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Christmas For The Girls

Sunday, December 17th, 2017

Our professional escorts and courtesans at Cardiff Escorts love their appointments and their fee is usually all-inclusive. There is an exception at this time of year though, when many clients ask if they are permitted to give gifts to the escorts they have bookings with.


The good news is that yes, you can!


None of our escorts ever expect any gifts at their appointments and receiving gifts is generally a rare yet pleasant surprise. So never feel pressured into buying a Christmas box for your favourite escort. You’re enough of a gift on your own! That said, if you do want to give your favourite escort a gift, then this handy guide should make sure to point you in the right direction!


  • Pick something safe


Escorts are, after all, just people like you and me. They have preferences, likes, dislikes, allergies, pet hates and favourite gifts. The best way to avoid getting on the negative side of these preferences is to pick something safe. Most escorts don’t use perfume as a matter of discretion for their male guests (who don’t want to smell of it all day), but may do so in their private lives. Gifts like flowers, gift cards or other general trinkets are good bets. Avoid anything too big and obvious – remember that your escort is trying to be discreet. A 4ft balloon with ‘Worlds Best Escort’ may be a lovely gesture, but make for an awkward bus journey home.


  • Give her something you can use or do together

Edible underwear, sexy outfits, sex toys or something else a bit on the riskier side can all make good gifts if done as part of your appointment. Why not book a longer session and get a gift for you both? Mix it up with a more generic gift too for a longer lasting surprise that she’ll remember for a long time to come.


  • Hand it over in person


Handing the gift over in person adds a wonderful personal touch and ensures that you can see how well it is received. It is always nice to watch someone open a gift you got them! It also helps the escort to keep their anonymity without having to hand over any personal details. Safety first!


  • Ask the Escort


One of the oldest yet best bits of gift giving advice in the book. Ask the potential receiver what they like! A quick message or email to your favourite escort to ask if they like to drink wine, or ask their clothing size as you’ve seen something they’ll love gives you the chance for quick feedback and a few pointers if you’re a bit lost.


These tips should help prevent any gift giving disasters over the festive period. Speaking of which – don’t wait until Christmas Eve to give your escort your gift because we’re closed that day except for special arrangements booked in advance. Christmas Day is obviously a total no go as well. We re-open boxing day until the New

Call 02920538774 to book your escort today.

Scam Alerts!

Wednesday, September 27th, 2017

The thing with mankind’s oldest profession is that its disreputable companies are still using some of the oldest tricks in the book. Maybe you’ve seen recently a slew of fake agencies and profiles filling up your usual Adult site, pushing the genuine girls down the pages. Obviously stolen images filled with very obviously fake reviews and their profiles full of every service under the sun with 24/7 opening times. It’s a bit of a pathetic attempt, and it’s sad that these scammers and tricksters still think this is the way to go in this modern age. They really do learn nothing!


Fortunately our Cardiff escorts, when questioned on this practice, just laughed it off. Here at Cardiff Escorts Agency our girls are some of the most professional, highly-ranked out there with reputations that draw clients from all over the United Kingdom – and even occasionally beyond! That kind of effort, dedication and attitude to their craft cannot be threatened by a bunch of fake profiles half-heartedly pushed onto Adult sites looking for people who are too inexperienced (or…excited) to question obvious red flags.

Though it is sad to see some Agencies using trickery and cheating to try and get ahead, it is nice to see that the majority of agencies are still using the time-honoured tradition of hard work, dedication, good service and honesty to stay ahead of the game. Whenever you see any feedback, profile services or escorts on our website or any Adult site – rest assured that they are all real and that our professional girls are on hand to prove their reputation for the right price!

Our girls are happy, professional and ambitious. They just see this extra fake competition as a challenge to out-do even the fake feedback, which is so far proving rather easy thanks to their years of experience in their roles. There is enough work to go around for everyone, and this is not set to change (there’s a reason why we’re the world’s oldest profession!) so it really is anyone’s game. It won’t be long until the less reputable agencies go the way of the dinosaurs.

Happy news is that your genuine reviews are as helpful as ever. Remember to let your chosen lady know if her services were well-received, and leave a nice review on her page to let others know about the hidden gem you discovered. As professional and experienced as they are, they’re still human and you should see the giddy little dances of satisfaction they do when they read a nice comment and know that their services made someone’s day!

