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Coming Soon!

Tuesday, January 23rd, 2018

It’s been a crazy busy week here at Cardiff Escorts as we have been getting busy preparing for the big event. The only event that really matters in Welsh sport. The Six Nations! This is fixed up to be an absolutely incredible year of Rugby with all of our favourites out on the field bringing us victory (we hope!).

There’s always an almost electrical energy around Cardiff at this time of the season and our girls love it. It really makes meeting passionate fans all the better when that passion is out on display in large numbers throughout the city. Our girls love bookings during this period because they get to meet such a diverse range of people and they find great joy in spending time with the Rugby fans. Even the English ones! After we’re done beating them, of course.

We’re kicking off the whole tournament with not only pride of place in the first match against Scotland on 3rd February, but by hosting the match at Principality Stadium – right at the heart of our beautiful city. We’ll then be facing off against rivals England on the 10th February, against Ireland on the 24th February, Italy on the 11th March, and against France on the 17th March. The matches against Italy and France will both be hosted right here in Cardiff too, so our Cardiff escorts are really going to have a busy week and have their work cut out for them!

In the meantime, all of our girls are getting ready by attending photoshoots to spruce up and update their profiles ahead of the busy period around the tournament. As most of you well know, our girls absolutely love the camera and are always only too happy to take part in a shoot. For the first time, you can also enjoy it too! We’re releasing several super secret behind the scenes pictures over Instagram during the shooting period and are even teasing you all with a few videos as well. All that is on snapchat so if you want to get in on those then make sure to get us added! That way you won’t miss out on anything and we can keep sending you fantastic pics to keep you on the edge of your seat.

Are you in or around Cardiff over the next few months? If so, why stop at the photoshoots and snapchat videos? Get in touch with us on 02920538774 to make a booking with one of our lovely ladies, or make one online using our handy web form!

Happy New Year

Tuesday, January 9th, 2018

What a year 2017 has been for us as individuals, as an escort agency, and for the world in general! It’s had its ups and its downs but luckily (for us at least) it has had mostly ups which had made the whole year worthwhile at least. Now we’re here at the start of 2018 and looking to make a great head start on a fantastic year.

Whether you spent New Year on a wild night out or spent it in with the family, whether it was a big deal or a bit of a ‘meh’ non-event, we hope that you have a good and enjoyable New Year and are now ready to re-join society at the end of an incredibly wonderful festive period. If you’re feeling a bit worse for wear then don’t worry at all because our girls are more than ready to make you feel like a million quid once again. They’re very eager to get back into work and back into the swing of things – and their happy New Year is your amazing New Year!

With a great big new and empty year ahead of us, we decided that not only did we need some New Year’s resolutions as individuals but we needed some for Cardiff Escorts as an agency, too. We always strive to continually improve and work on our services, but this is going to be a big year so we need some big plans.

We’re happy to let you know that you can expect to see some all new features arriving in 2018! We’re not going to go into much detail right now because we want it to be a wonderful surprise, but we can confirm that there are lots of new features coming soon and that you’re going to be blown away by how much they improve what we do.

Another great chance coming at the turn of the year is our annual photoshoot to update the photo gallery we have for each of our escorts. This makes sure that all photos are current and accurate, which in turn ensures that you have the best experience possible when making a booking. The girls are tremendously excited too, so it’s a win-win for everyone involved. Especially the photographer!

The 6 Nations is just around the corner as well so it’s going to be a big year for Welsh rugby. If you’re as much of a super-fan as many of our professional young escorts are, then you’re going to find yourself with a new pal as well as a new playmate! Big rugby events always mean busy times for us, so make sure to get in sooner rather than later before our appointments fill up.

If you want to see in the New Year the way you really deserve, then give us a call on 02920 532 328 or book online at 

The Finals and Cardiff Escorts

Friday, June 2nd, 2017

The finals and Cardiff escorts

The Champions league is taking place in a few hours’ time and you can expect thousands from all over the UK and Europe to make their way to Cardiff to watch this epic game of the year. Two major teams are up for the final and it’s no wonder so much is at stake and only one will be crowned victor. The level of euphoria and excitement will be tangible and we know that after the match, you can spend an even better time with an escort by your side. So why not plan ahead and ensure that no matter who wins, you’re sure to have a wonderful, sexy escort by your side to show you a personal, wild time.

Here are reasons why hiring an escort while in Cardiff for the Champions league finals is a great idea;

We have some of the sexiest escorts in the UK and you can be sure to meet professional, sexy ladies who meet the highest standards. You can expect the best and we offer competitive prices too. You can visit our website and look at all the lovely beauties so you can select one who meets your requirements. You can either book online or call us and one of our staff members will attend to you if you have any enquiries.

