Here’s To A Great New Year!

Cardiff Escorts What a great New Year’s Eve! We may have taken a couple day of days off here at Cardiff Escorts, but all our people went out and partied on New Year’s Eve like tomorrow would be a new start.  And, to be fair that is what each new year brings – a new page – a fresh beginning.  And what a better way to start than by declaring that you are going to have more fun – do more things that make you happy.

You know this is a cheesy link to advertise our escorts in Cardiff – right? Never one known for the subtle approach! But, really, what better way to kick of a resolution to be happier than to spend some time with one of our outcall escorts?

You want to know what fun they can have? Well, let’s look to the escort’s New Year’s Eve night out.  This will be all it takes to show you that a happier 2017 lies with Cardiff Escorts.  They started quiet – well, quiet for Cardiff girls! Out in the middle of town, laughing as friends over some drinks – the laughter and the look of our ladies drew a crowd and soon it was a party!

The crowd moved onto a night club, where the theme was the glitz of gold.  Gold spray and balloons everywhere, the dance floor shimmered.  There were some amazing moves on show – particularly from the crowd of lads who had joined the party and were now trying to impress our ladies.  The gold glitter got everywhere and the group where shimmering.

Onto the silky-smooth darkness of the last club before midnight and the excitement was building. Our Cardiff beauties started a drinking game for each time midnight was mentioned, or New Year, or for each time they were approached by a random guy – seeing if they could beat the guys who had joined them by still standing by the countdown!

Then the countdown began, with all still standing. And the rest – we are assured – was for the girls to know and us blogsters to never find out…

So, if your New Year’s revolution is to be happier, to have more fun, to do all it takes for you to make the most of every minute – then give us a call on 02920 538774 or visit our Gallery, Who wouldn’t want to be happier, do more for yourself and have more fun?

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So, with all that said – time to wish you a Happy New Year – here’s hoping that 2017 is going to be the best year yet… at least we can’t lose as many celebrities as we did last year… and there can be nothing more shocking than one or two elections… so, we are guaranteed the most amazing year in comparison at least! Have a good ‘un!

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