To book one of our escorts in Cardiff or South Wales call 02920538774

9-5 What A Way to Make A Living!

Monday, August 7th, 2017

Like many jobs, some girls do escorting as a way to provide a bit of extra cash to help pay the bills or to help save towards something they’ve been dreaming of. Escorting with Cardiff Escorts Agency gives the girls a chance to do something they really enjoy whilst helping provide for themselves. Most of the girls have a huge sex drive coupled with a naughty streak and natural charisma which means they’re perfect for the job.

Quite a few of our escorts, like Imogen or Leah, work a traditional 9-5 job and escort on the side are their secret little fun money-earner. This means appointments with them are rarer and at a later hour, but their thirst for escorting makes it worth the wait. Some escorts like Callie, Cherie and Elle do this after hours as a way to ensure a bit more fun and intrigue in their lives, so that their free time is never dull and they are never without someone whose day they can make unforgettable. Escorting after hours means that the escorts get a chance to blow off some steam and have the reassurance that should something happen to their average 9-5, then they have something solid to fall back on.

As well as a bit of extra fun playtime and a bit of spending money for those who work traditional 9 – 5 roles, moonlighting as an escort is also extremely lucrative for some of our girls who are pursuing a degree. Students like Lilly or Georgia use escorting to help enhance their studies – especially if they happen to be studying ‘anatomy’! Eve and Saskia are student favourites, too. Ladies who are students during the day and escorts after hours are always popular due to their youthful, fun-seeking personalities mixed with the wit, charm and intelligence which higher education brings.

Because escorting can be very good money for a job which is enjoyable and, thanks to the work of a modern agency, safe, many women pursue it as a full-time job in itself. Escorts like Adeline, Scarlett or Layla use escorting as their sole source of income as it pays well and offers unrivalled flexibility. It is especially useful for escorts who feel that escorting is more pleasure than work, because if someone does what they truly enjoy as their job, do they even really work at all? Getting money for doing something you love is something everyone desires but few ever attain, yet several of our escorts have managed to make that a reality.

Whether they work full-time, after their ‘normal’ job or as a way to finance their studies, escorts enjoy a job which is totally flexible around their lifestyle, allows them to pick and choose what kind of work they want to do and allows very generous compensation for what is essentially very little time. Escorts will make more in an hour than many people do in a full day!

Cardiff Escorts Agency employs stunning escorts across a wide variety of hair colours, eyes colours and body types to satisfy any desire. Contact Cardiff Escorts Agency on 02920538774 to book or to enquire.

Cold Play with Adeline

Friday, July 21st, 2017

Where can you find nearly 75,000 hot and sweating people jumping and grinding on each other is crazy abandon? No, it’s not a private party hosted by Jeremy Corbyn. It’s one of two nights of Coldplay at Cardiff’s Principality Stadium. The exclusive shows sold in minutes. However, Cardiff Escort agency’s’ very own blonde bombshell Adeline was invited to accompany a gentleman as his date. Adventurous Adeline was promised a night of excitement, fun, and thrill and she was not disappointed. The pair had a night of their lives and will not forget it in a hurry. Adeline is a true professional and makes any event truly magical.


Coldplay and Adeline have a lot in common, they both know what their fans like, and how to please them. People see them with certain expectations of what they’re going to get. They read reviews, look at the pictures and fantasise about their experience. In the days leading up to it, they think of different scenarios of how it’s going to go down. It’s that bubbling nervous excitement deep in the stomach. Then the day comes and it’s everything you expected it to be and more. Adeline is known for her particular attributes and skills. Coldplay is known for their classic tunes and ability to make you feel like a hippy in space. Like Adeline, They played all the hits, including; Paradise, Viva La Vida, and Yellow.


The concert winds down and people think they’ve had their fill for the night. Little do they know there’s one more card to be played. Jonny Buckland, the band’s guitarist, is a local welsh lad. No surprise there then when they ended the night with a rendition of the welsh national anthem. Flags waving, brows sweating, eyes tearing, then the song started.


