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How To Role Play

Tuesday, June 27th, 2017

How to Have Role-Play Fun

Role-playing is a fun adult playtime activity that spices up intimacy. You can use your imagination to play out your most erotic fantasies with your favourite Cardiff escorts. Or you can accept a submissive role and put your pleasure in the competent hands of experienced escorts in South Wales. Adeline and Kimberley are stunning escort agency Cardiff playmates that would love to join you in sexy dress up fun.

Setting The Scene

To enjoy ultimate role-playing fun with Cardiff escorts it’s important to plan out your kinky scenario in the best possible environment. To play out your hot slutty teacher/pupil fantasy, an office environment (or room with a large desk) is perfect! Adeline loves to catch you playing with yourself under the desk, and will be strict about handing out the punishment. She will teach you all about A- Levels, and will show you how you can improve your grades.

Improvising And ‘Acting’

Knowing in advance, the roles that you will both play, allows your favourite escorts in Cardiff to dress appropriately, and to prepare the type of dialogue that will get you all hot under the collar. Some role-play themes and scenarios work best when there is an element of spontaneity involved. Playing out an improvised fantasy means that you go with the flow and take turns in directing and controlling the passion and action. Be open about what you want to play ‘act’. You’ll find a sexy and willing participant to play along with your fantasies in our top escort agency Cardiff.

Directing The Fun

It’s a good idea to have a plan of how you would like your ultimate fantasy scenario to unfold. If you’re playing with outcall escorts South Wales, who love to dress up as naughty school girls, planning the ‘punishment’ for the detention will help you achieve the ideal climax. Coy Kimberley will happily ‘misbehave’ and show you exactly why she needs to be punished with an old-fashioned cane on the bum!

Using Props And Accessories

There are some limits to the fun that you can conjure up without the use of props or accessories. Dressing up in appropriate clothes, uniforms or costumes certainly makes a role-play game more exciting and realistic. Some role-play themes naturally lend themselves to adding additional accessories like adult toys, handcuffs and restraints. Role-play fantasies that include mild BDSM will stimulate the mind, senses and body.

If role-play really works for you, consider trying it out with a different escort next time you make a Cardiff Escorts Agency booking. Role-play offers unlimited variations for you to have adult fun.

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Tantric Massage

Tuesday, June 20th, 2017

The Tantric Massage Experience

The ancient healing art of Tantric massage is considered to be one of the most erotic and sensually pleasurable experiences that you can enjoy in the company of alluring Cardiff Escorts. The stimulating Tantric massage techniques awaken the skin’s sensitive nerve endings and deeply relax the entire body. You can also expect to raise sexual energy levels to new heights, and to experience multiple, and prolonged, full body orgasms.

The Origins of Tantric Massage

Tantric massage is a technique that was originally inspired by the yogic teachings of ancient India. Today, classic Tantra is still used to enhance the exploration of sexuality, and the authentic spiritual path of enlightenment. As a relaxation technique, Tantric massage first became popular in California in the 1980s. The pleasurable strokes and stimulating pressure releases sexual energy, and enables the receiver to achieve a higher state of sensual pleasure and consciousness.

What To Expect

A Tantric full body massage is an intimate experience that usually results in sexual arousal and climax. As the techniques include touching sensitive areas of the body, including the genitals, the receiver will enjoy intense pleasure. When you book an appointment with experienced Cardiff Escorts you can expect to enjoy an erotic and intimate Tantric massage session that releases blocked or repressed sensual energies. The heightened sensations also boost your chances of experiencing multiple orgasms. Tantric massage can help men become better lovers because they learn how to control ejaculation. Women can experience up to 7 different kinds of orgasm and emotional release!

Experienced Cardiff Escorts typically begin the massage with relaxing long strokes over the entire body. Kneading and gentle pressure is also applied. As the central chakra energy centres of the body begin to awaken, the receiver will experience the rising of Kundalini energy travelling along the spine, and outwards throughout the body. Tantra breathing techniques can be used to enhance the flow, and to move the energy through the body.

Tantric Massage Benefits

Besides feeling deeply aroused and sensually satisfied, Tantric massage offers many other wellbeing benefits. Massage can help to alleviate physical pain, improve blood circulation, and reduce stress. The gentle combination of massage techniques aid relaxation, and also help to fight depression, fear and repressed emotions.

The highly relaxing and deeply satisfying full body massage is suitable for men, women, and couples. Cardiff Escorts can help you to explore your sensuality, so that you can experience intense stimulation, unforgettable pleasurable sensations and multiple full body orgasms.


