Country Girls!

Cardiff Escort Liza Hi Cardiff Escort Lovers,

My names Liza, I’m Cardiff Escorts resident MILF escort!

It’s that time of year again, when we get the overwhelming urge to strip off naked and run around a field!

In order to celebrate this, Nicole has started getting us to meet her for new outdoor summer photos. We went to the beautiful Vale of Glamorgan to shoot my pictures; Nicole felt we should really go for a country girl theme, so I took my Daisy Dukes. They are really tight and really short, my pert bum cheeks just peep out of the bottom.

I really enjoyed stripping off in the field, I would have loved to have got naked and frolicked round in the field behind, however, it was just me and Nicole, no hot guy there to make my fantasy become a reality…What about you? What is your fantasy? I am an expert at role play and would love to make your fantasy a reality, Nurse, Secretary, Cheerleader, Submissive, Dominatrix, I can play them all!

To book some time with me, simply call our friendly receptionist on 02920 538774 to book now.


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