After the show, with so much energy in the air, Adeline and her booking headed to Mocka Bar in Cardiff’s Mill Lane. Here they enjoyed the exclusive, VIP backdrop. With the drinks flowing and the laughs a plenty, the pair went on down the lane to the famous Soda Bar for a little dance number. Soda Bar is not like any other generic chain night club. Soda Bar offers a personal, intimate, and stylish setting with like minded people. Everyone feels right at home. There is no room for judgement or inhibitions here. Not wanting the party to end and the night to come to a close, Adeline and her booking headed back for the night. Inspired by the evening’s events, they held an exclusive after party where they were the only guests.


If you have an event coming up, or just want to take beautiful Adeline out and have an amazing time, give us a call on 02920538774. We’ll gladly help you.

How To Role Play

Tuesday, June 27th, 2017

How to Have Role-Play Fun

Role-playing is a fun adult playtime activity that spices up intimacy. You can use your imagination to play out your most erotic fantasies with your favourite Cardiff escorts. Or you can accept a submissive role and put your pleasure in the competent hands of experienced escorts in South Wales. Adeline and Kimberley are stunning escort agency Cardiff playmates that would love to join you in sexy dress up fun.

Setting The Scene

To enjoy ultimate role-playing fun with Cardiff escorts it’s important to plan out your kinky scenario in the best possible environment. To play out your hot slutty teacher/pupil fantasy, an office environment (or room with a large desk) is perfect! Adeline loves to catch you playing with yourself under the desk, and will be strict about handing out the punishment. She will teach you all about A- Levels, and will show you how you can improve your grades.

Improvising And ‘Acting’

Knowing in advance, the roles that you will both play, allows your favourite escorts in Cardiff to dress appropriately, and to prepare the type of dialogue that will get you all hot under the collar. Some role-play themes and scenarios work best when there is an element of spontaneity involved. Playing out an improvised fantasy means that you go with the flow and take turns in directing and controlling the passion and action. Be open about what you want to play ‘act’. You’ll find a sexy and willing participant to play along with your fantasies in our top escort agency Cardiff.

Directing The Fun

It’s a good idea to have a plan of how you would like your ultimate fantasy scenario to unfold. If you’re playing with outcall escorts South Wales, who love to dress up as naughty school girls, planning the ‘punishment’ for the detention will help you achieve the ideal climax. Coy Kimberley will happily ‘misbehave’ and show you exactly why she needs to be punished with an old-fashioned cane on the bum!

Using Props And Accessories

There are some limits to the fun that you can conjure up without the use of props or accessories. Dressing up in appropriate clothes, uniforms or costumes certainly makes a role-play game more exciting and realistic. Some role-play themes naturally lend themselves to adding additional accessories like adult toys, handcuffs and restraints. Role-play fantasies that include mild BDSM will stimulate the mind, senses and body.

If role-play really works for you, consider trying it out with a different escort next time you make a Cardiff Escorts Agency booking. Role-play offers unlimited variations for you to have adult fun.

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The Finals and Cardiff Escorts

Friday, June 2nd, 2017

The finals and Cardiff escorts

The Champions league is taking place in a few hours’ time and you can expect thousands from all over the UK and Europe to make their way to Cardiff to watch this epic game of the year. Two major teams are up for the final and it’s no wonder so much is at stake and only one will be crowned victor. The level of euphoria and excitement will be tangible and we know that after the match, you can spend an even better time with an escort by your side. So why not plan ahead and ensure that no matter who wins, you’re sure to have a wonderful, sexy escort by your side to show you a personal, wild time.

Here are reasons why hiring an escort while in Cardiff for the Champions league finals is a great idea;

We have some of the sexiest escorts in the UK and you can be sure to meet professional, sexy ladies who meet the highest standards. You can expect the best and we offer competitive prices too. You can visit our website and look at all the lovely beauties so you can select one who meets your requirements. You can either book online or call us and one of our staff members will attend to you if you have any enquiries.

We carefully select all the escorts in our agency to ensure that all our clients get the very best services and enjoy the company of ladies who meet our client’s requirements. This means that any escort you select has been hand-picked and trained and is ideal for whatever needs you have. Whether you are looking for a travel companion or someone to accompany you for a social event, we have the right girls who will suit your every need.