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Adeline Likes To Play!

Monday, January 16th, 2017

Screen Shot 2017-01-16 at 20.06.31Adeline is one of our Cardiff Escorts, she is a dedicated outcall girl and has a big heart and a dirty mind. She likes to go out in any of the big cities, whether it is Cardiff, Bristol or Swansea. She recently surprised us when she brought in some new toys she has bought for her clients.  She has had quite a few requests and wanted to please.  So, there is the handcuffs, the strap ons, the mask – and much more.

Now, Adeline is wonderfully discrete.  She is certain to never share with us what happens in her sessions with her clients and we would certainly never publish it here.  So, all we can do is try to imagine what is happening in that mind of Adeline.

We think it will first start in the bathroom.  We think that the client might find a paddle and meet Adeline in the bathroom, who will bend over the sink and her client will pad her gently on each cheek of her buttock.  He will not want to hurt, being gentle and just watching the bobble of her bottom.Screen Shot 2017-01-16 at 20.05.27

She will tell him to go to the bedroom and he will obey.  His night will have suddenly picked up and he already shivers.  She asks him to kneel on the bed, facing the wall.  He obeys.  Then she undresses noisily but demands that he not look at her. He follows her instruction but the anticipation, the imagination is raising his excitement levels.

She might then ask him to undress, slowly piece by piece.  He is not allowed to take off his clothes until she gives him permission.  He is naked soon enough but still she waits – she might notice him shudder at the silence and the thought she might approach at any point.  She moves and runs tips across his lower back and shapes around his buttocks. He might let out a little gasp.

Aphrodite EscortsShe orders him onto his back.  He obeys as before and he is clearly excited.  He sees her for the first time and he smiles.  She tells him to stop.  She attaches a cuff to one wrist and then passes the cuffs around the bedhead.  He attaches the other cuff to the other hand.  He is hers.  She pulls out a blindfold from her bag of goodies and attaches it around his eyes.  He is caught in her web and she is enjoying his short, shallow breathing.

She moves to head of the bed and pulls out the flogger.  She begins by gently rubbing the strands up his legs and over his abs, to his chest.  He breathes a little deeper.  She then whips from forehand to backhand, gentle to firm to hard.  She stops before redness turns to a mark and then massages up the thigh, to the inner thigh, up some more and then stops.

We believe this is what Adeline has in mind when she is enjoying her toys with her client.  Yet, Adeline has a much better imagination than us – so – it is likely to be much much better than this!

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We Know What Men Think!

Tuesday, May 3rd, 2016

Cardiff Escort Candice (1)Hi Escort Lovers!

Our priority as an escort agency is to ensure that you, our client has the best possible time with a girl that is attractive, intelligent, classy and understands what you really want. How often do you find a woman that really ‘gets’ you?

Well, here at Cardiff Escorts, we take this aim so seriously, we have encouraged all of our girls to do a little homework and discover what really makes men tick.

Some of our girls read the book ‘Secrets about Men Every Woman Should Know’.

This book has been written for woman to really understand a man’s thought process, how it differs from women and ensures a woman is aware of the top psychological turn-offs. We believe this will really help our ladies to ensure you get the best possible experience on your date.

The other girls read ‘A Call Girls Best Sex Tips’ that suggests how ladies can ‘work their assets’ and gain tips to blow your mind with dirty talk, role-play and dressing up to mouth moves to make you moan and fantasy and fetish.

So, as you can see…our ladies put a great deal of effort into ensuring your date is everything you wanted it to be and more…

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Fifty Shades Of Grey

Wednesday, February 18th, 2015

Cardiff EscortsHi Cardiff Escort Fans,

So…the much awaited Fifty Shades of Grey has been released!

A few of the girls went to see this movie over the weekend, and couldn’t wait to tell us all about it! For those of you who don’t know, it’s basically a twisted love story. The main character Christian Grey, only really gets off on S&M. He corrupts a sweet virgin student called Anastasia Steele. Before you know it, he’s got her to sign a submissive contract, and introduces her to his ‘Red Room of Pain’.

The book is pretty descriptive, with lots of explicit content that leaves loads to your imagination; however the film doesn’t quite go into as much detail.

I bet you fancy seeing this movie but are put off by the bunch of giggling women that are guaranteed to be there! No fear, you can create your own erotic fantasy with one of our gorgeous Cardiff Escorts.

A number of the girls are skilled at mild domination and would love to help you act out your fantasy.

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