We carefully select all the escorts in our agency to ensure that all our clients get the very best services and enjoy the company of ladies who meet our client’s requirements. This means that any escort you select has been hand-picked and trained and is ideal for whatever needs you have. Whether you are looking for a travel companion or someone to accompany you for a social event, we have the right girls who will suit your every need.

We know how important beauty is and all our girls are sexy and gorgeous. Yet personality places such a key role when it comes to attraction and sex appeal. Our escorts are fun, down to earth and great to be with. They also understand that everything that happens between the two of you is strictly confidential and they keep matters discrete. They know how to please and satisfy you so you can lay back and let them pleasure you in all sorts of exciting and sexy ways.

Every girls profile is 100% authentic and legitimate. The photos too are of the actual girls so what you see and what you book is what you will get. So whether you are looking for petite, leggy, busty, blonde or brunette, we have all sorts of girls here to make your fantasies come alive.

We offer services in-call and outcall services to areas around Cardiff. So whether you are in Bristol, South West Wales or Gloucester so you need not worry about location especially if you book and share these details in advance.


So let’s celebrate in style by calling 02920538774. Booking one of our British ladies to show you around Wales capital Cardiff. While the men are away, they really must play!

Welsh Capital Cardiff

Monday, May 22nd, 2017

Even though bank holidays are relatively short, they prevent burnout and give employees time to take a break from work. During the next holiday or weekend why not visit Cardiff as it has fantastic sights that will relax your mind and give any fun moments missed. You can choose from boat trips, watch live football games or get funky in a bar. Cardiff has amazing weather with little rain and the sunshine brightening up the place during most days.

One of the most popular bars that you can go to when visiting Cardiff is Mocka Lounge.  It is centrally located in Mill Lane and has luxurious surrounding to ensure all guests get the celebrity treatment. Their cocktail bar has diverse drinks to meet the needs of every customer. During the day Mocka Lounge is a restaurant with a serene atmosphere while at night especially Fridays and weekends you can enjoy music played by some of the best DJs.

Ten mill lane is another trendy bar that you can relax and get refreshed by the cocktail of your choice. Located on Mill Lane, the bartenders will continually surprise you with their skills.

Whether for leisure or business when it comes to choosing Cardiff hotels, Marriott and Parc Inn offer quality and unbeatable luxury. They are close to the City Center in case you need to do a bit of shopping. Both the hotels and clubs offer discretion making them the ideal place to have fun with Cardiff escorts. Apart from their beauty, charm and social manners, escorts in Cardiff are professionals. So, you can book one and get to experience the good life.

The Welsh capital, Cardiff has so much to offer regarding finding good restaurants to dine, hotels to stay, clubs or bar for enjoying your ideal drink and friendly ladies to keep you company. The escorts will play a part in ensuring that you have a holiday worth remembering.

To book one of our finest escorts in Cardiff today, please call 02920 538774

The Welsh Dragon Roars!

Sunday, March 12th, 2017

There are times in the life of an escort in South Wales that the job is just a downright lucky dip.  Friday night in March, Six Nations, Ireland are playing at the Principality Stadium against a wounded Wales – and the clients have tickets to see the match. Get in! It is not that it is a Wales home game, it is that the opposition are the Irish.  Now, if there are any two nations who know how to have a party it is the Irish and the Welsh.

The girls report that from the start it was pretty rowdy – in all the right ways! The crowd was alive with song and shouts of support for the lads.  The Welsh fans were desperate for a performance.  A win would be awesome, but everyone in red just wanted the players to turn up.  Pre-match discussion focused on Halfpenny and whether he was over-rated – given too much praise too soon.  George North also got a bit of a battering, as the beer was downed in the build-up.

All this was forgotten when the match started and the Welsh had certainly come to play – as had the Irish.  It was a brutal battle and the sides evenly matched.  The difference in the end was North – his tries ensuring a second victory for the Welsh and the Cardiff crowd could not be more jubilant.  It was clear that the players had used their heads this time, rather than just try and muscle the match – and it had paid off and the victory was well earned.

Now the night had got even better for our outcall girls.  A great match, with much sought after tickets – watched.  Great clients who are confident to chat and considerate of the opinions and passions of the ladies.  Now, a jubilant Welsh troop heading out into the city centre to celebrate.  A happy client is an added bonus on a night like this – it means they are having a great time and our escorts only have to enhance the experience.  This is something that they excel at.

Good news on good news – the clients may have landed the match tickets but we offer VIP passes and reservations at all the great venues in town.  So, with passes in hand the night continued to speed by without queuing and with access to all the best areas of the best clubs.  This is an experience you can’t recreate – the combination of a six nations match, a well-earned Welsh victory, a beautiful woman and passes to all the best places.

How the escorts helped the clients to continue to celebrate is completely confidential – these women are professionals and respect the right of the client to enjoy their night in privacy.  Buy hey – you can imagine, right.  Both parties both buoyed by the adrenalin of victory – that is going to be one great end to one amazing night.  The dragons certainly roared… on the pitch and off!