We know how important beauty is and all our girls are sexy and gorgeous. Yet personality places such a key role when it comes to attraction and sex appeal. Our escorts are fun, down to earth and great to be with. They also understand that everything that happens between the two of you is strictly confidential and they keep matters discrete. They know how to please and satisfy you so you can lay back and let them pleasure you in all sorts of exciting and sexy ways.

Every girls profile is 100% authentic and legitimate. The photos too are of the actual girls so what you see and what you book is what you will get. So whether you are looking for petite, leggy, busty, blonde or brunette, we have all sorts of girls here to make your fantasies come alive.

We offer services in-call and outcall services to areas around Cardiff. So whether you are in Bristol, South West Wales or Gloucester so you need not worry about location especially if you book and share these details in advance.


So let’s celebrate in style by calling 02920538774. Booking one of our British ladies to show you around Wales capital Cardiff. While the men are away, they really must play!

Beaujolais Day in Cardiff

Monday, November 28th, 2016

cardiff-escorts-agencyWho doesn’t love a good wine or two, or five! All across Cardiff there were business networking events and meetings enjoying the chance to eat and meet.  Our clients made a day of it – with the chance to attend with one of our beautiful escorts on their arm.

If you have never had the chance to experience Beaujolais Day, let’s tell you a bit about it.  This is the world’s best wine party – started in France and celebrated all across Wales.  On the third Friday of each November, at one minute past midnight, the French wine producers start a race to get the wine to market as quickly as possible. Over a million bottles move across the continent. Each year the wine tastes different, so each year the punters around Cardiff and Swansea will come out to see what they will enjoy for the next week.

The wine lovers wonder what the weather will have done this year.  What hint of fruit will dominate the grapes this year – strawberry or something a bit more tart, such as the blackberry.  The fruity punch of the wine is guaranteed – which is what brings people out each year to be the first to taste this year’s crop.

This is a wine that is snubbed by most wine buffs because it is brewed quickly and served chilled. But, each year it starts a great party in Cardiff – and who are we to challenge that?

The events started early and our clients and escorts enjoyed tasting the wines on offer from the different suppliers.  At first, it was all work, clients chatting and our escorts being as professional as ever. The clients were keen to take advantage of the free business meal and the chance to network with potential leads.  The girls were dressed pretty classy – it was a formal affair and the clients and escorts scrubbed up pretty well.

Then, the party headed back to the suite that had been hired to have an early Christmas party. And, this is really when the wine started to flow and the girls took charge of the fun.  The clients relaxed, the laughter flowed.  Clients and girls dressed up in party costumes – thoroughly embracing the festive season. There were some particularly amazing games using whipped cream, which squirted pretty freely.  Our girls have a great imagination and this is a party experience that you just know you want to get a piece of.  Call 02920538774 or visit our Escorts Gallery if you fancy your Christmas party in our suite with our girls and their cream.

As the evening wore on, the general belief is that the wine was some of the best ever.  And, let me tell you, these people certainly made sure.  There were empty wine bottles everywhere.  When the wine was gone the shots started – and trust me when I say that these escorts of ours can certainly hold their drink.  If you think you can challenge them to a drinking game – why not come and give it a shot.

Coming To Wales..

Wednesday, November 2nd, 2016

South AfricaCardiff Escorts is about as proud to be based in Wales as any group of Welsh people could be.  And, people from Wales are hugely patriotic. And, like all from this fine country, when it comes to rugby, we sing from our hearts!

Have you ever been in Cardiff on a day when Wales play at home? It is an awesome place to be – whether you are supporting the home team or a visiting fan from New Zealand, South Africa, Australia… even England… at a push.

First what you will spot is that the city will fill up early.  People will come in on the train from around the country.  The trains from the valleys will already be humming. Then, everywhere you look will be a sea of red jerseys and yellow daffodil hats.  People will have painted faces and scarves and flags. The pubs open early on match days, huge screens set up and temporary counters to promptly serve the masses.  From early doors, you will be lucky to find an inch of space where you can see a screen.

The walk to the Millennium Stadium is memorable.  A throng of happy, hearty people – all buzzing with news about the team, about the words of the coach, about the opposition.  There will be friendly shouting between fans but there is sense of welcome and the place is dotted with kids – getting their first experience of match day mania.

