent to an Agency Escort and would like to apply with us for work, please register HERE and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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