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Christmas For The Girls

Sunday, December 17th, 2017

Our professional escorts and courtesans at Cardiff Escorts love their appointments and their fee is usually all-inclusive. There is an exception at this time of year though, when many clients ask if they are permitted to give gifts to the escorts they have bookings with.


The good news is that yes, you can!


None of our escorts ever expect any gifts at their appointments and receiving gifts is generally a rare yet pleasant surprise. So never feel pressured into buying a Christmas box for your favourite escort. You’re enough of a gift on your own! That said, if you do want to give your favourite escort a gift, then this handy guide should make sure to point you in the right direction!


  • Pick something safe


Escorts are, after all, just people like you and me. They have preferences, likes, dislikes, allergies, pet hates and favourite gifts. The best way to avoid getting on the negative side of these preferences is to pick something safe. Most escorts don’t use perfume as a matter of discretion for their male guests (who don’t want to smell of it all day), but may do so in their private lives. Gifts like flowers, gift cards or other general trinkets are good bets. Avoid anything too big and obvious – remember that your escort is trying to be discreet. A 4ft balloon with ‘Worlds Best Escort’ may be a lovely gesture, but make for an awkward bus journey home.


  • Give her something you can use or do together

Edible underwear, sexy outfits, sex toys or something else a bit on the riskier side can all make good gifts if done as part of your appointment. Why not book a longer session and get a gift for you both? Mix it up with a more generic gift too for a longer lasting surprise that she’ll remember for a long time to come.


  • Hand it over in person


Handing the gift over in person adds a wonderful personal touch and ensures that you can see how well it is received. It is always nice to watch someone open a gift you got them! It also helps the escort to keep their anonymity without having to hand over any personal details. Safety first!


  • Ask the Escort


One of the oldest yet best bits of gift giving advice in the book. Ask the potential receiver what they like! A quick message or email to your favourite escort to ask if they like to drink wine, or ask their clothing size as you’ve seen something they’ll love gives you the chance for quick feedback and a few pointers if you’re a bit lost.


These tips should help prevent any gift giving disasters over the festive period. Speaking of which – don’t wait until Christmas Eve to give your escort your gift because we’re closed that day except for special arrangements booked in advance. Christmas Day is obviously a total no go as well. We re-open boxing day until the New

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Secret Santa Delights

Tuesday, December 13th, 2016

cardiff-escort-eve-1Christmas is a time of giving and keeping warm; a time for fun and for shaking off the winter blues.  What better way to enjoy your time this festive season than by meeting our brand new girls: Cherie and Adeline.

Cherie is 23 and from Cardiff. She is your most wonderful of fiery red heads and will certainly keep you warm this holiday.  She is a perfect 5 foot 5 and a glorious size 12.  Cherie enjoys the company of women and men and is available for all your outcall escort needs.

Adeline is a hot as her name suggests.  She will pour the heat of the Australian winter sun into your world.  She is a woman of experience, at the age of 34 she has a few tricks she can teach you.  She is a 5-foot 8-inch blonde, with a full 34D set of breasts.  Adeline is a handful in more ways than one.

If you fancy some outcall action with our new girls now: call now: 02920 538774 or visit our Gallery for more selection.

You might want to store that number for our next piece of news! This is only available for our blog reading loyal customers.  Secret Santa – Cardiff Agency style.  Ring our lovely team today and quote secret Santa and you will have the chance of an exclusive deal with the beauty that is pulled out of Father Christmas’ sack for you!

Christmas is a time for gift giving – and no one has toughed out 2016 more than you – so why not deliver a gift to yourself.  Ring today, quote Secret Santa and spend an evening, at a reduced price – on us – treating yourself to the company of one of our gorgeous girls. Imagine what you could do on your secret Santa date.

Could you go to your company Christmas party and smash it with the most beautiful, most sophisticated woman in the room? Could you introduce her to your boss and smirk as you see the envy dripping from his eyes?  Is it possible that this year’s staff Christmas Do becomes the best party night of your life, rather than the night of shame when you find yourself hugging the photocopier after one too many tequila shots?

Or, maybe, just maybe, this could be the night that you go to the casino – like you have always imagined.  Dressed in your tux, with your beautiful girl, you become the centre of attention at a craps table – and for an evening you are the superhero you imagine yourself to be sometimes – when the day is long and the work dull.  Could one of our girls be your super spy side-kick?

Ring us now call now: 02920 538774  and speak to one of our team to find out what secret Santa delivers us to you.  Remember – our blog readers are the only one in on our Christmas secret – so take advantage and make yourself the best Christmas ever!

What’s Secret Santa? 

£20 off when you choose 3 girls from Todays gallery, quoting Secret Santa, We will select one and surprise you for a Christmas Treat!