Book your favourite Cardiff escort today on 02920 538774 

Hard One To Take!

Thursday, February 16th, 2017

That was one tough defeat to take, right? Wales are smashing it for 75 minutes, the one misplaced kick and the English sneak a victory.  The Welsh guys were immense and showed such creativity in their play – there was no doubt that they deserved to hammer the English the way that they are playing.  But that Aussie coach of theirs has some pixie magic going on and they seem to be able to scramble a win from the claws of defeat.  There is a message there for our lads though – play the full 80 minutes, guys – don’t get slack, don’t lose focus.

Our Cardiff escort girls still had the best of times – helped we guess by the fact that they hit the city centre with a crowd of English clients after the match. Hey, come on, no partisanship with our girls.  We work in Cardiff, Swansea, Bridgend and… Bristol.  So, our customers sometimes stray over the border to enjoy the company of our lovely ladies.  We were fully booked and all thanks to our English cousins.  They must have smelt victory and were using this to prompt a big night out!

It was fun for the ladies to watch the match with the other side.  They took the opportunity to cheer both sides! This is rugby right, not football.  The fans have passion but they also know how to respect the opposition.  So, when Wales kept taking the lead our patriotic Welsh girls cheered.  But when the English kept coming back, well they cheered for this too – why not! These may be escorts in Cardiff, Welsh and proud but they loved the joy of their clients and joined right in!

To be honest the Welsh fans were having a rocking time too and everything was done in great spirit.  There was a bit ribbing, a few funny shouts and jokes made – let’s face it – no English fan is gonna let a Welsh fan off the hook.  Trust us, we know! Nicole in our office is English and is absolutely loving the result – not that she has let us know too much!

Our ladies took their clients for the best of nights, to celebrate the victory of their team.  We managed to secure them some pretty tasty VIP tickets for guest lists of some of the best clubs in Cardiff.  It is always great to walk to the front of the queue guys! We also organised some luscious restaurant bookings.  When you are taking a victory lap around Cardiff, you might as well do it in luxury.

Our ladies claimed the guys they were with were perfect gentlemen.  They laughed and joked and loved the victory but for the rest of the night made every effort to leave the match in the past.  They just loved the party atmosphere and the company of our wonderful girls.

Book your favourite escort in Cardiff and surrounding Valleys here on 02920538774 

How To Be A Good Client!

Monday, January 9th, 2017

cardiff-escortsHow to become a regular with one of our Escorts! 

At Cardiff Escorts, we give our escorts the chance to accept a returning client or not, it is only right.  So, if you liked one of our colleagues and you would like to go out with her again, here are some essential tips for enjoying your favourite escorts in Cardiff time and again!

Shower, teeth, sort your hair…

The normal checklist before you meet a woman is to sort your personal hygiene at the very least.  To be honest, most of us put a little more effort in than stopping bad breath and body odour, but each to their own.  So, let’s put a base-line in place… if you are looking for an escort in Cardiff, Barry, Newport, Bristol, Swansea… in fact anywhere… do not smell bad.  Come on now – you get into these women’s personal space.  If they want to gag every time you come close, they are not going to say yes to a return appointment!

Pay your bill and leave on time…

Our escorts use their time as their commodity.  Not paying, not paying the right amount or staying long after your session is over – these are the same as stealing from a shop.  Of course, no escort is going to come back to a client who under-values her service.

Be polite and respectful

Some men think that when they have hired an escort, they have bought the soul of a woman to treat as they like.  Nope.  This is not the case.  Your escort is giving you a service and deserves to be treated with respect and courtesy.  Aggression is a complete no no and will likely mean that no escort from our agency will agree to see you.  However, being a good person to your escort is a sure way of being accepted as a regular.

Be clear about the boundaries

It is hard when you really like a girl and there are barriers to shared feelings.  However, this is one of those cases where you will never get any feelings back from your escort. She will treat you well and make you special but she knows nothing good comes with allow real emotions to creep in.  Avoid becoming too clingy or possessive, don’t turn up when you are not expected and understand that you are getting a service and no more.

Take part and you will enjoy it so much more

Laying like a lump of coal on snow is no way to make sure you have a good night or that your escort wants to come back to you time and again.  It is not that they expect to have fun but they also don’t need to work far too hard or slog their way through sluggish sex.

To book one of our escorts in Cardiff or surrounding Valley’s call 02920 538774 

Party On Anyway!

Monday, November 14th, 2016

Cardiff EscortsWhen things go that badly wrong you need to get some comfort from somewhere – right?  That was a stinging defeat at the hands of Australia.  Painful to watch – thank goodness our girls were there to support the lads in their time of defeat.  Shaun Edwards might have taken responsibility but these girls didn’t mind at all what went on in the defence – they were just proud to watch the match, cheer on the effort and then pick the clients up with the craziest of parties out on the town of Cardiff!