Our ladies love match day, as much as our clients.  They love being amongst the crowds, in the stadiums and particularly the hospitality boxes – where our regular clients love to sit to see the match.  Some clients take the plunge and sit in the November air, amongst the bustle of the crowd – others prefer the view through the glass, out through the posts, sipping champagne and served the finest foods.

Being proud and patriotic, our ladies have most trouble dealing with the client and watching the match.  They infinitely professional, they understand that they are there as part of a day of work – but a corner of an eye is on the score, another corner on the rugby ball and the rest on the client.  These are knowledgeable people and can talk the game like nobody else – they know how to bring the game to life for even the most novice of rugby supporters.

International season in Cardiff is amongst our favourite times of year.  We are busy – the city fills up and people want to be accompanied by only the best people.  We can make sure you are on the guest list of the top restaurants and bars – so, if you fancy spending match day with one of our proud Welsh ladies, call now: 02920 538774 or visit They will make a special day in the Welsh capital more memorable and you will start to feel some of the passion bubble in you too!


Perfect Evening

Monday, October 10th, 2016

cardiff-escorts-aBrooke and Kirsten always come back from the overnight with our London client raving about their perfect night.  Sure, the client from London has the pick of agencies – but he knows coming to Cardiff gives him the chance to go out with some real women with real hope of his own perfect night out.

Do you want to note down the phone number before I continue? 02920 538774 – or the website? – it could be that you want your own night out after you heard about what Brooke and Kirsten got up to.

The client always has a set pattern he likes to follow – we all have our likes and dislikes.  It is good to be clear on what you want, that Is why booking with us makes him very confident in getting what he asks for. He starts with quiet drinks, followed by games at the casino, then to a quiet VIP area in a local bar for more drinks – champagne with the winnings – then back to the room.

It is a classic formula of chat, fun, food and drink and then a time to relax together.  Brooke and Kirsten make a special effort at the start of the evening.  The client has always made it clear that he returns because the women seem to genuinely care.  They listen to him and ask him questions about his life – within the realms of what he has defined as acceptable questions.  Kirsten and Brooke are the best in the world and knowing what they can ask and what is beyond their right to hear.  The perfect night begins with perfect listeners.

The casino makes it the best of nights for Kirsten and Brooke.  The client loves sharing the fun and the excitement – his pleasure comes as much from their wins as his own.  So, he gives them chips and allows them to keep the winnings. A generous tip – maybe – but a sign that his night is made all the better for the chance to enjoy the happiness of others.

After the casino comes quiet and intimate nibbles – champagne if the night went well at the casino – champagne if they need consoling after some losses.  This is the perfect evening after all and the perfect evening always needs champagne.  The meal is a time for listening – the client relaxed now – is able to unload the stresses and strains of a difficult weak and relax into his evening.  Brooke and Kirsten know when to question, when to nod, when just to look on and listen.

From there – well from there the evening belongs to the client.  Enough to say his feedback about Brooke and Kirsten is full of praise.  He knew if he came to Cardiff he would get the evening he wanted and the evening he needed.

It All Happened in the 80’s!

Tuesday, June 28th, 2016

CEAIt All Happened in the 80’s!

Hey Cardiff Escort fans,

As you know, we have an array of escorts to suit all tastes, from 18-45, slim to curvy!

Well, a few weeks ago, some of the more mature ladies that work for us decided to go away for an 80’s weekend at Butlin’s in the South West. They had an absolute ball!

If you’ve never been to these live music weekenders, they are aimed at over 18’s only, so no screaming kids, where you can really let your hair down.

The ladies were entertained by the likes of T’Pau, Jason Donovan (yep, he was their childhood crush!), Sinitta and other cheesy 80’s acts…they even dug out Chesney Hawkes! The highlight of the weekend was being able to bond with other likeminded ladies, forget about their high class image and just have a great time!

On the Saturday, they all dressed up as Madonna, and went to see a tribute act…they loved singing along to ‘Like a Virgin’…. oh…the irony!

They as usual, attracted lots of male attention, but this time at least, there were no men allowed!

If you’re looking for an escort that is a little more mature and can sing along to the 80’s classics, then call our booking team today on 02920538774