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Christmas For The Girls

Sunday, December 17th, 2017

Our professional escorts and courtesans at Cardiff Escorts love their appointments and their fee is usually all-inclusive. There is an exception at this time of year though, when many clients ask if they are permitted to give gifts to the escorts they have bookings with.


The good news is that yes, you can!


None of our escorts ever expect any gifts at their appointments and receiving gifts is generally a rare yet pleasant surprise. So never feel pressured into buying a Christmas box for your favourite escort. You’re enough of a gift on your own! That said, if you do want to give your favourite escort a gift, then this handy guide should make sure to point you in the right direction!


  • Pick something safe


Escorts are, after all, just people like you and me. They have preferences, likes, dislikes, allergies, pet hates and favourite gifts. The best way to avoid getting on the negative side of these preferences is to pick something safe. Most escorts don’t use perfume as a matter of discretion for their male guests (who don’t want to smell of it all day), but may do so in their private lives. Gifts like flowers, gift cards or other general trinkets are good bets. Avoid anything too big and obvious – remember that your escort is trying to be discreet. A 4ft balloon with ‘Worlds Best Escort’ may be a lovely gesture, but make for an awkward bus journey home.


  • Give her something you can use or do together

Edible underwear, sexy outfits, sex toys or something else a bit on the riskier side can all make good gifts if done as part of your appointment. Why not book a longer session and get a gift for you both? Mix it up with a more generic gift too for a longer lasting surprise that she’ll remember for a long time to come.


  • Hand it over in person


Handing the gift over in person adds a wonderful personal touch and ensures that you can see how well it is received. It is always nice to watch someone open a gift you got them! It also helps the escort to keep their anonymity without having to hand over any personal details. Safety first!


  • Ask the Escort


One of the oldest yet best bits of gift giving advice in the book. Ask the potential receiver what they like! A quick message or email to your favourite escort to ask if they like to drink wine, or ask their clothing size as you’ve seen something they’ll love gives you the chance for quick feedback and a few pointers if you’re a bit lost.


These tips should help prevent any gift giving disasters over the festive period. Speaking of which – don’t wait until Christmas Eve to give your escort your gift because we’re closed that day except for special arrangements booked in advance. Christmas Day is obviously a total no go as well. We re-open boxing day until the New

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Chelsea the Voyeur!

Tuesday, July 26th, 2016

Cardiff Escort Chelsea Chelsea the Voyeur!

So, this hot weather brings out the erotic side in everyone…

Cardiff Escort Chelsea, was recently out walking her dog in one of South Wales’ lovely countryside locations. As she was walking barefoot through the long grass, she heard laughter. She couldn’t see where it was coming from and carried on walking. The laughter came again, from over the other side of a fence she was approaching. She peaked over the fence and liked what she saw.

When she saw what they’re doing she immediately ducked back down, not wanting to get caught. But she can’t resist the urge to look again, lingering longer this time because she can tell they won’t catch her.

She saw a woman on her hands and knees, skirt push up past her curvy, bare bum. Her wild, red hair thrashes about and the giggle sounds have been replaced with deep moans. She couldn’t even see her face, but she can tell she loves this. His eyes are fixated on her bum. He grabs her hips and guides her back onto his exposed cock, over and over. His shorts had slipped down to reveal just a bit of his slightly hairy bum. She can see his arms flexing and she knew that he was trying to hold back from cumming.

Neither were paying attention to Chelsea, who was now in a bit of a lather, Chelsea reached down to brush her swollen clit. Knowing that he’s on the verge, she rubbed her clit fast and furious. She didn’t want to be left high and wet if he shoots his load and they scurry off. She pushes back on him, harder and faster and her moans are turning into loud cries of pleasure. His heavy breath takes over the sound of the breeze. All of these aim directly at Chelsea’s wanting pussy so she does herself as fast as she possibly can.

She screams out first, her body stiffening. His fingers dig deep into her flesh as he also unloads, hunching over her, gasping for air. As both shudder through their orgasms, Chelsea explodes onto her hand.

As Chelsea gathers herself and the dog to turn on her heels, the redheaded woman calls out “thanks for watching!”

To book Chelsea or any of our other equally voyeuristic ladies, call our booking line today on 02920-538 774

Summer is here!

Sunday, July 17th, 2016

Cardiff Escorts AgencyHi There,

Yep, summer is well and truly here. I don’t know about you, but I’m really looking forward to getting away and getting some sun, however, this time of year is a busy time for recruitment for our exclusive agency.

We have lots of young women looking for work as an escort to fund a certain lifestyle. In a world full of tans, eyelashes, designer footwear and Botox and fillers, we can never have too much money to pay for the things we like.

Does this sound like you? If so, Escorting could give you a flexible way of earning extra cash to fund the lifestyle you deserve.

As a self-employed escort, you can work days to suit, so can fit around your full-time job, the kids or University. All we ask is that you commit to being available for at least two evenings per week.

We provide you with a free professional photoshoot, tuition on making the most of your personal appearance, place you on not one, but three of the area’s top website, with secretaries to take all of your bookings and a regular loyal clientele.

We never ask you to pay upfront money for this service, all we ask is that you pay us a small commission for every booking we make for you. It’s as simple as that!

So, you think you have what it takes to be an escort and earn £££££££ call us today on 02920-538 774 

or apply online at Escorts Employment