Sometimes being an escort comes with a few privileges and getting into the best spots in town are one of these.  They are known around the capital and can skip the queue and get the clients to the heart of the action.  I bet you wish you could have been there with them, the number to call now is: 02920 538774 or visit

Our clients are passionate about their sports’ people and were angry with commentators claims that the lads had shown little effort in the game.  They know that no Welshman would don the red shirt and play with half a heart.  It was clear to everyone that the Australian attack had our Welsh defence sussed, nothing more, nothing less.  And, they made this clear when they chatted with our escorts after the match.

Our clients are never happier than when they get to have knowledgeable chats with beautiful women.  The ladies were clear that the team were bossed on the gain line and the tactics used were pretty shocking.  It might seem that the ladies should only say positives to our Welsh supporting clients but, to be honest, these guys like a strong opinion and someone who knows what they are talking about.  They just knew that the team had given all – heart and soul on the pitch – and the escorts were more than happy to agree with this.

It is always disappointing when you attend a match with a client and there is a massive defeat.  The escorts know that they need to try extra hard to give the guys they are with a day that makes them smile when they remember it.  A massive defeat at the hands of Australia but the ladies and their clients certainly made the most of the situation – despite the domination by the green and gold.  They left for some of the top pubs and clubs in Cardiff – and from all accounts it was messy.  The area was full of Australian supporters celebrating the win.  But – the best thing about rugby – when the end whistle goes everyone is a friend again and a common lover of the sport.  So, this night out with the Australians was really all it took to make it a night to remember!

Coming To Wales..

Wednesday, November 2nd, 2016

South AfricaCardiff Escorts is about as proud to be based in Wales as any group of Welsh people could be.  And, people from Wales are hugely patriotic. And, like all from this fine country, when it comes to rugby, we sing from our hearts!

Have you ever been in Cardiff on a day when Wales play at home? It is an awesome place to be – whether you are supporting the home team or a visiting fan from New Zealand, South Africa, Australia… even England… at a push.

First what you will spot is that the city will fill up early.  People will come in on the train from around the country.  The trains from the valleys will already be humming. Then, everywhere you look will be a sea of red jerseys and yellow daffodil hats.  People will have painted faces and scarves and flags. The pubs open early on match days, huge screens set up and temporary counters to promptly serve the masses.  From early doors, you will be lucky to find an inch of space where you can see a screen.

The walk to the Millennium Stadium is memorable.  A throng of happy, hearty people – all buzzing with news about the team, about the words of the coach, about the opposition.  There will be friendly shouting between fans but there is sense of welcome and the place is dotted with kids – getting their first experience of match day mania.

Our ladies love match day, as much as our clients.  They love being amongst the crowds, in the stadiums and particularly the hospitality boxes – where our regular clients love to sit to see the match.  Some clients take the plunge and sit in the November air, amongst the bustle of the crowd – others prefer the view through the glass, out through the posts, sipping champagne and served the finest foods.

Being proud and patriotic, our ladies have most trouble dealing with the client and watching the match.  They infinitely professional, they understand that they are there as part of a day of work – but a corner of an eye is on the score, another corner on the rugby ball and the rest on the client.  These are knowledgeable people and can talk the game like nobody else – they know how to bring the game to life for even the most novice of rugby supporters.

International season in Cardiff is amongst our favourite times of year.  We are busy – the city fills up and people want to be accompanied by only the best people.  We can make sure you are on the guest list of the top restaurants and bars – so, if you fancy spending match day with one of our proud Welsh ladies, call now: 02920 538774 or visit They will make a special day in the Welsh capital more memorable and you will start to feel some of the passion bubble in you too!


They’ve done us proud!

Monday, July 11th, 2016

Cardiff EscortsThey’ve done us proud!

Well, Wales’ European Cup dream is over, but will never be forgotten. They went out to France as the underdogs, and proved to the world that they can play top flight football.

We’re really pleased to see the city celebrate their success with the open top bus parade around the city ending in the Cardiff City Stadium where a homecoming party will be held.  If you’re lucky enough to get a ticket to the party, why not visit it with a Cardiff Escort on your arm? Our girls are stunning and elegant, and seriously love a good party! You’d even be mistaken for a top flight player with your very own WAG on your arm!

If you were lucky enough to be out in France supporting our team, then welcome home! We’re sorry your journey was cut a little short and you didn’t make it to Paris. You can commiserate and get a little Oh,La,La back in your life with some special time with an attentive Cardiff Escort… She will help you unwind, relax and come back down to earth gently, after all, I bet it’s been a little hectic cramming in all of that football over the last three weeks?

To book your Cardiff Escort call our team on 02920-538 774